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Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986

Published: May 3, 2013
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Source: BarrySeal Murder Blog

Did Jeb Bush, VP George Herbert Walker Bush and Oliver North Murder CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in February, 1986?

By Robert Morrow  512-306-1510

            There is a question that needs to be asked of Jeb Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Oliver North.

          It is: “Did you murder Barry Seal in February, 1986?’

Web link:

            Ross Perot: “When you look into the [Vietnam POW] prisoner cover-up, you find government officials in the drug trade who can’t break themselves of the habit. 

            Ross Perot: “What I have found is a snake pit [CIA drug smuggling] without a bottom. They will do anything to keep this covered up.”

            Bill Clinton to L.D. Brown (in the mid 1980’s) after Brown had excoriated Clinton for setting him up with the CIA’s Barry Seal who had brought back a brick of cocaine after a roundtrip flight from Arkansas to Central America: “That’s [Dan] Lasater’s deal! “That’s Lasater’s deal! And your buddy [VP George Herbert Walker] Bush knows about it!”

            Jeb Bush to intelligence operative Al Martin, who had worked closely with Jeb Bush during the Iran-Contra scandal and was threatening to go public: “There is no constituency for the truth.”

                        Barry Seal was a legendary CIA drug smuggler and ace pilot who had literally worked for the Agency since he was a teenage pilot prodigy in the late 1950’s. By 1986 Barry Seal was having legal problems (criminal and a huge IRS tax liability) that not even his CIA connections could protect him from and according to Seal’s lawyer Lewis Unglesby, Barry Seal was a threat to testify against Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. In fact, in early 1986 Barry Seal was threatening GHW Bush to get the IRS off his back or he (Seal) was going to blow the whistle on the Contra scheme and CIA drug smuggling.

                        Two weeks after his argument with Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, Barry Seal was pumped full of bullets and murdered outside his Baton Rouge halfway house on Feb. 19, 1986. The three Columbians who were convicted of the crime thought they were working for Lt. Col. Oliver North of the National Security Council. North’s alias in the 1980’s was “John Cathey.” The personal phone number of George Herbert Walker Bush was found in Seal’s possessions, even after the “men in black” had swept in to pick car of the slaughtered CIA drug smuggler clean of evidence. Years later, Texas Gov. George W. Bush was literally being flown around in what had been the favorite plane of Barry Seal.

            Many folks don’t know that on the exact same day (2/19/86) Barry Seal was murdered in Baton Rouge, his mistress “Barbara” was also murdered in Miami; two other men also affiliated with the Medellin drug cartel, Pablo Carrera (Medellin’s #2 man) and Pablo Ochill, were also assassinated in Colombia.

            Some people think the CIA American drug cartel were switching horses from the Medellin drug cartel to a partnership with the Cali, Colombian drug cartel. The three men convicted of murdering Barry Seal were from Cali, Colombia. The CIA American drug cartel was using the Cali cartel in a killing spree to wipe out the competition and murder anyone who might pose a threat to spill the beans on CIA drug smuggling and the participation of very high U.S. officials.

            Jeb Bush in 1986 was the 33-year-old chairman of the Dade County Republican party and he was up to his eyeballs in the Iran-Contra scandal. To get a taste of that read Al Martin’s book The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider (2001) and read about Jeb Bush’s dealings with operatives such as Al Martin, Oliver North, Richard Secord, Dewey Clarridge, Sam Watson, Fred Ikley and, of course, his father George Herbert Walker Bush. Basically Jeb Bush was in the center of a wasp’s nest of dirty dealing CIA/military operatives engaged in rampant criminality – all in the name of “national security.”

            The murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal was just the tip of the iceberg. There was a lot of murdering going on to keep a lid on Iran-Contra in the 1980’s. Some of the big revelations of L.D. Brown’s (Bill Clinton’s favorite state trooper) book Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation (1999) was that Bill Clinton had gotten L.D. Brown into the CIA, that Barry Seal was L.D. Brown’s CIA handler, Barry Seal was running cocaine and that a GHW Bush associate Felix Rodriguez (aka “Max Gomez” his CIA code name) had attempted to get Bill Clinton’s favorite state trooper L.D. Brown to murder a man named Terry Reed in Mexico. Reed was involved in Oliver North CIA Contra operations and Bush was obviously very worried about this man.

            Grisly stuff – and you can see why this material has been suppressed in the MSM because it is so discrediting to the political elites of the Republican & Democratic parties, the Bushes & the Clintons. Now you know why Bill Clinton and GHW Bush are so chummy: they are tied at the hip by some epic liability in Iran-Contra. There is no statute of limitations for murder.

