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Obama And Washington's Gaggle Of Zionist Psychopaths Continue Push To Engage In Blatant War Crimes Against Syria

Published: September 4, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

The on-going situation with Syria is showing the entire world that the U.S. government is under the control of criminally insane liars. The international community has largely rejected any sort of military intervention in Syria because of alleged chemical weapons use but this has not stopped the Obama regime from moving forward with their plans to strike. Outside of France, Israel and Turkey these plans have little if any real support. Despite the fact that any unilateral strike would constitute a war crime, the complicit Zionist controlled media is providing an endless amount of propaganda to justify an attack. Some in the media are suggesting that the attack could be executed under the guise of humanitarian purposes. Others are suggesting that an American military strike is needed in order to preserve the credibility of the office of the President. Even more incredible is that some of these media whores were trying to make the case that the Bashar Al-Assad led Syrian government could possibly give chemical weapons to terrorists and use them in America. This hypothetical scenario in their warped sense of thinking would in some way give Obama the moral authority to strike under the guise of protecting national security interests. The logical fallacies behind these arguments should be obvious and they are only being endorsed and believed by psychopaths and mentally ill people.

Evidence produced by American, French and Israeli intelligence sources claiming that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people is comical at best. The official U.S. government report on alleged chemical weapons usage in a Damascus suburb on August 21st 2013 provides no specific sources and speaks only in generalities. It also contradicts statements from the United Nations which have blamed rebel forces for being behind previous chemical weapons related incidents in Syria.

Both U.S. and Israeli intelligence sources are claiming that they recently captured phone conversations between Syrian government officials discussing their use of chemical weapons. Apparently they want us to believe that Syrian government officials discuss sensitive military operations over an unsecured telephone line. This is despite the fact that everybody on the planet knows that e-mails, telephone calls and other forms of electronic communications are constantly being captured and data mined. There is no reason to believe that the Syrian government would be so stupid as to do such a thing. This evidence is either fabricated or taken entirely out of context in order to help drag America into another war.

There’s no doubt that there are far more convincing reports suggesting that Syrian rebel forces are the one’s using chemical weapons. Many of the rebel groups are closely connected to various Al-Qaeda type entities and they would have much more of a motive to use chemical weapons considering the circumstances. Assad’s forces have gained the upper hand in this fight and the last thing he would want is to provoke an American military response by using chemical weapons and crossing Obama’s so-called red line.

Even funnier than the bogus evidence being used to justify an attack is the fact that the Obama regime actually believes they can wage another war despite the fact that America is completely broke. If Obama was really looking out for the best interests of the American people he would be spending his time working with Congress to sort out the financial mess America finds itself in instead of waging war against a country that is no threat to American national security. Currently America has roughly 50 million people on food stamps, a national debt that’s out of control and a central bank that destroying the value of the currency by printing billions of new Dollars each month. Unfortunately fixing things and finding common sense solutions is not something Obama is capable of. Throughout his tenure as President he has endorsed policies that are clearly designed to systematically destroy what’s left of America. Look no further than the so-called Affordable Care Act which has been sold to the American people as one of the most important pieces of his Presidential legacy. This awful law is threatening the viability of small businesses, is increasing health care costs and is vastly reducing the number of full time employment opportunities. Either Obama is the biggest idiot to ever occupy the White House or he is intentionally endorsing and implementing policies with the goal of wrecking the country.

It also turns out that Obama’s request to Congress for authority to attack Syria will help ensure he can wage an even broader war than the limited air strikes he referred to in his most recent press conference. There’s actually now talk that American ground forces could potentially get involved. With no international support there is little question that Obama needs Congressional approval to at least provide minimal cover for the war crimes he is seeking to commit. The fact that he might get an even broader war waging authorization from Congress is just an added bonus. Zionist war addicted jackasses like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have actually criticized Obama for not being forceful enough with his rhetoric so they will undoubtedly support such a measure. McCain recently stated that if Congress blocks military action against Syria, the results would be catastrophic. He has also alluded to the possibility that a no vote would undermine the credibility of the Presidency. Could it be any more obvious with these statements that McCain is nothing more than a mentally deficient old man? How exactly would this be catastrophic? Not going to war would be the best thing for America especially when it is based off of what seems to be highly questionable if not manufactured intelligence. To make matters worse, this is coming from a man who spent part of his time during yesterday’s important Senate hearings on the Syria question playing poker on his iPhone. At this rate McCain might as well stamp a giant star of David tattoo on his forehead and run around Washington DC with a Jewish skull cap. It is painfully obvious that McCain and others of his ilk are more concerned with representing the interests of Israel instead of America. After all, the Zionist scum running Israel stand to gain the most from any American military intervention in Syria.

