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Obama Picks Terrorist War Criminal To Head Department Of Homeland Security

Published: October 19, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

Barack Obama has nominated Jeh Johnson to head the Department of Homeland Security.  Johnson is actually a perfect choice for the Washington DC war criminals considering his prior track record.  Since 2009 he has worked in the Department of Defense as their general counsel.  In this role he has provided the legal justification for the Obama regime’s foreign military interventions including drone strikes that have killed numerous civilians.  Johnson has also claimed that the Obama regime has the legal authority to kill American citizens if they take up arms with Al-Qaeda.  Through these and other ridiculous legal assertions, Johnson has proven that he himself is a terrorist war criminal.  Considering that the American economy is edging closer and closer to a total collapse they will need someone in charge of Homeland Security who is not afraid to give orders to kill Americans.  Johnson as a terrorist war criminal will fit very nicely into this role.   

According to a recent Washington Post article, Johnson was responsible for the prior legal review and approval of all military operations executed by the Obama regime.  This makes Johnson an incredibly evil man.  The Obama regime has been responsible for a number of war crimes including the authorization of drone strikes that have killed many civilians.  Even women and children have been killed by some of these strikes.  It is also worth noting that the Obama regime launched an unprovoked attack against the sovereign nation of Libya which by the standards set after World War II is a war crime.  Of course they almost did the same thing in Syria until it became clear that such an operation had no real support domestically or amongst the international community.  It is hard to believe that anyone could possibly find an appropriate legal justification for such horrible atrocities but apparently if you are a criminal like Johnson this comes easy.

It is no secret that Al-Qaeda is just a brand name used to describe proxy forces of Islamic fanatics run and managed by the United States.  These forces are either used to destabilize foreign governments as we have seen with Libya and Syria or they are used as an excuse for foreign military intervention.  In a sense there is no group officially named Al-Qaeda and any group labeled as such is manufactured for the purpose of expanding American influence.  As stated previously, Johnson believes that the federal government has the authority to kill American citizens if they align themselves with Al-Qaeda.  In other words, if the Obama regime says you are with Al-Qaeda, Johnson believes they have the right to kill you.  Even though the Obama regime runs Al-Qaeda, the legal framework supported by Johnson gives them the ability to link their domestic enemies with Al-Qaeda to justify killing them.  The entire thing is such a sick joke that it defies any sort of rational comprehension.

Previously there has been numerous propaganda stories planted in the corporate press talking about the so-called emergence of a domestic white Al-Qaeda threat.  As the American public becomes increasingly upset with the Obama regime’s criminal policies, we will likely see this type of disinformation revisited.  Obama’s political opponents will be labeled as terrorists.  In fact we have already started to see some of this.  During the recent debt ceiling and government shutdown fiasco some of Obama’s cronies labeled certain Republicans and Tea Party members as such. 

The further things get out of control domestically, the more important Johnson’s role could become.  He could eventually be in charge of putting down any sort of domestic rebellion that will inevitably occur as we see America fall further and further into an economic abyss.  His track record at the Pentagon suggests that he will have no problem authorizing deadly force to kill Americans who pose any sort of threat to the Obama regime.  After all, they will just label these people as domestic terrorists.  Under former Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano, the agency purchased all sorts of goodies to wage war against the American people including armored vehicles and billions of bullets.  Once Johnson is confirmed there is a very good possibility that he could be the one ordering the deployment of these assets against regular Americans.

Johnson has even made the ridiculous claim that Martin Luther King would have supported military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.  King was staunchly anti-war and strongly opposed the Vietnam War throughout the 1960s.  This type of blatant historical revisionism says all we need to know about this man’s credibility.  He will lie, fabricate or do whatever it takes to legally justify the Obama regime’s criminal policies. 

So there you have it.  The Obama regime’s future head of the Department of Homeland Security is nothing more than a terrorist war criminal.  There’s no question that this man is evil and because of that it is pretty much assured that he will have no problem getting approved through the Congressional nomination process.

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