            Terry Reed, who thankfully was not murdered by L.D. Brown who just did not have the stomach or the depravity to do it, later went on to write an extremely important expose Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA (1994). There is a famous scene in that book of Gov. Bill Clinton smoking dope and at the same time trying to convince Terry Reed to move to Mexico for the Contra support operations. I have always wondered if Clinton, by doing that, was setting up Reed to be murdered because he knew too much. Reed certainly busted it wide open with his expose book in 1994.

            Regarding Jeb Bush: just read the material below. And particularly see what Jeb Bush had to say to Al Martin about the murders of George Morales and Johnny Molina. This material has been on the public record for 5-10-20 years.  It really is stunning that Jeb Bush with such epic Iran-Contra liability could even be considered for president. It just shows the arrogance of these people – the Bushes and the Clintons – who think that rules are for everyone else, but not for them. As someone said “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

            Some examples might be gargantuan drug running, money laundering and murdering people to keep it all covered up. Below there is a lot of material relating to the 1986 murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal as well as CIA/governmental drug smuggling in general. Be sure and check at the end of this article the bibliographies on CIA drug smuggling and one on the dark side of the Bushes.

The Personal Phone Number of VP George Herbert Walker Bush was Found in CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal’s Trunk

            The well respected reporter Daniel Hopsicker, who focuses on the government drug trade, is a must read on the murder of Barry Seal. Read “CIA Linked to Seal’s Assassination: George Bush’s Personal Phone Number Found in Seals’ Trunk” (Daniel Hopsicker, 8/18/97):

            Another must-read is the “Real American Desperados” by Daniel Hopsicker (6/4/12).

            Hopsicker’s book “Barry and ‘the Boys:’ The CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History (2006) is one of the classics of modern politics. Hopsicker’s book has critical information on the murder of Barry Seal and the possible Bush family/Oliver North involvement. The author Daniel Hopsicker concludes that Oliver North murdered Barry Seal and he used Colombians to do it.

Texas Governor George W. Bush later flown around in the favorite airplane of the murdered Barry Seal

            A fine article is “Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler Barry Seal’s Airplane?”  (Oct., 1999) by Daniel Hopsicker and Michael Ruppert.          That article is about how after the murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal, his favorite airplane somehow ended up being the exact same plane use to transport Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the brother of Jeb Bush and son of George Herbert Walker Bush.

            Read Hopsicker’s Barry and the Boys (2006) and also Terry Reed’s Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA (1994) and you will never look at modern American politics in the same way again:

CIA and Government Sponsored Drug Smuggling was the Real Scandal of Iran-Contra; This unpleasant fact was suppressed by the government, the media and both the Republican and Democratic Parties because both the Bushes & Clintons were involved in the CIA Iran-Contra Drug Trade up to their Eyeballs.

                        In the 1980’s the dirty little secret of the Iran-Contra scandal was not that the government was illegally dealing with the Iranians to free American hostages and not that the U.S. government was illegally supporting the Nicaraguan contras. Rather the “dirty little secret” of Iran-Contra was in fact a whopper: the U.S. government and its high level politicians of both political parties (the Bushes and the Clintons) were up to their eyeballs in drug trafficking to support the Nicaraguan contras! I think they were also skimming plenty of money for themselves, too, especially on the Clinton end.

            In fact, one of the big reasons that Ross Perot ran for president in 1992 was because he was incensed  at George Herbert Walker Bush’s participation in the drug trade. The US Government and the CIA were running billions of dollars’ worth of drugs into the USA and they were doing in hand in hand with Columbian drug cartels and people like Panamanian dictator and CIA asset Manuel Noreiga.

            Funny how “Pineapple Face” Noriega goes to jail but the American politicians involved (Oliver North, the Bushes, the Clintons) in the drug trade never do.

Ross Perot knew about GHW Bush’s involvement in the CIA Drug Trade and he was Incensed about it; it was a big reason Perot ran for President in 1992: to Torpedo GHW Bush!

            Ross Perot once said in private “When you look into the prisoner cover-up, you find government officials in the drug trade who can’t break themselves of the habit.” (See “Ross Perot Will Not Like This Book,” Richard Bernstein, NYT 8/7/96) Google “Chip Tatum Pegasus” and you will learn about GHW Bush’s attempts to intimidate or possibly murder Ross Perot who simply knew too much about the governmental drug trade. Here is CIA Pegasus assassin Chip Tatum’s story and it includes being asked by President GHW Bush to murder or intimidate Ross Perot. Perot was incensed about the CIA Iran-Contra drug trade and particularly GHW Bush’s involvement in it. The reason Bush feared Perot so much was because he was a billionaire who could self-fund his campaign. If elected Perot could have done what Bill Clinton did the first thing he got in office – fire every US attorney in the country, put people in those slots who could have prosecuted, convicted & thrown GHW Bush in jail. It is no exaggeration to say that GHW Bush was terrified of Ross Perot.

