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Obamacare creates more departments than FDR’s New Deal

Published: October 20, 2015
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Source: Disinfo

organizational chart

Click to enlarge.

What a jumble of departments, regulatory authorities, and offices. From the Joint Economic Committee, Republican Staff Congressman Kevin Brady, and Senior House Republican Senator Sam Brownback.

The healthcare law provides for 159 new agencies in all with provisions for creation of an unknown number of agencies. Every box that is white is an agency that had already existed. White boxes with a red outline are entities with expanded powers. White boxes with green outlines are entities with new powers. This chart only shows about one third of all new agencies created. Colored boxes (with the exception of HHS) are new departments or responsibilities of the government.

This chart also tells you where in the law the mentioned provisions can be found. That is helpful. The bill is over 2400 pages long in large print, 900 pages long in fine print, and very hard to read.

Only one white box on this chart has no color-coded border around it. That is self-insured health plans. Self-insured health plans are health plans which are paid for by an employer. The architects of the new healthcare law chose to leave existing self-insured health plans unchanged because the opposition to the passing of the bill would had been too great had the law affected how existing self-insured plans.

You can click here to read the PDF report prepared by the Joint Economic Committee. Being 12 pages long, this report includes the chart and subsequent pages explaining how to read the chart.

If you have a slow internet connection, you may want to view the PDF of the chart from the website of the John Birch Society, though this link will lead you to only the chart. This video also portrays the JBS position on the healthcare law, worth the watch. Their position is that the law must be totally repealed for the law is about control of people.

Lastly, I link to the actual text of healthcare law. Here is a link to the law as it passed out of the Senate. It is really a link TO a link of the healthcare law. Being 2400 pages long, I didn’t want to link directly to it and I advise you NOT click on that link if you have a slow internet connection and really don’t want your computer freezing right now.

This is a link to the bill as it passed out of the House of Representatives. The Constitution requires that all “Bills of Revenue” originate in the House of Representatives but must be approved by the Senate. Go ahead and click on it, I promise it isn’t enough pages to crash your computer–you may be surprised to see that the number of pages in length it is can be counted with your fingers. Has anyone else ever noticed how corrupt politicians in movies are always senators and never house members? 

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