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Guest Post: Rand Paul finally outs himself as a Romney stooge

Published: June 9, 2012
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Now that the Ron Paul personality cult is finally collapsing just as we suggested last week on our twitter account and predicted in our December 29th article  - Is Ron Paul actually serving the elite ?  , it's becoming increasingly clear that the Paul movement has been right from the start a trojan horse deployed by the globalists inside the Republican party, albeit of a subtler kind than the neo-con trojan horse which predated it . It should be very obvious by now that the Paul faction is entirely antithetical to the mainline Republican electorate on several accounts:

1) Paul not only believes in the official 9/11 myth (as mainline Republican senators do), but he does so in the specific manner peddled by CIA stooge Michael Scheuer , who headed the so called "Bin Laden unit" in the late 1990's (which probably explains why they never really got Bin Laden until his demise from kidney failure some time in the first half of the previous decade) . Scheuer has been pushing his idiotic "blowback" theory for years, claiming the attacks happened because the US foreign policy has "enraged the Muslims" or because of "our support for Israel". This is in perfect sync with far-left ideologists like Noam Chomsky and establishment controlled agent provocateurs like Ward Churchill - who make up the ultimate antithesis to every Republican value imaginable. It is therefore not surprising that Scheuer has endorsed Ron Paul's campaign , as expected from someone who represents the propaganda line of the left CIA.

2) Many of Paul's supporters are fanatic haters of Israel, just like their Siamese twins in the far left (and indeed , many Paul fanboys come from a pool of disgruntled leftist radicals who became disillusioned with the Obama hoax of the Democratic party). Only a few oldschool Republicans share this hatred of Israel with the lefties, namely reactionary dinosaurs like Paul Craig Roberts and Patrick J. Buchanan. In contrast, most mainstream Republican voters are passionate supporters of Israel, for various ideological and theological reasons. For this reason, Ron Paul attempted a desperate gamble back in April, by suggesting he would support the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem , in a sharp U-turn from his previous stance on the issue. This was heavily censored by the so called "alternative and free" media, due to the fear that this new stance would enrage Paul's gaggle of leftist dupes who have nothing in common with the electorate Paul was trying to lure into his camp. The left shares the globalist stance that Jerusalem should become an "Internationalized" enclave (i.e. globalist controlled, either by the Vatican or by the CIA's Muslim brotherhood) in the manner envisaged by the UN partition plan from 1947.

All the Paul movement has accomplished is to get Mitt Romney the GOP presidential nomination and create a destabilizing rift inside the Republican party that will enable the globalists better divide-and conquer control over the next administration. Those who still hope for a saner fiscal policy are in for a rude awakening. Not a single dime will be cut off the Pentagon's budget. Any deficit reducing cuts will come at the expense of the government dependent classes who will loose whatever social benefits they still have. This will inevitably lead to massive social unrest that will hasten the declaration of martial law and the activation of FEMA camps full time.

Bilderberg's limited hangout exposed
Westfield Marriot hotel, where the Bilderberg 2012 annual convention took place.
By February 2012 it became clear that Bilderberg steering committee member Peter Theil is Ron Paul’s biggest campaign donor , although this 'shocking' discovery (not so surprising to anyone who was familiar with our aforementioned article) somehow slipped under the radar of a cartoonish buffoon by the name of Jim Tucker who is often presented in the "alternative" press as a "Bilderberg hunter". We beg to differ. Jim Tucker is a former sports reporter, who works for the racist magazine 'American free press' which was created by the notorious race 'theorist' \ holocaust denier Willis Carto. Contrary to the ongoing media circus surrounding Tucker's alleged "Moles" inside the Bilderberg Cabal, we don't think it's very likely that the most powerful group of oligarchs on earth is incapable of hiding its most sensitive secrets from a low brow redneck like Tucker. It is far more likely that Tucker's banal and often comic book level 'observations' are part of a limited hangout played by the Bilderberg stirring comity on its gaggle of dupes who make up the perfect controlled opposition. In 2011 Tucker claimed the cabal was about to attack Iran imminently "on behalf of Israel", invoking once again the medieval bogeyman of 'Jewish conspiracy' (as prof. Anthony Sutton put it), even though not a single Israeli was present in that meeting. Naturally, a year has passed, and Iran was not attacked by anyone on behalf of anyone. In fact, the globalists have gone to great lengths to disrupt and prevent an Israeli attack on Iran. As long as the opposition to Bilderberg looks like this, the Bilderbergers can relax. No serious threat to their power structure will ever come from this laughable patsy pool. It is evident from the official attendants list that many of them are mid level functionaries and B-grade quackademics , in other words - not very likely global government schemers. It seems like those annual conventions are nothing more than places where the aforementioned puppets go to take their orders from the inner core of the stirring comity which makes the actual decisions well in advance.  

Ron Paul has been overtaken by a double whammy of recent developments, rendering his long standing ideological theories irrelevant, thus gutting his campaign on the basis of having lost ground: 

1. The US-controlled alleged-opposition from Eurasia, lead by Russia and China,
    seemingly at America's throat all the way from N.Korea to Egypt,
    has gutted Ron Paul's non-interventionist agenda.
    The T.I.P. axis (first created against the SCO, then adopted by it), 
    doesn't seem to leave those decision makers any choice any more:
1.1 Syria Could Unite Russia and China Against the U.S. - Bloomberg
1.2. Russia, China Join To Counter US Asia Build Up
1.3 Panetta Admits US Is 'At War' With Pakistan
1.4 Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy Iran Total Right - Putin
1.5 Russia Warns Israel Against Attacking Iran
1.6 Turkey warns over Cyprus EU role
2. On both sides of the Atlantic, austerity has been implemented harsh enough
    without resorting to a gold-standard which Paul has been promoting:
2.1 Greece - experiencing a full-blown thralldom of interest.
2.2 Spain - undergoing a quiet bankruptcy.
2.3 USA real economy e.g. housing and savings, both gutted for generations.


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