            As it ended up, Perot only wanted to knock Bush of office and he succeeded at that in a royal fashion. What many people don’t know is that Ross Perot was coordinating with Bill Clinton for the entire 1992 presidential campaign. Arkansas state trooper Larry Patterson reports they had several lunches, dinners and many phone calls.

            Poor Perot – he knocked out one Republican CIA drug smuggler from office … and installed a Democratic CIA drug smuggler as his replacement!

The Weight of the Evidence in the Barry Seal murder:

            There have been a lot of good books written on the bipartisan CIA drug trade of the 1980’s.  When one reads the cumulative work of Daniel Hopsicker, Gary Webb, Robert Parry, Pete Brewton, Leslie Cockburn, Ambrose Evans Pritchard, Al Martin, L.D. Brown, Chip Tatum & Bo Gritz one cannot help but think that the Bushes and Lt. Col. Oliver North were behind the 1986 murder of Barry Seal with intent to cover up the Iran-contra drug smuggling activities.

            Remember the C-123 cargo plane that Eugene Hasenfus was on did not get shot down over Nicaragua until October 5, 1986, which had the effect of busting Iran-contra wide open. The real story of Iran-Contra was the one that got suppressed by the government and media: that the US government was engaged in gargantuan drug running and that VP George Herbert Walker Bush and Lt. Col. Oliver North as well as the Democratic governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, were involved in the drug trade up to their eyeballs.

            Below are some web links to articles and some passages from books that cover this topic. Read them and decide for yourself if you think Jeb Bush, VP  George Herbert Walker Bush and Oliver North were involved in the murder of Barry Seal.  Here are some interesting excerpts from some expose books.

Barry Seal and his Argument with        VP George Herbert Walker Bush

[Daniel Hopsicker, "Barry & the Boys: The CIA, The Mob and America's Secret History," pp. 375-376]

            "Lewis Unglesby is today a prominent and very well connected Louisiana lawyer. At the time his name was daily on the front page of the state's newspapers., defending his long-time client and associate, Governor Edwin Edwards.

            Unglesby had told us about a confrontation he had with Barry over  the fact that Seal was keeping him in the dark about matters Unglesbly considered crucial to defending him...

            "Barry pushed the phone across the desk to me and said, 'You wanna know what's going on? Here. Dial this number. Tell 'em you're me,' Unglesby related.

            "When I did what he requested," he continued, "A female voice answered the phone, sayin' 'Vice President Bush's office, may I help you?'"

            "I said, 'This is Barry Seal.' She asked me to wait while she transferred the call, which was immediately picked up by a man who identified himself as Admiral somebody or other, who said to me 'Barry, Where you been?'"

            "That's when I told him that I wasn't Barry Seal, I was his lawyer," said Unglesby. "Immediately he slammed down the phone."

            So why was Barry Seal murdered?" we asked Sharpstein.

            "Unglesby said he had been with Seal when the IRS came and seized all his property," Sharpstein related. "The IRS man said, 'You owe us $30 million for the money you made in drug dealing.'

            "Hey, I work for you," was Seal's reply. "We work for the same people."

            "You don't work for us," the IRS agent stated. "We're the IRS."

            "Unglesby was with Seal when he retired to a back room." Sharpstein stated. "He watched as Seal placed a call to George Bush. He heard Barry Seal tell Bush, 'If you don't get these IRS assholes off my back I'm going to blow the whistle on the Contra scheme."

            Sharpstein spoke solemnly, aware of the gravity of his words..., "'That's why he's dead,' is what Unglesby said."

            One week after the phone conversation between Barry Seal and George Bush, Seal was sentenced to a halfway house. Two weeks later he was dead.

            "Barry Seal, you mean that agent that went bad?" Gordon Novel had casually inquired, when we'd posed the question of his associations with Seal.

            An agent that 'goes bad,' as we understand intelligence industry trade jargon, is one who contemplates talking.

            "Seal was gunned down, supposedly by those Colombians," says Sharpstein. "But they were fed information by the assholes in our government who wanted him dead."

            The assassination of Barry Seal was very likely even not the first attempt on Seal's life by North, we were told by CIA electronics expert Red Hall, on the ground in Nicaragua with Seal on the Sandinista drug sting....

            "The only thing I knew was the CIA had a lot to do with it (Barry's murder.) The killers were being directed by Oliver North at the time. It was the same thing Oliver North pulled on us down in Nicaragua."

            "Then, I didn't know yet that Oliver North had it for Barry Seal, because he was working with Oliver at that particular point. We was undercover, and we were still down there (Nicaragua), when Oliver blew the whistle on us."

