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Ireland’s Shadow Government Run By Bankers and Religious Orders

Published: July 1, 2016
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Residing on the dark side of Ireland, exists a trending problem with rising figures in homelessness as I have previously expressed my disgust on my Twitter account. Astonishingly, there is an even darker problem going on throughout Ireland, with eviction rates soring at about 20 per day. Approximately 200,000 people are reported in difficulty or facing eviction from their dwellings.

These statistics are not including those who struggle to pay their rents and occasionally don’t eat or heat their homes on a daily basis, and they too are facing eviction down the road. In 2008 the people of Ireland bailed out the banks to the tune of APPROX. €43 billion. An odious debt unconstitutionally put on the backs of the Irish people by its elected Fianna Fail “representatives”. This was done without a mandate or referendum to support such debt to the present day today. Why?

Thousands of protesters fill the streets of Ireland

In the first term of Enda Kenny’s election (2011), a government was formed with the Labour Party. A five point plan was accepted by the electorate, but was latter breached by Fianna Gael and the Labour Party without value or consequence; the mandate became useless. Due to the constitutional breach of this mandate any action(s) taken by the government were not valid or consented too by the people who voted them into office.

Throughout Fianna Gael, Labour’s 2011 term in office, the people of Ireland took to the streets and protested vigorously against the austerity measures being imposed by both of the treacherous parties enforcing Europe’s IMF policies for their banking friends running the cartel through their religious orders they allegedly represent. Pathetically, their charades to paint a pretty picture of the imposed austerity backfired, when a homeless man named Jonathan Corrie passed away in the cold of night only 44 steps from the Dail.

Many charities formed campaigns along with concerned citizens against the measures being imposed, and called on the government to request a debt write-down from the European Union, as well as, ending the homeless crisis and to legislate in favor of people in mortgage distress against vulture funds, and to implement rent controls, and protective laws for the tenant all at the same time.

The government did nothing practical to deal with the ongoing issue despite being elected for the second time in 2016. Nothing has changed since the death of Mr Corrie in 2014. So why has nothing changed, and why does our government seem unwilling or powerless to defend the rights of their own people?

Disgrace as Corrie plaque has been removed - Truth to close to home Source: Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland
The Death of Johnathan Corrie Corrie – Seen on the Left Image by The Mirror

The accolades put on show by the Irish Government momentarily was all for public display, an act of sympathy; in a desperate attempt to show redemption for the cruel and evil austerity imposed by both Fianna Fail and Finna Gael parties. Yet, it didn’t take a lengthly time before for Mr Corries plaque disappeared from where he was found dead. I guess the shame was a little to close to home?

Includes a chart of the countries decline, including the parties and their dictatorships responsible.  

The austerity these parties impose on the nation it so claims to protect and represent under the Bunreacht na hEireann has resulted in more homeless people dying on our streets to the present day. This is hardly a constitution worthy to the elected representatives in which they ask you to elect them on the bases of; to protect both your constitutional and human rights in accordance with said constitution.

Since 2008, Fianna Gaels policy, (firstly imposed by the Fianna Fail; its predecessor party) is what made homelessness the crisis it is today. And this is why Enda Kenny should step down and resign after his two terms of protecting the rich, and rebuilding the bank balances of those we have already bailed out. But before I continue, I first need to explain some background behind our governments background and who they really represent. Guess what? It’s not you or the constitution of Ireland!

Publication of my Tweet regarding Enda Kenny’s mantra; “recovery”

Evidently there are questions Mr Kenny needs to answer in relation to the dedicated support towards his colleague Mr Noonan throughout a relentless homeless crisis. On the 17/05/16, Cormic Quinn wrote an article describing Mr Noonan as a ‘Vulture Fund Lover‘. Article Found here, the name has actually stuck on social media after the remarks were made by David Hall - (CEO Irish Mortgage Holders) Housing and homelessness committee discussion a little over a week ago.

I have another name for Mr Noonan, Masonic, a Freemason, and an attendee/member of the Builderberg group – One of many secret societies operating behind the scenes of our politically elected representatives. But the big question to ask is; who do our politicians represent when they go to meet in these secret locations around the world, paid and funded for by tax payers?