What’s so unbelievable about all of this is that we’ve gotten to this point mostly because Obama is trying to save face from his idiotic red line remarks. As dumb as his remarks were, he could have at least admitted that he was wrong and saved himself all this trouble. He might have taken some political heat in the short term but it would have been quickly forgotten in the months ahead as other issues like the economy take on greater importance. His remarks have forced him into a position where he is now being manipulated with false intelligence to force his hand with an attack. Only an insane fool would think waging war and killing people represents a better course of action instead of admitting a mistake.

Amazingly Obama at a press conference today actually had the nerve to claim that he did not set a red line on chemical weapons use. He would go on to say that it isn’t his credibility but instead the world’s credibility that is at stake. Could it be any clearer that Obama is a narcissistic liar? It is a historical fact that the U.S. has turned a blind eye to chemical weapons use.

In the 1980s the U.S. government supported and even supplied Iraq with chemical weapons through then pharmaceutical executive Donald Rumsfeld. CIA files obtained by Foreign Policy further confirm that the U.S. supported Iraq even while they were launching chemical weapons attacks against Iran. The U.S. has also had no problem with firing off depleted uranium munitions throughout the Middle East nor have they had an issue with the Israelis using white phosphorous against Palestinians in the Gaza strip. This just proves that the chemical weapons narrative being advanced by the Obama regime is nothing more than a cheap ploy to wage war.

In reality the credibility of the Presidency is a non-issue as it has long since been destroyed with the amount of lies and falsehoods that have originated from it. Previous Presidents have been involved in their fair share of lies but the Obama regime has been involved in so much criminality that it is actually becoming difficult to keep track of all their crimes. We have the Benghazi fiasco, illegal spying and data collection by the NSA, reporters being spied on by the Justice Department, the IRS targeting of Obama’s political enemies and illegal gun running operations all being run under the watch of Obama. Combine this with the manufactured intelligence and lies used by the Bush regime to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq and it is easy to see why the Presidency now has very little if any credibility both domestically and internationally.

The international community now sees the American government as an institution filled with people who are incapable of speaking truth. Secretary of State John Kerry just a few short years ago as a Senator was eating expensive dinners with Bashar Al-Assad and praising him as a reformer. Now Kerry has been the Obama regime’s point man in making the case for a military attack on Syria. Kerry is now calling the man who he has dined with a murderous thug and likening him to Hitler. The hypocrisy of Kerry is remarkable but it also extends to other people closely aligned with the Obama regime who are also voicing their support for military action against Syria. This includes Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Vice President Joe Biden and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who were previously against war in Syria or at least had marginally favorable things to say about Assad.

Unfortunately this situation is much larger than just Syria alone. An American attack has the potential to spark a larger regional war with possible retaliations not just from Syria but also from Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon and the Iranians. Russia which maintains a Naval base in Syria and is closely allied with Assad would likely ramp up their military aid in the face of an American strike. This is a dangerous game that is being played and anyone who thinks this attack can be sold under the guise of a humanitarian mission is fooling themselves. Obama’s military adventure in Libya was sold this same way and look at the end result. Libya is now as the London Independent describes it a lawless country in ruin where the people are nowhere near as well off versus when deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi was in power.

There is little question that if Obama ends up invading Syria he will cement his legacy as one of the 21st centuries most notorious war criminals. The same can be said about the people around him who are supporting this push to war in complete defiance of international law. Congress will probably end up approving a military operation but even if for some reason they don’t give their approval it would not be surprising if Obama launched an attack any way. After all, the cowardly Zionist Jews have a number of important religious holidays coming up this month so they are probably hoping they can celebrate the occasion with an American led blood bath in Syria. Sadly, it looks like Obama and the assorted Zionist psychopaths in Washington DC are actually going to deliver this to them.

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