            Chip Tatum, another covert operative who had known Seal and shared confidences with him, listened with amusement the first time we breathlessly relayed what we'd discovered: that Oliver North is guilty in the assassination of Barry Seal...

            "No shit, Sherlock," he replied, laughing. "It ain't exactly the secret of the century, I can tell you."

[Daniel Hopsicker, Barry & the Boys: The CIA, The Mob and America's Secret History, pp. 375-376]

Al Martin’s conversation with Jeb Bush just days after the Feb, 1986 Murder of Barry Seal in Baton Rouge. Jeb Bush had been at a meeting in Sept, 1985, where the assassination of Barry Seal had been discussed

Al Martin: "In this discussion, I had mentioned the recent assassination, only a few days before, of Barry Seal [Feb, 1986, outside his halfway house in New Orleans].

I said to Jeb, "Isn't it convenient that Barry Seal was assassinated when he was? And now suddenly all the information and documents he had are gone missing?"

Jeb had a rather broad smile on his face, and he concurred that it was convenient. He added a little snicker - as he often had a tendency of doing. Also little beads of sweat formed on his forehead, as when he gets nervous. It's something you can notice when he's on television. He still has a tendency to have little beads of sweat around his forehead, when he is either lying about something, or he's nervous about what someone is saying."

     My conversations with Jeb at this meeting were overheard by the two Secret Service agents who were always assigned to Jeb when he was in his office at 1390 Brickell Avenue in Miami.

            I had intimated that if certain parties in Washington were not prepared to come to my aid pursuant to my grand jury testimony, that it would be entirely possible that certain details of a certain meeting occurring in September of the year [Sept., 1985] before might be leaked out to the press.

            Jeb asked me what I was talking about.

            I specifically mentioned a September meeting of the Dade County Latin America Chamber of Commerce, which Jeb chaired, and which, of course, was not used as a Chamber of Commerce meeting at all. It was essentially used as a political meeting for covert operational planning pursuant to Iran-Contra.

            As I've said before, Oliver North, Richard Secord or Dewey Clarridge or, in a few cases, even Sam Watson and Fred Ikley himself, would show up at these meetings.

            Anyway, I had recounted to Jeb, as if he didn't know what the text of that meeting was that he chaired - the conversations he had with Oliver North and Richard Secord and Dewey Clarridge, all of whom attended that meeting.

            Dewey seldom attended the meetings, but this time the four of them were discussing the assassination of Barry Seal and how it was to be carried out, since Barry was becoming an increasing liability.

            I had told Jeb that I had substantial corroboration of that meeting. And I think Jeb understood what I meant.

            It would certainly place him into a conspiracy to assassinate a CIA drug runner for the sake of political expediency.

            When I was through speaking, Jeb became quiet and his demeanor became serious and changed. He became flushed, as he often does when he's frightened.

            Jeb responded by telling me that it would be most unfortunate if I were to do that, since I might wind up like George Morales or Johnny Molina.

              [ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 194-195]

Jeb Bush and the Murders of George Morales and Johnny Molina

            [ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 195-198 ]

            What he was referring to, of course, was that, a number of months earlier, George Morales had been set up on a cocaine charge – to distance what Morales was doing from the CIA.

            As any serious student of Iran-Contra would know, Morales absolutely screamed “CIA, CIA.”

 But ultimately he was convicted.

            He was bound and gagged in the courtroom before the Republican Judge Hoover, who allowed him to present no CIA defense. He couldn’t mention any Bush names, or North, or Secord, or anything.

            He got the standard fifteen-year sentence for cocaine trafficking. At the time, in the State of Florida, you had to serve six years nine months mandatory.

            Jeb then went on to mention to me about Morales. He said “Of course, Morales will never leave prison alive.”

            Fast forward to the time when Morales was due to be released from prison in early 1992.

            The day before Morales was to be released, he did, in fact, slip on a bar of soap in the prisoner’s shower and supposedly died as a result of the fall.

            The following day, Morales was due to be picked up at the Miami International Airport by a Congressional charter flight arranged for him by Congressmen Alexander, Rose, Brooks and Gonzalez. He was to be taken to Washington to have a detailed discussion with them and their investigators about his knowledge of Iran-Contra.

            At that moment, the threat Jeb was making to me – the sublime threat about not wanting to wind up like Johnny Molina – really didn’t mean anything to me because I knew as of the day before that Molina was still alive and well.

            I didn’t think anything of it until the next day when I got into my office and opened the Miami Herald.

            I read that Mr. Molina had in fact “committed suicide” that evening in the parking lot of a restaurant in Pensacola, Florida.

            He had “committed suicide” by discharging an entire twenty-round clip of a MAC-10 into his own body.