Gavan Reilly from Today FM raised questions surrounding one of Mr Noonans visits to the Builderberg conference in June 2012 and it gave rise to some questions in society to-date… Since then, other Irish politicians have been attendees of these secret conferences as I will outline below.

Question all you like, because these politicians are sworn to a higher Oath of secrecy than the constitution you have elected them on. 

Without precedent intent to cause conspiracy. Serious questions need more explanation as to why many of the people involved with the crash of 2008 are at these secretive meetings along with Irish ministers? And even more so; do these meetings have an affect on how politics is run back home?

Why is Simon Coveney meeting up with Peter Sutherland, former executive of one of the first banks to collapse in 2008? Read the below snippet from Wikipedia about Mr Sutherland from Fox Rock, Dublin, Ireland.

A snippet on Mr Sutherland taken from Wikipedia.  

Further speculation; this is not exactly hidden from the public, as the Builderberg members have a website claiming to represent what they do, and who attends their private conferences; however all meetings remain in complete secrecy to this day, nor are any comments of the minutes of these meetings ever made public knowledge.

Admittance to these events is not permitted without a valid invitation from an inside member or attendee of the group. Does that sound like a Freemason Society? Certain ministers in the past, such as Brian Cowen; former Taoiseach had previously been accused of failing their obligatory position as minister for their assigned departments.

Ruairi Quinn stated on Dail record in June 2009 that the department of Taoiseach and Education are either run by secret societies or simply incompetent members, such as themselves! That’s a hell of a statement given what I’ve just outlined above, right? Listen at 3:06  to hear the comment for yourself. I am guessing Labour will soon remove this video as a result of this finding remark.

Mr Kenny’s divine support for Mr Noonan in a time like this is nothing but treacherous to his own people whom have become victims of the homeless and austerity crisis as a result of Fianna Gael’s failed policies implemented by the Fianna Fail party at the time of the crash in 2008. In precarious times; Noonan has met with his vulture friends over 65 times.

And given the details outlined in this article, Enda Kenny is aware of these facts and blunderingly carry’s on brainwashing the public with his false “recovery”. According to Mr Noonan, this is to ensure funding goes back into the building markets. Now; when Mr. Noonan says, the “building markets” – does he mean the Builderberg markets? After-all Mr. Noonan and other Irish politicians were meeting up with other top banking officials and investors of the building markets at that time, were they not?

David Hall calls Mr. Noonan a Vulture Fund Lover

Why does all of the above matter? Because in 2008, the Irish people were dumped with a debt which was not theres to repay to begin with. Regardless, to the facts that this is constitutionally wrong, illegal and unlawful, and is also a violation of our human rights. No corporation or body in the world has the right to enslave a nation of independence with an odious debt. If anyone disagrees with that fact, they are an idiot.

The fact is; the people who benefited the crash, are the same people who were bailed out in 2008. From 2008, to the present day, Irish people have seen sky-rocketing figures showing a growth in homelessness, mostly because our people who bailed out these banks are being tossed out on the streets for not being able to afford their mortgages, as a result of the debt created by the same banks and financial institutions we already bailed out. And not once since the collapse of 2008 has Mr. Noonan or Enda Kenny asked Europe for a debt write down for the Irish people. Why not?

Rents are soring high figures as a result of austerity and the banking cartel collapsing into ruination as a ramification of the banks printing counterfeit moneys which is sinking everybody into a debt slaved society. This is what the presently elected governments represented throughout its 100+ years of representation of the Irish people. Our politicians are religious fanatics part of a secret society, a dictatorship through Catholicism (Opus Dei) which is actually enforced from Rome, Italy under the wing of the Vatican, with head quarters in Dublin’s Capital.

More than a coincidence; thus this also points out why so many abuse cases involving religious orders in Ireland have been covered up to the present day, does it not? Don’t get me wrong, there are some good people with gracious intent within some of these secret societies, or secret religious orders. But not all members use these religious orders for the better good of those around them.

On a footnote, it doesn’t say very much for the Governments legitimacy throughout this self-opinionated article, and who our representatives really work for, does it? Well then, if you thought you heard it all, let me indulge you and disgust you all at the same time?

Thugs show up with balaclavas to EVICT family with support from Gardai. 

