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Jesus Was Tortured And Killed, Today Most Christians Are Highly Supportive Of Torture

Published: December 20, 2014
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Let's get this straight, Jesus who was interrogated, tortured and then killed has modern followers who actually support government sanctioned torture. If they are Christians and are familiar with his history then they would know what happened and reject such savage methods. Today so-called terrorists are picked up on the street and hurt severely without even being put before a judge and jury. These people are the antithesis of Jesus and have nothing in common with him. Their pathetic excuse is that we are in a time of war. There is no war because Congress has not said so, but far beyond that every human being on earth has a natural moral compass inside themselves and unless you are a complete psychopath it tells you what is right and wrong. Torture is wrong, and so I wonder to myself how they claim to follow the teachings of Jesus easily ignore human suffering. So disgusting and so sad, you can't blame television and propaganda for everything. We all have lost bits of our humanity over the years.

Religion Dispatches gives us the bizarre details:

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that Americans, by a 59-31% margin, believe that CIA “treatment of suspected terrorists” in detention was justified.

A plurality deemed that “treatment” to be “torture,” by a 49-38% margin.

Remarkably, the gap between torture supporters and opponents widens between voters who are Christian and those who are not religious. Just 39% of white evangelicals believe the CIA’s treatment of detainees amounted to torture, with 53% of white non-evangelical Protestants and 45% of white Catholics agreeing with that statement. Among the non-religious, though, 72% said the treatment amounted to torture. (The poll did not break down non-Christian religions in the results.)

Sixty nine percent of white evangelicals believe the CIA treatment was justified, compared to just 20% who said it was not. (Those numbers, incidentally, roughly mirror the breakdown of Republican versus Democratic voters among white evangelicals.) A full three-quarters (75%) of white non-evangelical Protestants outnumber the 22% of their brethren in saying CIA treatment was justified.

I am not a Christian nor do I believe in any religion. I am not sure that I believe that Jesus actually existed but for those who call themselves Christians who believe in him many are too far away from his ideology. Some say they are Christians to fit in with their friends, others love being a 'holy-roller' and looking down on others while thinking they are saved. Jesus according to the New Testament was an unapologetic communist. He told his people to sell everything they had and give it to the poor. He threw out a bunch of bankers of their day and the old testament did not support the idea of usury. When he changed water into wine and miraculously fed the multitude he didn't ask the people at the wedding to chip in. Many early Christians lived in farming communes. He said to forget our debts as we have also forgiven our debtors. Jesus had 'church' in caves and now they have church in palaces. The Christians dress very nice in church and the poor people are probably so intimidated they dare not to even show up.

Americans never see how torture is done in these CIA dungeons. They only hear about it in leaks or what little is released to the public. If they saw how it was done and how many innocent people were mangled in the process then they might slightly give a damn. Christians vote for the death penalty every year and for tougher laws. What a turn of events! Those Christians must wear their cross to remind Jesus of what can happen to him if he rebels against the state again. They need to abandon Christianity with their laissez faire, pull yourself up by your bootstraps policy. I think if Jesus did come back he would first slap the taste out of their mouths and then begrudingly forgive them. If you want religious role models along side your current beliefs try Jack the Ripper or Tomas de Torquemada.

Mike Vail is a US based investigative journalist, geopolitical analyst, and publisher of You can read Michael's articles on, and follow him on Twitter @MichaelVail

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