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Internet Giants Combine Forces Creating New Lobby to Control Capitol Hill

Published: July 31, 2012
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By Susanne Posel, BLN Contributing Writer

The titans of the Internet, including Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook, are combining forces under the blanket of a newly formed lobby group that wants to influence lawmakers on how they can manipulate the Internet, as well as how important they truly are.

In September of this year, the lobby groups called the Internet Association, will be based in Washington, DC, and headed by Michael Beckerman, former adviser of the Energy and Commerce Committee within the House of Representatives.

The Internet Association’s goal is to control the perspective of elected officials on Internet technologies, their uses and cooperation with various federal agencies. Their website claims they are “dedicated to advancing public policy solutions to strengthen and protect an open, innovative and free Internet.”

Beckerman explains:

The Internet isn’t just Silicon Valley anymore. The Internet has moved to Main Street. Our top priority is to ensure that elected leaders in Washington understand the profound impacts on the Internet and Internet companies on jobs, economic growth, and freedom.
Through the influence of money and pressure, this lobby seeks to have an over-reaching effect on the Internet as a whole. In conjunction with major corporations in the tech industry, and by remaining focused on subversive control over the internet, the Internet Association will lead the way toward Big Brother becoming a very necessary part of our lives.

Google - Internet monster and collector of information for the National Security Agency (NSA) - announced back in March that they will use a new feature to spy on Android and smartphone customers that will allow background noise to assist Google in identifying location, and therefore track unsuspecting Americans better.

They also altered their privacy policies to better gather intelligence on Internet users. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission gained greater oversight over Google’s handling of personal information as part of a settlement reached last year. Google submitted to the agreement after exposing its users email contacts when it launched a now-defunct social networking service called Buzz in 2010.

Internet services, like Skype, have begun working with law enforcement to assist in exposing political dissidents, protesters and other terrorist types identified by the FBI.

Skype has completely opened their online chats and customer information to law enforcement in an effort to conduct surveillance regardless of whether or not a warrant has been obtained.

Since Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011, their willingness to cooperate with federal surveillance initiatives has grown exponentially. Online chats are monitored under the guise of stopping hackers from controlling the Internet.

Microsoft claims to be aware of their role in spying on Americans, and is conducting such surveillance with secrecy while working with local and international law enforcement agencies.

Authorities wanted access to Skype because, they claimed, and that the encryption programs made it hard to track pre-determined terrorists groups, hackers, jihadis, drug lords. Although this is simply a ruse to gain access to Skype conversations that were previously off-limits.

Since Skype has been traditionally used by the same people the FBI claims are dangerous terrorists (those who pay in cash, have tattoos and own guns), their new owners, Microsoft, are more than willing to comply with government agencies to spy on their customers in the name of safety.

Lauren Weinstien, co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility, explains:
The issue is, to what extent are our communications being purpose-built to make surveillance easy? When you make it easy to do, law enforcement is going to want to use it more and more. If you build it, they will come.’
Mark Gillett, Skype chief development officer, has vehemently denied that they were making their program more surveillance based to assist federal and local agencies in spying on citizens. However they have been making their bandwidth connections stronger so that information can be transferred more readily, as well as proxy interceptions and file transfers.

Skype operates every communication in conjunction with outside agency surveillance requests. Those once-encrypted calls are now open to interpretation by law enforcement.

Facebook has been used by the US government to track of the world’s terrorist and terrorism, according to Rose Gottemoeller, Undersecretary of State for Arms Control.

An ordinary citizen becoming more involved is a great benefit to the US government in their mission to use the false flag of terrorism to sway public opinion. Gottemoeller says using social media as a crowd-sourcing tool is an effective in helping the U.S. and other governments “understand what’s going on with a nuclear facility in a certain country, for example, or what’s going on with the production of chemicals at a chemical plant.”

Gottemoeller envisions utilizing social media users as an effective way to keep atomic bombs out of the hands of terrorists, as well as the control of governments and regimes.

The manipulation of the Internet will only get worse as time goes on; politicians remain cooperative to the powers-that-be, and the people continue to support the technologies that enslave us all. Silently, Big Brother looms over our shoulders, listening, watching and judging us at every turn.

The technology we have grown dependent on will be the chains that bind us to the control grid.

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