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New Years 2017: Pot breathalyzer checkpoints, drug 'sweat tests' and pot sobriety Tablets

Published: December 20, 2016
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I've written numerous articles warning everyone that DHS is working with police departments and UC Berkley to create a pot breathalyzer. Unfortunately it appears my warnings went unheeded and now police in California are being equipped with pot breathalyzers. (click here to read about DHS paying police to set up DUI checkpoints.)

The police chief of Lompoc, California, announced his department's participation and said he hopes to provide the technology to a half-dozen departments over the next six months.

Another article warns cops will be equipped with pot breathalyzers in 2017.

"If all goes as planned, you could be seeing this (a pot breathalyzer) at a DUI checkpoint some time by the end of 2017."

DHS works with universities to make pot breathalyzers a reality

"The company (Hound Labs) has teamed up with UCSF to conduct a clinical study to help validate the science behind the breathalyzer." (UCSF stands for the University of California San Francisco)

Why didn't DHS send the pot breathalyzer to 3-5 universities without ties to DHS in order to get independent results? Because they'd probably verify that it's junk science.

Does anyone really think that Hound Labs will allow the public to see their computer codes? How long will it take cops to falsely arrest thousands of motorists using a pot breathalyzer designed by police and DHS?

If you had any doubts about these universities ties to DHS, a Google search for 'USCF and DHS' returned over 699,000 hits and a 'UC Berkeley and DHS' search returned a mere 393,000 hits.

An article in 'The Conversation' reveals that the University of San Diego received $1.8 million in DHS grant money to help develop a roadside sobriety test for cannabis. A Google search for the 'University of San Diego and DHS' returned over 705,000 hits.

I warned everyone two years ago that 'Homeland Security Corporation', a DHS front company, stands to make huge profits from pot breathalyzers and pot kiosks.

 2017: Pot sobriety tablet tests and drug 'sweat tests'

"A driver suspected of being high might be asked to follow with his finger a square moving around on a device’s screen, a test of critical tracking. Or she might perform tablet tests that more validly simulate the demands of driving."

"The idea is to determine whether and how these measures – drug intake, biomarkers, objective cognitive performance and driving ability – correlate to produce an evidence-based, broadly applicable assessment standard and tool."

 Drug 'sweat tests'

A recent article in warns that cops across the country are lining up to 'pilot' a new fingerprint 'sweat test' program..

"The Intelligent Fingerprinting device, distributed in the U.S. by Smartox, likely will be available early next year, said Dr. Paul Yates, a forensic scientist and business development director at Intelligent Fingerprinting."

"Duffy Nabors, vice president for sales and marketing at Smartox, says the company has received inquiries from law enforcement departments in California, Colorado and Texas interested in roadside use of the metabolite test, and he expects law enforcement will be among the first American buyers."

 A former cop created the pot breathalyzer 
(For more info., about the pot breathalyzer, click here.)

Police begin using oral drug breathalyzers

Approximately a minute into the video, Sergeant Eddie Bowers says they decided to "give it a shot" to use the Drager brand and oral drug breathalyzers because police have a high opinion of the Drager brand from alcohol breathalyzers and because they say it tests for six different types of drugs.

What's revealing about his statements is how unscientific as they are since they reveal that police decided to use the Drager Drug Test 5000 because " if it's made by Drager, it's likely to perform very well."

Drunk and drugged driving is at its lowest EVER

Two years ago, I wrote an article on how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) admitted that drunk and drugged driving is on the decline.  A recent article in USA Today reveals supports the decrease in drunk and drugged driving and yet the NHTSA is paying for 'Traffic Safety Marketing' to come up with DUI and drugged driving 'scare' campaigns..

"Alcohol use is also at its lowest level ever: 37.3% of 12th-graders said they have been drunk at least once, down from a high of 53.2% in 2001."

Last year during a congressional hearing on the threat posed by stoned drivers, a representative of the NHTSA was asked how many crash fatalities are caused by marijuana each year. "That's difficult to say," replied Jeff Michael, NHTSA's associate administrator for research and program development. "We don't have a precise estimate." The most he was willing to affirm was that the number is "probably not" zero.

Wake up as America's plan for a police state in 2017 should worry us all. 

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