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HR 300: Visa Waiver for Israel Act Proves Dangerous, Considering History of Israeli State Sponsored Terrorism

Published: January 27, 2013
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Brad Sherman

It is no secret based upon past history that the Israeli lobby in Washington DC has an unbelievable amount of influence over the United States government. With this in mind it should be no surprise that we see yet another pro-Israel bill being pushed in the U.S. House of Representatives. House Resolution 300 or the Visa Waiver for Israel Act of 2013 was recently introduced by Brad Sherman a Jewish Congressman from California. The bill would include Israel on the list of countries that participate in the U.S. government’s Visa Waiver Program. If the bill is passed into law, it would allow Israelis to stay in the United States for tourism or business purposes up to 90 days without obtaining a Visa. The bill has so far been co-sponsored by over 50 members of Congress.

The fact that a bill like this has even been proposed let alone supported by so many members of Congress is more proof that there is a big problem. Israel has proven time and time again that they are not a friend of the American people. The CIA itself even admits that Israel is the greatest counterintelligence threat to the United States in the Middle East. Throughout its existence, Israel has consistently engaged in acts of spying and espionage against the United States and has made few apologies for it. There are numerous documented cases of this with the most infamous of them being the case of Jonathan Pollard. During the 1980s, Pollard a Jewish-American who worked for the U.S. Navy as an intelligence analyst offered himself to Israel as a spy. Pollard would end up passing on thousands of classified documents to Israel but was eventually caught and found guilty of espionage. He would be later sentenced to life in prison.

In the 1960s, the Israeli military attacked the USS Liberty killing and wounding many American sailors in an event that was quickly covered up by President Lyndon Johnson. Several people within U.S. military and intelligence circles concluded that the attack was a deliberate attempt to sink the vessel despite Israeli claims of it just being one big mistake. The USS Liberty was flying a large easily identifiable American flag at the time of the attack so it is impossible to believe that this was a simple accident. Israeli forces would even commit war crimes by firing at sailors in life boats who had abandoned ship.

On September 11th, 2001 Israeli spies were caught filming the World Trade Center before the first plane hit the North tower. Eyewitnesses even saw these people dancing and cheering after the explosion which prompted some to call police. Later these individuals were found and arrested but after many weeks of questioning were let go and allowed to return to Israel. One of the Israelis would later admit on an Israeli television show that they were there to document the event. The question being how would they know there was going to be an event in the first place unless they had prior knowledge of it?

Fox News - Part1 - Israeli Spy ring by exprofesso

Many researchers have pointed to this case as proof that Israel had at the very least advance knowledge of what was about to take place that day. Not surprising, there was very little attention paid to this situation by the big corporate media outlets. Instead the American people were bombarded with all sorts of ridiculous propaganda and conspiracy theories about Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

It is completely absurd that anyone in the United States would extend special immigration privileges to Israel considering this history. If anything Israel represents one of the greatest threats to the American people and should be considered an enemy not an ally. The myth of Israel being America’s closest ally and a beacon for freedom in the Middle East is repeated over and over again by the corporate media has reached absurd proportions. It is nothing more than a lie promoted by the Jews and assorted Zionists who have run the big American news media for decades.

Congressman Sherman has introduced this legislation not to benefit the American people but instead to benefit the Jewish people residing in Israel. Unfortunately, this legislation will likely pass considering that recent pro-Israel bills have either received unanimous or close to unanimous Congressional support.

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