It is no secret to some of those in the media and to those who are fighting evictions on a daily basis, that our police force is utterly despicable and is in dire need of refurbishments from the ground up. What I am about to show you may cause you some upset had you ever experienced this type of harassment in the past, as an attempted eviction of a man was taking place in Corofin, West Ireland. This event took place without a warrant or any court order being issued.

This whole situation is unlawful. Gardaí who arrived on the scene, said they were only there to uphold the law and for reasons to keep the peace. What an utter joke and absolute disgrace our police force are. This video outlines complete malpractice by members of the Gardaí, as one Guard is seen attempting to gain entrance to a mans dwelling without showing any documentation of a criminal offense being committed, or a warrant issued by a legitimate Court on this land. Without prior consent to enter someone’s dwelling, is a violation of private property and a violation of privacy. See alternative camera footage in the next clip from the same incident.

Given the circumstances; this is a civil issue and not a criminal issue, the Gardaí actually had no business being there in the first place. Another guard is tolerating road traffic offenses on more than one occasion of various counts of different reports verbally given to him, while another Guard is committing an unlawful eviction of a flesh and blood man without any prior documentation to justify such an eviction in the first place. What on earth is going on? Someone call the police…

These videos demonstrate the so-called uniformed Guardians of the peace are in breach of their own Oath to uphold the constitutional rights of this land. Questions surrounding this footage is very concerning as to why members of our police force are assisting what can only be described as thugs hiding both their physical identity as well as there security identity which in accordance with legislation of the Irish state, must be visible through work-hours. On that note, if they are in deed hired security, who are they hired by and why are members of  An Garda Síochána supporting men with Balaclavas in a civil non criminal issue?

I personally admonishingly advised representatives of the Dail to speak out about unjust behavior which can only be described as unlawful attempted theft of a mans dwelling supervised by members of An Garda Síochána without any authorization or lawful justifiable documentation. It has since come to light, that members of the Defense Forces of Ireland were warned not to get involved with these unlawful evictions.

My question to the current defense Minister, Enda Kenny. Who else could have authorized actions by the military to become involved along side the Gardai to commit such hideous and unlawful actions for corporate fictions?

One of few snippets covered in the papers.

A week later, without any reply from any TD or news provider surrounding these allegations and the received video evidence of unjust corruption in our police force. I’ve profoundly requested a number of news providers to cover these evictions without any reply whatsoever.

A Total NEWS BLACKOUT – As a result, I’ve taken the time to write this out myself as an opinionated peace – self expressed to expose what is going on in our country, here in Ireland, and be very sure your community elected representatives know that this is going on at an average of twenty times per day. (Not all evictions are successful).

Lastly, I already know the answer, but I would like a government representative to explain to the Irish public why a “administrative court or council”, consisting of man or woman wearing a wig and dress momentarily, steps up to the bench to sign an eviction order before stepping back down for authorities called “sheriffs” to act on these unconstitutional papers? With no bounds of constitutional authority, why are administrative courts signing eviction orders on their own behalf, or on behalf of private banks?

I undoubtedly have given readers food for thought here, and a lot to rap your heads around, but doesn’t all of this seem very religiously masonic? And why has our government not offered the people of Ireland a referendum to protect themselves against unjust administrative court behaviors, vulture funds, and everything else outlined above? Given how our political representatives have violated our constitution in more ways than one, I’m speculating the existents of a secret societies constitution outweighs that of the peoples constitution? Have we the people forgotten our civil rights?

If a crime has been committed on our land, then it should be met with the arrest of the perpetrator committing the crime, and not a commission of an inquiry by political representatives in an attempted cover-up which seems to be the way nowadays, but instead should be investigated by members of the police force only. There is a clear chain of command in this country stemming from religious orders, through politicians and all of their corrupted departments, to the people of this land. And they try and tell us we live in a democratic society? Hmm… Do we?

All the above begs the question of litigation in our society surrounding speculative questions I’ve raised, does it not? It’s sadly obvious that the ethical principles surrounding the ongoing relative issues caused by austerity does not seem like our government have the authorization to challenge the European rule of Romes religious orders and secret societies therein. Below are recent figures of the homeless crisis as of 2016. If you have any questions relating to the paragraphs of this article, feel free to comment, and I will try to get to them.

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