            Of course, by the following day, the body had quickly been cremated – before his family was notified and before an autopsy could be done.

            It’s the same old story.

            It was interesting to note that Jeb had issued that threat at that meeting which was held at about 10:30 a.m.

            Molina “committed suicide” at about 9:30 p.m. that evening.

            I found the connection rather humorous, but also salient in that Bush knew what was going to happen a number of hours before it actually did.

            A second interesting and humorous story I can relate from that September meeting was not only the discussion of Barry Seal, but the general discussion of narcotics, wherein Jeb was talking to Oliver North.

            Dewey Clarridge and Joe Fernandez were there and Jeb was whining about how they were importing so much cocaine for the purposes of maintaining illicit covert revenue streams that, in fact, they were depressing the street value of the price of cocaine.

            Revenues were in fact diminishing.

            And North chuckled, and said that he had already made arrangements, that he, Dewey, Fred Ikley and Clair George had made arrangements.

            What they were referring to by “arrangements” was the opening of the so-called sea routes to substantially increase the amount of cocaine that was being imported.

            Jeb Bush said to Oliver North, “All you would manage to do is to further the price of cocaine.”

            North’s attitude was, “Well, we’ll simply bring in more and more of the stuff to maintain revenues.”

            As it has been pointed out in the past, CIA-assisted enterprise narcotics trafficking managed to depress the street price of a value of cocaine from $30,000 in early 1985 to $12,000 by mid-1986.

            Later in the conversation, Jeb, wanting to be helpful, threw out a suggestion regarding the separate Guns-For-Drugs Operation being run out of Mena Airport in Arkansas.

            He suggested that North start changing the fraction vis-à-vis the Contras.

            Instead of one M-16 rifle, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and the full field kit in exchange for one kilogram of cocaine, Bush suggested that North inform Enrico Bermudez and Eden Pastora that henceforth it was going to be two kilograms of cocaine for the same weapons delivery as it had been in the past.

            North rebuffed this suggestion, reminding Bush that the one M-16 rifle, ammunition and field kit cost them a total of a $1,000 net delivered and the value of the kilogram of cocaine was still $17,000 or $18,000.

            The third and final salient highlight I’d like to point out about that meeting (which was an important and pivotal meeting) is that General Secord had mentioned to Jeb Bush – and I was standing not two feet from him – that some of Jeb’s hangers-on (some of the old Cuban Bay of Pigs crowd that were Jeb Bush hangers-on vis-à-vis Jeb wearing his hat as a scamscateer and a money launderer) were beginning to have big mouths.

            And Jeb asked, “Who?”

            Secord specifically said it was the infamous Manny Perez, who was a very close ally of Jeb’s and had been for a long time. Perez used to act as a straw at various fraudulent deals for Jeb. He transported cash. He wired money into accounts he controlled through a variety of other straws. He was also very close with Jeb at Eagle National Bank in Miami.

            Jeb asked General Secord what he, Jeb Bush, was supposed to do about it.

            And Dick Secord said, “Well, your father controls your show and he’s got to clean up his own mess.”

            History records it wasn’t long after an article appeared in a certain major newspaper about Manny Perez.

            Evidently Manny’s body was found floating in a canal in West Hialeah, and his death was duly declared a “swimming accident.”

            Perhaps the reader can better understand the phone call I received the day after the November 1998 elections when Jeb Bush won the governorship of the State of Florida.

            On that very same evening, I got a phone call from Neil Lewis in Miami, an attorney who had previously represented both Jeb and me, and who had acted as a conduit for people like me to Jeb and Dick Secord and a variety of others.

            Neil told me that he had a direct message from Jeb stating that if I wished to continue to be a resident of this state and to remain at large and with life that I best not reveal stories such as I have revealed here.

            When Neil relayed the threat to me that evening, I told Neil that when he talked to Jeb the following day (which I knew he would because he wanted to know what my response would be) to tell Jeb that I was aware that my former close colleague, Larry Hamil, prior to the November 1998 elections, had been involved in a political campaign money laundering scheme, wherein Mr. Hamil laundered certain monies of Chinese origin to certain Republicans (not Democrats, but Republican candidates) including the gubernatorial campaign of Jeb Bush.

            Neil laughed and said, “Are you certain you want me to relay that?”

            I said, “Yes,” and I didn’t talk to Neil after that.

            I can only presume Neil did, in fact, relay that message because the next morning when I got out of bed, I was greeted by a view (outside of my bay windows) of two unmarked cars parked directly in front of my townhouse. They were of the sinister variety I’m used to – dark Chevy Caprices, darkened windows, black-wall tires, four or five aerials coming out of the back of them, Washington D.C. plates.

