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Poll: 85% of Americans Dissatisfied with Government’s Handling of Nation’s Finances

Published: July 13, 2013
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Source: CNS News

A new Gallup poll shows that a large majority of Americans are “dissatisfied” with the federal government’s handling of numerous economic-related issues, with 85% of people dissatisfied in particular with the government’s handling of the nation’s finances.

While the poll showed strong satisfaction for government’s management of natural disasters, national parks, and homeland security, for the 19 issues queried about by the poll,  Americans were dissatisfied with government’s handling of 13 of them in majorities that ranged from 56% to 85%.

Gallup asked, “Next, we are going to name some major areas the federal government handles. For each one, please say whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the work the government is doing.” The results showed the following:

.................................................................  Dissatisfied         Satisfied

The nation’s finances                                  85%                        14%

Poverty                                                        80%                        19%

Labor and unemployment issues                 72%                        26%

Immigration policy                                        72%                        26%

Job creation, economic growth                     71%                        27%

Healthcare                                                   70%                        29%

Education                                                     65%                        33%

Veterans’ issues                                           58%                        38%

Foreign affairs                                               58%                        39%

Energy policy                                                 57%                        40%

Public housing                                               52%                        42%

Criminal justice                                              55%                        42%

Environmental issues                                     56%                        42%

Agriculture, farming                                        43%                        49%

Military, national defense                                42%                        56%

Transportation                                                38%                        57%

Homeland security                                          41%                         57%

National parks, open space                            26%                        68%

Responding to natural disasters                     23%                        75%

Concerning the results of the poll, Gallup reported, “Americans are most dissatisfied with areas of government performance related to the economy and economic issues -- some of which affect the average American's household budget in the form of jobs, healthcare, and education. The still somewhat sluggish economy and ballooning federal debt are likely reasons Americans are mostly dissatisfied with the government's handling of the nation's finances and its efforts on job creation and economic growth, and labor and employment issues.”


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