Current NYTimes CEO Mark Thompson has been linked to the BBC pedophile scandal.

Thompson was the Director-General of the BBC from 2004-2012, during which time BBC DJ and host of The Top Of The Pops Jimmy Savile was on air and his reign of horror on children was still ongoing. Thompson also canceled the documentary on Savile that was set to air on News Night.

Although Savile’s most prominent abuse is said to be between the 1960s-90s it’s highly doubtful that Savile didn’t sexually abuse any kids or adult females during his time as a host on the Top Of The Pops in 2004, a British music charts show similar to the old MTV.

In fact there is even video proof that Savile molested a 18 year old girl Sylvia Edwards live in 1976. Dame Janet Smithan, one of the lead investigators into the Savile scandal, called Top Of The Pops a “breeding ground for sexual abusers including Savile.”  Staff were even amused at the fact Savile was assaulting young girls on the stage live.

A Documentary on Savile was canceled by News night, similar to how the Conspiracy Of Silence was canceled years prior in the 1990’s after being set to air on Discovery, Both programs exposed high levels of pedophilia – more on that later – but here we see a pattern with the media protecting elitist pedophiles.

Thomspon at first denied having any information about the News Night documentary, then later admitted that the decision to cancel the documentary was a “lack of imagination” on his part when he failed to ask detailed questions about why News Night’s investigation into Jimmy Savile was cancelled.

“I had no reason to believe that his conduct was a pressing concern,” Thompson said in an interview with the New York Times.  “Had I known about the nature of the allegations and the credible allegations that these horrific crimes had taken place during his time at the BBC and in the building at the BBC, I of course would have considered them very grave and would have acted very differently,” he, said.

The problem there is absolutely no way Mark Thompson didn’t know about the abuse and there is no way that Thompson didn’t know about the decision to kill the investigative report. In fact, BBC foreign correspondent Caroline Hawley said that “she thought she had told Thompson the broad context of the axed Newsnight investigation into Savile” at a pre-Christmas drinks party at BBC Television Center in late 2011.

Savile was accused by 107 staff at the BBC over the course of his decades of abuse and you are telling me the BBC Director-General wouldn’t have ever saw it or heard about it? In fact it’s known that Mark Thompson did indeed know about it and he lied to cover it up.

Nick Pollard, former head of Sky News and lead investigator into the Savile inquiry claimed that former BBC boss Mark Thompson lied over Savile evidence in the tape released to The cover up didn’t end there though, they tried to debunk the satanic pedophile ring claims calling it crazy and unsubstantial problem in the UK. The problem is that Savile raped children as young as nine years old. Savile’s nephew Guy Marsden came out and testified to the horrors that he had witnessed. He then named one of the abusers in the ring a politician Sir Edward Heath who Guy said abused his 14-year-old friend at a London party.

Jill Dando, a BBC reporter, warned of a massive pedophile ring in the BBC before being murdered on her front doorstep in 1999. It was later revealed that her killer was ordered by someone called Mr.Big.

Lo and behold almost a decade later it comes out that the BBC harbored Jimmy Savile a disgusting pedophile. Not only was Savile a pedophile but the ring he was apart of was deemed to be a Satanic ring by investigators. This information only came out after Savile’s death.

Johnny Rotten Got kicked off the BBC for bringing the allegation up and he was right. Rotten added that others are still alive and free and that he wanted to bring them “jail time.”

Then we have the PIE group (Pedophile Information Exchange) lobbying NCCL officials in the UK and the former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt saying the most horrific and disgusting things I have ever heard. “We can’t prove sex with children does them harm” Hewitt said. Really?!?!?

Now we have Pizzagate across the pond in the U.S. which – make of it what you will – there are some very disturbing pictures which I won’t provide here. They are all over the internet and verified symbols that include the occasional nod to elite pedophilia including one image with a child being held and the hashtag #chickenlovers which is a direct slang term for boy lover.

The New York Times tried to debunk the claims made by Pizzagate researchers calling it “fake news gone viral.” They then proceeded with an interview with the pizza shop owner James Alefantis saying the accusations against him and his shop were false and his life was being ruined.

They claim to have debunked Pizzagate but the problem is that their words aren’t enough – there was no proof provided and the New York Times failed to question Alefantis about the accusations. A real investigative report would show the questionable images censoring the children’s faces, as is standard in such cases to allow their readers to decide whether something was wrong. NYT also failed to ask Alefantis to provide proof that the little girl he says is his god-daughter is indeed his god-daughter – a not-so-outrageous request considering he is being publicly accused by millions all over the world of running a pedophile ring. If this is proven it might exonerate him a bit and if Alefantis had nothing to hide why hasn’t he provided the evidence?

The NYTimes completely ignored the “evidence” and concerns of Pizzagate researchers, deflecting the way BBC ignored the allegations about a pedophile ring operating in it’s own walls. They even published a story called “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime”.

We have come to a point in time where words are meaningless – evidence means everything and while the NYTimes and Washington Post are accusing us of peddling “false news” everything I have ever stated is well sourced. In fact, most of the time I use mainstream sources to connect dots for this very reason – the evidence in undisputed.

Now on to the ignorance that is the NYTimes, I don’t see one single source for your “debunking” Pizzagate article, no mentions about Jeff Koons, Laura Silsby, Monica Peterson’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation then her subsequent murder, NCMEC, etc.

