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Obama Regime's Climate Hub Plan Will Help Destroy Small American Farms and Ranches

Published: February 6, 2014
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The Obama regime recently announced that they are establishing seven regional hubs designed to help Americans mitigate the alleged scourge of climate change.  The first climate hubs will be established in Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon and New Mexico.  Additional subsidiary hubs will be established in Michigan, Puerto Rico and California.  These so-called climate hubs are nothing more than a backdoor way for these authoritarian jackasses to exercise more control over farmers and ranchers. 

First off climate change is an invented problem.  The climate is always changing due to the Earth’s cyclical movement within the solar system.  This is why we have seasons and different types of weather throughout the year.  Climate change is not a new phenomenon and it has occurred long before man began running power plants and driving automobiles.  This climate change term is now used because the original propaganda first failed in the 1970s when they said that man-made carbon emissions were responsible for causing global cooling and that we were on the brink of an ice age.  When it became obvious that a new ice age was not going to happen they switched gears and claimed that man-made carbon emissions were responsible for global warming only a few decades later.  So by using a neutral term like climate change it takes the unpredictability of the naturally changing climate out of the equation.  As a result they can now always claim that there is a problem with some sort of human related activity because the climate by default is always changing.  It is some of the most unbelievable bull shit one could imagine yet week minded fools somehow still believe it.

Scientists have even been caught manipulating their own data to fit in with this silly theory.  The reason being is that any science related to this garbage gets government funding.  So it is in the best interest of these scientists to continue promoting this insanity.

So here we have the Obama regime using a phony theory based off of manipulated and biased scientific data to justify the establishment of these so-called climate hubs.  They are claiming the purpose of these climate hubs is to help rural communities affected by climate change.  In reality this is just another power grab by the federal government to exercise control over farmers and ranchers.  Under the guise of helping these people they will soon begin interfering with these operations as part of an effort to put them out of business.  The federal government hates family farmers and ranchers because they represent competition to the big food manufacturers.  Smaller farming and ranching operations do not have the same lobbying influence that the large corporate interests have which is why there is an incentive for the federal government to do these things.  These local farms and ranches also represent a pillar of self sufficiency which is something that the federal government greatly despises.  After all, how can the federal government control all of its slaves if they can grow their own food and refuse to eat the real life equivalent of Soylent Green? 

Seriously though, why on earth would farmers or ranchers need the federal government to help them with to deal with changing weather?  These people are already used to dealing with cyclical environmental changes so there is no good reason why these climate hubs are needed.  This is especially true considering that the concept of man-made carbon emissions causing catastrophic changes to the planet have proven to be total nonsense.  It is just an excuse for the federal government to meddle in their affairs.

In addition, the establishment of these climate hubs is an initiative that appears to have come out of the UN’s Agenda 21 plan.  Agenda 21 was a plan developed in the early 1990s to move populations of people from rural areas into large cities under the guise of sustainable development and biodiversity.   This fact alone should make people question the true purpose behind this madness.

Like almost every idea that has originated from the Obama regime, this idea sucks.  There’s no reason for the federal government to involve themselves with farmers and ranchers under the guise of fighting a non-existent problem.  There’s no doubt that these climate hubs will grow into a bureaucracy that will be used to help destroy small farming and ranching operations around America.  This is the real reason why this system is being put into place.  Over time, look for an unending amount of rules, regulations and harassment to originate from these organizations.      


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