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OpEd: Donald Trump Jr Did Nothing Wrong By Collecting Criminal Information on Hillary Clinton From Any Source

Published: July 11, 2017
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Donald Trump Jr did nothing wrong by collecting potential criminally incriminating information about a prospective presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from ANY source, as this would protect the American people, the United States of America, and further the interests of law enforcement and justice.

It is a well known corollary of criminal law that an informant, or anyone who has information about a crime, has near blanket immunity to collect/report/release that information, even if it is against a powerful presidential candidate.

Additionally, anyone possessing information of a criminal nature can, and should, report it/bring it to the attention of law enforcement authorities, even if that party is a lawyer working with, or for, a foreign government, even if that were true, which at this point it really is not.

This was by no means “election interference” by a foreign government at all, because anybody could theoretically produce such incriminating information.

Even low level criminal informants, drug dealers, prostitutes, private investigators, and witnesses can and should report errant criminal behavior to authorities, and this can not be considered “election interference” in any sense of the word, as it is simply gaining and providing information in order to protect the American people from electing a criminal to office.

It is no secret that the Russian government preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton to be President, because Hillary had already publicly vowed to destroy Russia and her allies, and had already done so in Ukraine.

Providing evidence of a criminal nature, even if true, to her opposition candidate is only self-preservation, while assisting the American people in knowing just who exactly their prospective president is, and is certainly not “election interference” or a crime, or even unethical.

The latest look of outright glee and twinkles in the eyes of such loathsome Democrat politicians as Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff on this latest news development, betrays and belies their obvious conflict of interest in that they would rather see a criminal case/investigation obstructed, and evidence of criminal wrong-doing hidden, in order to protect their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, rather than see justice done and the target of this criminal evidence revealed to the American people and law enforcement – and this is classic obstruction of justice, witness tampering, intimidation of a witness, and criminal interference with a bona fide criminal investigation.

The Democrats are up to their eyeballs in doing the exact same thing to Donald Trump, with information gleaned and gained from foreign intelligence services such as allegedly Israel and certain of its oligarchs/plutocrats, in order to have torpedoed the budding presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, and so their “feigned outrage” is more akin to Captain Renault in Casablanca who was “shocked, shocked, that gambling was going on here.”

It is high time for the American people to demand that the real obstructionists and criminals in government office be thrown out or jailed immediately, ie, the idiots who are reveling in concealing criminal activity by the Hillary Clinton camp, rather than by Donald Trump and his kids.

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