            There was enough sunlight that I could see two men sitting in each vehicle.

            And that’s all they did.

            They simply sat there and looked directly at my unit. They stayed for a few hours in that position and then drove off.

            I had one of my neighbors record the D.C. plates on the car and upon checking them out later in the day, I was informed that no such plates existed.

            But nonetheless, the message was sent.

            [ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 195-198 ]

Oliver North speaking to Jeb Bush and Dewey Clarridge in the 1980's:  "Well, we haven't decided how we will rule his demise yet - whether it will be accident, natural causes, or suicide."

[Al Martin, The Conspirators: Confessions of an Iran-Contra Insider, p.201]

            "As I am a middle-aged man, I have worked or been involved in illegal covert operation of government all my adult life.

            How many others in my age group can say they have personally known in their adult lifetimes almost 400 people who have died under clouded circumstances?

            The common thread among the deaths of these 400 people was not anything they did -  but what they knew.

            I wonder how many others can make the same comment about their lives.

            It's an indication of the type of life I've led.

            Even what I have revealed thus far -  it isn't a tenth of what I know. And it is such a task. That's the type of life I've led and what I know. I hope that the flavor of this comes out of what has happened to my friends, those I've known, who became inconvenient to their superiors and who died to maintain the deniability of others.

            The egregious nature of the conspiracy surrounding their death goes to a level that is virtually humorous.

            When Jeb Bush, Oliver North and Dewey Clarridge once spoke about an individual, North laughed and said, "Well, we haven't decided how we will rule his demise yet - whether it will be accident, natural causes, or suicide.""

[ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 201]

Jeb Bush to Al Martin: “Al, there are no heroes, and there are no tooth fairies.”

            The others are those who know too much about those in power to both draw and enforce that line. And what pisses me off about Jeb Bush – and why I have a particular dislike for him – is how he ground me into me in subsequent periods when I had some contact with him through Neil Lewis, when I was trying to work something out in 1992.

            He said, “Al, there are no heroes, and there are no tooth fairies.”

            That comment will stick in my craw and it will do so forever.

            The reason it sticks in my craw is because he’s right.

            What he was referring to was the life I have to lead.

[Al Martin means living as a middle aged man who has worked or been involved in illegal covert operation of government for all of his adult life.]

[ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 199]

Al Martin on just how far Oliver North was willing to take things: a nuclear “incident” with the USSR to divert attention away from Bush/North/Casey epic criminality!

“The Enterprise,” “The Cause” – had gone so far beyond what it was originally intended to be the diversion of money from an Iranian operation to arm Contras.

            As a cover story underneath, there would be narcotics trafficking, fraud, weapons, things like that to generate a certain number of billions of dollars to replenish the proverbial coffers.

            But in fact, we’ve gone way beyond that, and North was even now talking about this Operation Orpheus – what would happen if everything fell apart and everything was to be revealed.

            What the public reaction would be to the enormity of the fraud, of the narcotics and weapons trafficking so that as George Bush later said the people would have chased everyone in Washington and lynched them all.

            With North being the Chairman of the National Programs Office (NPO) and the NPO building up sizeable assets of its own covertly, North was talking about Operation Orpheus, which included potentially instigating an incident with the Soviet Union to divert U.S. public attention should our involvement be known.

            This was very dangerous in an era of heightened tensions, particularly with North being as powerful as he was.

            Being so far out of the loop, taking naps through meetings, Reagan had no real control at that time.

            North, Casey and George Bush. They were “The Three.” And they were it.

            With god-like powers, they could act with absolute impunity.

            And God knows what these guys would have done to protect themselves because had Iran-Contra become revealed, policies going back decades may have also become revealed in the interlinkages and that would have been one hell of a problem.

            To even start a limited thermonuclear exchange with the Soviet Union, I would not have put that past “The Three,” as they call themselves.

[ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 205-206  ]

Chip Tatum - CIA operative who worked closely with Oliver North in the 1980's: Says Oliver North said GHW Bush was going to have Jeb Bush “arrange something out of Colombia.”

Google "Chip Tatum Pegasus" and you will learn a lot about CIA drug smuggling and assassinations.

          Mr. North stated the following to the other passengers, "One more year of this and we'll all retire." He then made a remark concerning Barry Seal and Governor Clinton. "If we can keep those Arkansas hicks in line, that is," referring to the loss of monies as determined the week prior during their meeting in Costa Rica. I stood silently by the vat of leaves, listening to the conversation. General Alverez had gone with the Contra leader to discuss logistics. The other three - North, Rodriguez, and Ami Nir - continued through the wooden building, inspecting the cocaine. North continued, "...but he (Vice President Bush) is very concerned about those missing monies. I think he's going to have Jeb (Bush) arrange something out of Columbia," he told his comrades, not thinking twice of my presence. What Mr. North was referring to ended up being the assassination of Barry Seal by members of the Medellin Cartel in early 1986.

