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Police destroy blind man's house and terrify his dog in bungled raid then leave him to clean up mess

Published: November 23, 2015
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Source: Daily Record

A BLIND man had his home raided by police by mistake – and was left to pick up the pieces himself.

Jonathon Miller says the botched swoop on his Glasgow house has left him at least £500 out of pocket and forced him to take time off work.

The housing officer says the bungled bust – which left his front door smashed in – could have been avoided with basic checks on his address.

He has lodged a complaint with the force, saying it has caused lasting trauma to his dog and affected his health.

Police confirmed the raid and a leading blind charity have called for lessons to be learned.

Jonathon, 24, said: “The way it has been handled is totally unacceptable. I’ve been left with the cost and inconvenience of their mistake. It has been very stressful.”

­Jonathon – who was born with no irises and is registered blind – moved into his new home with his partner and their puppy Maisie four weeks ago.


Jonathan's door had to be boarded up after it was smashed in by police, who targeted the wrong address.

Officers raided the property in ­Springburn at 9am on November 2, looking to arrest a man who had given them his daughter’s old address.

They used a battering ram to break in, leaving Maisie cowering in fear. Jonathon said: “They smashed through the door after I left for work. It was only when they found letters with my name on that they realised it wasn’t adding up. They found out I was the new owner by calling the estate agents on the For Sale sign which was still in the garden.

“My dog was a happy and friendly border collie but now she is very timid. This ordeal has obviously affected her.”

Jonathon received a call to tell him what had happened and was asked to collect keys for his boarded-up door from the police station.

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