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Pussy Riot's Whipping By Cossack Militia Appears To Have Been Staged

Published: February 21, 2014
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Source: Daily Slave/BLN

There’s very little question that this so-called punk rock protest band called Pussy Riot is nothing more than an American backed psy-op designed to discredit the Russians in the propaganda press.  With that said, it is interesting to see how much attention the press has given a new video showing an attempted Pussy Riot protest at the Sochi Olympics.  The video basically shows members of Pussy Riot attempting a protest in front of a large wall when they are confronted with what we are told are members of the Cossack militia.  They proceed to disrupt the protest even hitting several of the Pussy Riot members with horse whips.  The entire incident is actually incredibly funny to watch because it looks as if it was completely staged.

Here are just a few observations about the incident.

First off they decide to stage their protest in front of a wall where there doesn’t appear to be anybody besides maybe a few people who will actually watch what they are doing.  You mostly see a bunch of people with cameras who all appear to have followed them just so they could film the protest.

Second, they decide to stage the protest right around where a bunch of these so-called Cossack members are and get immediately sprayed and whipped before the protest even starts.  Why would you choose to start your protest in an area where you know it will get immediately disrupted?   It only makes sense if it were scripted to be that way.

Some have said that they were trying to shoot footage for a new music video but that also doesn't add up.  Why would you try shooting footage in an area where you know you might get harassed and physically removed?  Again, it appears as if the entire situation was scripted to end up this way.

Third, the Pussy Riot member up front who supposedly gets pepper sprayed doesn’t even initially appear to be phased by it.  It almost looks as if she was sprayed with water and forgot that she was supposed to act like she was really pepper sprayed.

Fourth, the Cossack members seen in the video aren’t even all wearing the same uniform which raises some questions.  It is possible that these supposed Cossack members were paid actors.  Either way the whole thing looks like a big joke.

Fifth, who exactly is this supposed Cossack militia that were involved in this incident?  Historically they were horseman warriors who fought aside the Tsar’s Russian Armies.  Today it appears as if who they are as a group is not well defined even though a group of them have volunteered to maintain security at the Sochi Olympics.  In fact their security function appears to be an over glorified neighborhood watch of sorts.

Not surprisingly a propaganda piece appeared in the USA Today quoting a Zionist Jew from the Heritage Foundation named Ariel Cohen who gives us an official answer on who exactly the Cossack is today.  According to him the Cossacks today are a group that embraces a “racist, nationalist and anti-Semitic“ worldview.  How convenient for the propagandists that we would see Pussy Riot being beaten with horse whips by a bunch of pro-Russian, racist, Jew haters.

Sixth, the propagandists claimed that three of the Pussy Riot members had to be hospitalized.  If you watch the entire video it doesn’t seem as if anybody involved needed medical attention.  No one was significantly hurt or injured and they all seemed to be able to get up and walk away from what happened.  These lies are just there to support the propaganda which portrays these Pussy Riot protesters as victims of evil pro-Russian, racist, Jew haters.

Watch the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions but this incident certainly appears to be a completely staged farce.  The amount of corporate media attention it has gotten is another dead giveaway because they will typically over report scripted events like this.

What really gets me is that a bunch of people in the alternative media are actually buying that this is a real event and even supporting this American backed Pussy Riot psy-op.  Take for example the Young Turks who produce one of the most vile and irritating political shows on YouTube.  These clowns described the event as vicious. Not sure about vicious but what is certain about the situation is how hard it is to not laugh when watching it.  Then you have Shepard Ambellas over at Intellihub who put out an article applauding Pussy Riot for standing up for free speech in Russia which is utterly ridiculous.  Even if Pussy Riot was not a psy-op what exactly did this so-called protest accomplish?  They just managed to make themselves look like a bunch of idiots dancing around with ski masks on their head.

Bottom line is that there are a number of questions about this ridiculous incident.  It is hard to believe there are so many people accepting this at face value.

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