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PBS donations are secretly being used by police to spy on Americans

Published: July 1, 2016
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Source: Mass Privatel

DHS and the First Responders Group (FRG) have created a way to transmit encrypted live video and data using broadcast television signals, It’s called ‘datacasting‘. (The FRG is part of DHS)

“When broadcast television transitioned from analog to digital broadcast transmissions, it created the opportunity to allocate the television spectrum in new ways. Datacasting takes advantage of a portion of the public broadcasting station’s bandwidth normally used for television programming”  

Police are secretly using PBS television stations to spy on Americans

DHS is using Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television stations to send videos and messages to law enforcement across the country.

“Once the hardware [IP encapsulator] is set up at the television station to enable this capability, data recipients will need a datacast receiver connected to their computer in order to receive the information being broadcast from the PBS station. Datacasting’s software allows the owners of the video and other data to target individual users or groups of receivers to receive the video, files and notifications being transmitted.”

“Datacasting gives first responders the same broad access to data that we are all used to having on our smartphones, explains John Contestabile, APL’s datacasting program manager. Emergency voice communications are currently good, but they aren’t designed to handle large amounts of data. And, during an emergency, cellular networks become congested and strained from use by the public.”

What they’re really saying is, police can use ‘datacasting’ to secretly communicate with each other after shutting down cellphone service. There have been at least two reported incidents of police shutting down cellphone service in recent years, one in Calif. and another in Boston.

TV stations across the country are secretly allowing police to use ‘datacasting’

DHS/Police used ‘datacasting’ to send secret messages during this years NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball Tournament, which was not broadcast on PBS, it was broadcast nationally on TNT, Turner Broadcasting and TruTV. Click here to see DHS’s NCAA ‘datacasting’ video.

U.S. Park Police secretly use ‘datacasting’ to spy on 4th., of July celebrations

Police also use ‘Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments‘  (VACCINE) to secretly spy on the public via CCTV cameras. Last year, police used VACCINE to secretly spy on everyone attending the MLB’s All Star week.

According to DHS, universities, SpectraRep and PBS television stations are working together to make ‘datacasting’ a reality.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is basically a DHS “front” developing new surveillance products for our government.

“We [JHU] apply a strong systems engineering discipline to programs that primarily support the Department of Defense and DHS…”

“JHU’s collaboration with leading research universities allows these organizations to provide the U.S. government with access to our nation’s most highly skilled scientists, engineers, and analysts…”

SpectraRep also appears to be another DHS front company.

“SpectraRep is working with broadcasters around the country to deploy wireless datacast broadband services and applications…”

According to their LinkedIn page they have about 11-50 employees that specialize in Homeland Security broadcast systems.

Your PBS donations are secretly being used to spy on Americans

Below, is an excerpt from the PBS Foundation.

“Your generous gift allows everyone the ability to explore new ideas and new worlds through innovative online programming and television. Together, as a PBS supporter, we can offer trusted news… “

What it should say is, ‘Your generous gift allows DHS/Police to explore innovative new ways for law enforcement to spy on Americans. Together as a PBS supporter we can offer trusted police surveillance to everyone.’

When will America speak up and say enough is enough? Police State spying has gone too far!

Police State America is using public television, banks, doctors, teachers, religious groups, mental health centers, social workers, community groups and more to spy on Americans.


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