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Police are secrety installing GPS devices, audio and video equipment on boats

Published: January 4, 2017
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Source: Mass Private I

Maine's Marine Patrol is allowed to put secret surveillance devices inside boats.

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) wants the Marine Patrol to secretly install electronic surveillance devices on the boats of fishermen suspected of violating state fishing regulations.

Did you catch that, police will secretly spy on anyone suspected of violating fishing regulations!

If this sounds like 'predictive policing' give yourself a gold star. Last year, I warned everyone that police would use 'predictive policing' as an excuse to spy on and arrest innocent people.

Bill of Rights ignored so police can secretly spy on boaters

"It was unclear last week whether the Marine Patrol would be required to obtain a warrant from a court before deploying surveillance devices."

Police are secretly installing GPS devices, audio and video equipment on boats.

"Maine law already allows Marine Patrol officers to obtain a warrant from a court to covertly install surveillance devices – such as GPS, audio or video equipment – on vessels when officers have probable cause to believe the operator is engaged in criminal violations."

Bill of Rights be damned, the fourth Amendment means nothing to the police state.

DHS/Coast Guard spy on every boat

Two years ago, I warned everyone that DHS and the Coast Guard have forced boaters to install a government tracking device which gives DHS their location every 15-20 seconds. The boat-tracking system is called the "National Automatic Identification System" (NAIS).

"The NAIS program exceeds the stated purpose of marine safety and constitutes an ongoing risk to the privacy and civil liberties of mariners across the United States."

"The NAIS consists of approximately 200 VHF surveillance receiver sites located throughout the coastal continental United States, inland rivers, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam."

Maine's Marine Patrol claims it follows 100 years of tradition by spying on boaters...

"Marine Patrol Officers are instilled with the same philosophy that guided the wardens 100 years ago, which is to be impartial and to work in close cooperation with fishermen."

What fisherman would want to secretly be spied on?

Why does Maine's Marine Patrol need to secretly install surveillance devices, when DHS already knows EVERY vessels location, identity and speed?

Police to put secret surveillance devices on boaters accused of civil infractions

In 2015 DMR Commissioner Patrick Keliher wanted to eliminate telling boaters accused of civil infractions about secret surveillance devices. Keliher said, "one option to address constitutionality concerns would be to continue requiring a warrant from the courts but to eliminate the 24-hour advanced notification for civil violations."

Where's the mass media coverage of this blatant attack on our civil rights?

Imagine if you committed a civil infraction while driving your car, such as forgetting to signal when turning. Now imagine the police secretly installing a GPS device, audio and video equipment in your car so they can catch you violating the law in real-time. There's really no difference other than it's happening to boaters.

Police justification of  'secret surveillance' without a warrant and 'secret surveillance' for civil infractions must be stopped.

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