NCMEC is in the middle of a law suit over their handling of child pornography constituting a violation of the Fourth Amendment with AOL. NCMEC is also allowed to do something private citizens can’t: retain and view child porn. While private citizens can come across child porn, preserve the evidence, and turn it over to law enforcement, they can’t maintain a private database of images for cross reference like NCMEC does.

Laura Silsby, is the former director for New Life Children’s Refuge the woman was caught trying to take 33 children out of Haiti without permission to the Dominican Republic by claiming that the children were orphans when they weren’t. But a Haitian judge – in a country notorious for corruption – ruled that Silsby and nine of the Americans accused had not knowingly engaged in any crime.

Why was her lawyer a convicted child trafficker? Jorge Torres-Puello was accused of leading a network that recruited children for prostitution in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador. Jorge Torres-Puello also allegedly worked undercover with the DEA and Homeland Security according to him and his mother.

Why did Clinton work so hard to get her charges dismissed? Why is Laura now working on the management team for Alert Sense, a company that includes the Amber Alert system after being accused of child trafficking? How does all this relate to NCMEC? They are in charge of the amber alert systems.

All a few good questions that the NYTimes could have asked themselves and the reader when writing up it’s horrible Opinion article on Alefantis.

How does all this connect to Alefantis? Jeff Koons a fellow artist of Alefantis which James even has his artwork hanging up in his house remember the nude alleged picture of Koons wife in his house? Koons is not only an artist he is also a board member of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). Why was Jeff Koons paid $50,000, by Correct the Record which is run by David Brock, Alefantis’ previous partner?

Additionally, lets add in the CPS as a suspected organization used for child trafficking, which is known thanks to Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer who said before she and her husband were killed which was ruled a “murder-suicide.”

Maybe it was a “murder-suicide” as they reportedly talked about, a suicide-pact, but her statement below can not be ignored even if it was. How about mentioning the Franklin Boys Town Nebraska scandal NYT, or how about DynCorp’s trafficking which was mentioned in Hillary’s emails?

Dyncorp has a long history of slavery and child trafficking starting first in 1999 in Bosnia – “Its employees were accused of rape and the buying and selling of girls as young as 12.” In 2005, the only brave mainstream outlet to ever bring this up, the Chicago Tribune, accused the government of covering up child trafficking.

Hillary Clinton is in favor of DynCorp despite it’s years of known historical sexual abuse of kids and losing $1 billion dollars. She also covered up for Dyncorp. The Washington Post wrote the story to her and said they had more negative information on Dyncorp and nothing ever came out.

More recently DynCorp also got a pass on pimping out Afghan boys to cops revealed by Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton and her inner circle knew about Anthony Weiner contacting an underage girl five years ago but did nothing about it.

Now here’s the juicy connection to Epstein and Dyncorp, Epstein’s helicopter shared FAA tail number with State Department counterinsurgency aircraft contracted to the private military company Dyncorp.

Epstein is key, we also know that Epstein and BIll Clinton shared at least 27 flights together. Anyone on Epstein’s flight manifest is suspect.

Now we must determine if Jeffrey Epstein is at all connected to Alefantis or if Epstein is connected to Laura Silsby or anyone who worked with New Life Children’s Refugee.

The elephant in the room with all this is that for years investigators and whistle-blowers have been being murdered who look deep into all this, such as murdered investigator Gary Caradouri, as have victims who come forward in Troy Boner’s case.

As ex-CIA Director William Colby once Said to John Decamp, “what you have to understand is there are powerful people and forces involved in all this, that you cannot do any­ thing about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have.”

”What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do any­ thing about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. That is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face. You have done your part. You have tried to expose the evil and wrongdoing. It has hurt you terribly. But it has not killed you up to this point. I am telling you, get out of this before it does.” ~CIA Director William Colby.

Right after this statement to John Decamp, Colby too met his own fate years later drowning in a lake a very suspicious case if you read the facts here.

Just as a pattern of repeat child abuse allegations probably proves a person is a pedophile, a pattern of deaths surrounding investigations into elite pedophilia probably means there is some water under the cases/scandals and that those scandals would have affected some politically powerful people.

Pizzagate or Pedogate is real, and there is so much more information coming my way that overlaps and expands upon the article that I wrote nearly 6 months ago – and that article was lengthy in itself, and packed with data. What I am planning next is to revisit the older cases to drop massive bombshells of information that the world needs to be directed at again.

To conclude, no the mainstream media journalists aren’t all pedophiles but I am sure there are some and this stuff is so crazy that you need all the evidence in front of you and a few years worth of research to work it all out. So do I blame them for not covering Pizzagate or dismissing it?

No – mainstream news is operated by their editorial boards. If they say something they can’t print it can’t go to press. I’ve been told this by several friends I’ve met along my way in the media, but to dismiss something just because it sounds insane without asking the hard questions and showing the objectifying evidence isn’t journalism it’s being a PR shill. Honestly, this is a matter of humanity – the Franklin cover up happened and the press ignored it. Journalists your pen is your sword and you are the maverick use it.

What little is left of good in this world needs to come forth – whistle-blowers, agency personnel anyone who knows this is going on it’s now your time to shine your light into this darkness and act. I have had several people come forward and the more the merrier to connect the dots. I realize if my identity is found I am in danger for putting together this effort but the suffering of children is a lot worse knowing you could have helped stopped it and didn’t. Email me encrypted at Together we can and will make a difference in this world, together We Are Change.

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