"Compromised: Clinton, Bush & the CIA; how the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA" by Terry Reed & John Cummings, pp. 211-213]

CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal thought he had blackmail info on the Bushes, until he ended up riddle with bullets on Feb. 19, 1986 in Baton Rouge, LA

Web link to Terry Reed’s book

"As the two walked away, Terry could hear Seal say, "Well, I'm sorry Leroy, if they feel like I'm blackmailin' 'em. But this is business and I just gotta do what I gotta do ..."

            At 10 AM, after saying goodbye to Tracta, the two prepared to depart. Terry felt that he would be home for dinner with any luck. He was wondering what new excitement would be awaiting him on the trip back.

            It didn't take long for him to find out. As soon as the two were airborne, Seal laid it on him. He was full of pent-up emotion and startled his flying companion as they exited Howard airspace.

           Seal began yelling at the top of his voice, something out of character for him. Terry had never seen him this euphoric.

            "YEE-HAWWWWWW," he screamed. "I'm gonna fuckin' make it. We're gonna do this, Terry. We've got these assholes eatin' outa our hands. YEE-HAWWWWWWWWW. Give me the fuckin' airplane.

            He grabbed the control yoke and executed a series of aileron rolls. Terry had never been sick in an airplane, but he was sure about to lose his SOS.

            "OK, enough of that shit," Seal said after seeming to tire of the aerobatic antics. "You got the airplane, I'll hook up the radios."

            "Terry sat silently at the controls, trying to figure out what was driving Seal. As Barry emerged from under the electrical panel, after making the radio connections, he abruptly began pounding with his right hand on the dash of the Lear until Terry thought the avionics in the control panel would be dislodged.

            "There ain't nuthin' in this world more powerful than good ol' fucking blackmail, Terry. And don't let anybody ever tell ya different. Jeeeeeesus Christ, I got some good shit on some big people."

            "Will you let me in on your party? Calm down, Barry! Tell me  what's goin' on."

            "Terry, what's most important right now is for ya ta play ball with these guys and get your ass down to Mexico ASAP. You impressed the shit out of Leroy... Robert Johnson [William Barr, later Attorney General for GHW Bush], too. I won't be able ta come to Mexico right now, I've got a little matter to take care of. But ya get on down there and get in a position to receive me, and I'll be joining ya soon. Goddam, this'll be great. Won't it be fun workin' together and spendin' all their fuckin' money?"

            "What this blackmail, you're talking about?"

            "Ever hear the old expression, it's not what ya know, it's who ya know? Well, whoever said that just hadn't caught the Vice President's kids in the dope business, 'cause I can tell ya for sure what ya know can definitely be more important than who you know.

            "You gotta calm down and tell me what you're talking about, if you want me to know. What's this about the Vice President's kids and dope."

            "I don't wannna tell ya too much, 'cause truthfully ya don't have a need to know. But Terry I been workin' with several federal agencies for the past couple of years as ya probably suspicioned. In the course of that business, a person can't help but run across some real sensitive information. It seems some major players in the Medellin Cartel, whom I personally know, ran across some knowledge that's very valuable to both the Republican and Democratic party. Real national security stuff. It seems some of George Bush's kids just can't say no ta drugs, ha ha ha ha ... Well, ya can imagine how valuable information like that would be, can't ya? That could get ya out of almost any kind of jam." Seal paused for a moment than asked, "Ya ever play Monopoly? The information I got is so good it's just like a get-out-of-jail-free card ... ha, ha, ha, ha YEE-HAWWWW..."

            "Barry, are you telling me George Bush's kids are in the drug business?"

            "Yup, that's what I am tellin' ya. A guy in Florida who flipped for the DEA has the goods on the Bush boys. Now I heard this earlier from a reliable source in Colombia, but I just sat on it then, waitin' to use it as a trump card, if I ever needed it. Well, I need ta use it now. I got names, dates, places.... even got some tape recordins'. Fuck, I even got surveillance videos catchin' the Bush boys red-handed. I consider this stuff my insurance policy. It makes me and my mole on the inside that's feedin' the stuff to me invincible. Now this is real sensitive shit inside of U.S. Customs and DEA and those guys are pretty much under control. It's damage control as usual.

[Terry Reed, Compromised: Clint, Bush and the CIA, pp. 211-213]

L.D. Brown:  "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation" L.D. Brown for a time in the 1980's was Bill Clinton's favorite Arkansas state trooper and Bill Clinton helped him get into the C.I.A.

