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Fury at 'brainwashing' plan for EU citizenship lessons in every school

Published: September 29, 2011
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Source: UK Express

Editor's Note: Are the EU officials looking for goosestepping, jackbooted supranational fascist fanatics? Will these sad children pledge alligiance to the flag and sing songs dedicated
to the glory of the European Union in the midst of it coming unglued? Their priorities need some retuning. Your banks are insolvent, your nations are rife with internal conflicts,
and the people have no representation. I guess your merely trying to 'get them while they are young'. In 20 years will the EU still exist in the form that it is today? --MV

CHILDREN could be forced to attend compulsory lessons in “European citizenship” under draconian plans drawn up by Euro-MPs in Brussels, it emerged last night.

In a move likened to Nazi indoctrination, the European Parliament wants pupils as young as five to be taught about EU “benefits” and encouraged to behave as “good Europeans”.

MEPs also want a network of specialist “European schools” across the EU to “encourage the emergence of European citizenship from a very young age”.

And they are demanding that lessons on the history and institutions of the EU are included in the national curriculum. The extraordinary diktat from Brussels was condemned as a propaganda drive designed to brainwash youngsters into supporting an EU superstate.

This is a proposal for more EU propaganda in our schools and the sort of indoctrination of children that was carried out by the Third Reich.

Plans for the lessons were set out in a report from a committee of MEPs and backed by a vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday, although angry Tory MEPs voted against the plan.

The news comes just as a Eurocrat stormed off BBC show Newsnight after being called an idiot five times.

MEP Emma McClarkin, Tory education spokesman in the European Parliament, said: “This looks like a licence to force-feed pupils a very one-sided, starry-eyed version of what the EU is and does for its people.

“We fear it will be a carte blanche to push the federalist agenda that is so close to the hearts of the Eurocrats. When you are targeting youngsters and their education, that amounts to political interference; when you are talking about pushing propaganda at children, that is a little sinister.

“The setting of education policy should remain firmly within the hands of member states.

“What children need to know about Europe is that there is a range of views. As well as supporters of the European project, there are many political parties that see it as costly, inefficient, bureaucratic and self-serving.”

The proposals were drawn up by French MEP Jean-Marie Cavada, whose report calls for an expansion of the current 14 “European Schools” as well as integration of their ideals into national education.

He said: “The European Schools have proven effective in terms of language learning and inter-culturalism.

“They will become a model of inspiration for national school systems to promote the emergence of a European identity from an early age.”

Tory MP Peter Bone said: “If the proposal was to teach the history of the EU by detailing how the institutions are riddled with corruption and have brought our financial system to the brink of collapse, I’d be quite happy.

“Unfortunately, that isn’t the history the Eurocrats want to teach.

“This is a proposal for more EU propaganda in our schools and the sort of indoctrination of children that was carried out by the Third Reich. It must be kept out of our schools.”

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