Barry Seal was L.D. Brown’s CIA handler

            Bill was loving every minute of living this association with the C.I.A. through me. Just as he enjoyed the womanizing, going to the bars and doing his best to dribble a basketball like one of the guys, he was getting his vicarious jollies through yet another source. But by using the C.I.A. and me, he would push my ability to follow orders to the breaking point - and destroy our friendship. [...]

            Barry Seal was a crazy man. He was also everything Dan Magruder [Donald Gregg, an aide to GHW Bush] was not. Happy-go-lucky, irreverent and loud, Seal telephoned me and told me he was the man I was told would call me. It was the mid-1980's and with the decadence of that time and the free-flowing cocaine, Cajun's Wharf was a hangout for the bond daddies such as Lasater and company. [...]

[L.D. Brown, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 102-103]

            The first words out of Seal's mouth, "How's the Guv?" reminded me of Magruder's apparent familiarity with Bill. An overweight, jovial, almost slap-happy man as my contact with C.I.A. was not exactly what I expected. Seal, too, knew everything about me. He focused on my D.E.A. training as Magruder had done in Dallas.

[L.D. Brown, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 104]

"Seal reached back to open the duffel bag in the back. He removed a manila envelope identical to the one he had given me after the first trip. I knew what was in the envelope but there was something else. He reached deeper in the bag and gave me the shock of my life.

            Seal's face had a sly, smirkly, almost proud look as he removed a waxed paper-wrapped taped brick-shaped package from the bag. I immediately recognized it as identical to bricks of cocaine from my days in narcotics. I didn't know what to think and began demanding to know what was going on. I cursed, ranted and raved and I believe I actually caused Seal to wonder if I might pull a gun and arrest him. Seal threw up his hands and tried to calm me down saying everything was all right and quickly exited my car. He removed the bag from the bag and hustled back toward the plane.

            I at once felt a sense of panic and relief that Seal was gone. Had he left something in the car? Was I about to be surrounded by the police? Wait a minute I was the police and furthermore this was an operation sanctioned by the C.I.A and I was recruited by them - and by Bill Clinton. [...] I would become furious with Bill for shepherding me through this mess, indeed for getting me involved. I would then as quickly think of explaining it all away as a 'sting' operation designed to trap the people on the other end of our flight who maybe had sold drugs to Seal. [...]

[L.D. Brown, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 113-114]

The tension was building up inside me as I saw Bill coming out the back door. I was getting mad all over again as I got out of my car and he strode over to me. It was the first time we talked since the trip, the trip he knew I was going to take. His mouth opened and the words "You having fun yet?" were already forming on his lips when I burst out, "Do you know what they are bringing back on those airplanes?" He immediately threw up his hands in a halting fashion and took a couple of steps back. I know he thought he was in danger of receiving a class A state police ass-whipping. My hopes of an innocent explanation to the whole sordid affair were dashed with the now-famous line, "That's Lasater's deal! That's Lasater's deal!" he whined as if he had just taken a tongue lashing by Hillary. "And your buddy [Vice President George Herbert Walker] Bush knows about it!"

            Bill had done to me what I had seen him to do so many other people. I, too, had now been used and severely betrayed. I immediately ran to Becky, who lived in a small house on the mansion grounds. I told her of the incident and cried with the pain it caused me.

[L.D. Brown, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 116]

            But I was not done with the C.I.A. In early 1985, I received a telephone call from a man at the Mansion who identified himself as Felix Rodriguez.  A man who claimed he was Barry Seal's boss. He asked if he could come to Arkansas and meet me and I agreed. Could it have been that Seal was doing drug transports on his own? I was more curious than anything else and had to find out. Rodriguez was the man to tell me.

            Felix Rodriguez is a Cuban-American with a long history of intelligence work. He had telephoned me at the Mansion and wanted to meet me there in the parking lot. When he arrived, he drove in the back gate as if he had been there before. We sat in his rental car and shook hands. Felix was a polished, articulate man and it was obvious he did not like Seal. He had already been told by someone about my experiences with Seal and was obviously upset with what Seal had done. I am still puzzled over how Rodriguez found out about the incident. When I telephoned C.I.A. personnel in Dallas I never mentioned what had happened with Seal. It must have come from Bill through whomever his contact at the Agency was. Rodriguez made me feel comfortable. He had C.I.A. credentials which he showed me. "Don't worry about him. We'll take care of him," is how he assured me of the 'problem' with Seal. Indeed Seal would die a violent death a year later- at the hands of whom is still a point of controversy in some circles.

[L.D. Brown, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 118]

Former (honest) DEA agent Cele Castillo on George Herbert Walker Bush and his participation in drug smuggling.

Web link on Cele Castillo

Powerburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War by Celerino C

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