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Sandy Hook 911 Call Recordings Raise Even More Questions About Official Story Of Alleged Mass Shooting

Published: December 7, 2013
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Approximately a year ago we were informed of a so-called mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut where several children and teachers were shot dead.  Allegedly the shooting was carried out solely by a deranged young man by the name of Adam Lanza.  It was said that he first shot and killed his mother and then drove to the school where he carried out the killings before committing suicide.  Many independent researchers have questioned the official narrative and with good reason because there are several problems with the official story.  One of the questions raised by these researchers was the fact that for almost a year the local government has refused to release any of the 911 call recordings relating to the incident.  The Associated Press actually had to file legal action so the public could finally hear some of the 911 calls.  It is important to note that there are still other call recordings that have yet to be released so this just represents a fraction of the Sandy Hook emergency calls.  After listening to just these 911 calls it is clear why they didn’t want them to be made public because it raises even more questions about the credibility of the official story.

Before going into the content of the 911 calls it has been very interesting to see the corporate media’s reaction to the release of these recordings.  Many of these propaganda sources are either flat out refusing to play them or they are selectively censoring the content citing some of the most absurd reasons you can imagine.  The most popular of these reasons has been their claim that playing the calls will re-open all sorts of emotional wounds.  This in itself is a ridiculous argument especially from people who claim to be journalists whose job is to accurately document historical events.  It isn’t the job of a journalist to serve as a gatekeeper and censor material that they personally believe would be offensive.  It is their job to accurately report on events and give the public as much information as possible so people can from their own opinions.  Take for example Vietnam War video footage which one could more easily argue contains content that many would find upsetting.  When the American people saw video documentation showing the suffering and bloodshed taking place in Vietnam it turned public opinion against the war.  In this particular case we aren’t even talking about disturbing pictures or video but just audio of people calling into a 911 call center.   

Fox News decided to only play a small portion of the 911 recordings.  Check out Shepard Smith and Andrew Napolitano discussing their rationale for censoring the content.  They continually stress how emotionally disturbing the calls are throughout their commentary on the subject.

Before the release of the 911 recordings MSNBC propagandist Rachel Maddow delivered a rambling diatribe explaining how it is the media’s responsibility not to show the public things that they believe are upsetting.  Keep in mind that this is before she even knows what will be on these audio recordings.  It is a completely ridiculous argument.  In other words, Maddow openly admits that she and the people at MSNBC are informational gatekeepers.  She even endorses this notion which further destroys all of her credibility.

CNN would selectively play portions of the 911 recordings on Erin Burnett's show but not before airing numerous segments debating the merits of airing the calls.  Other CNN shows like Anderson Cooper 360 refused to air them at all.

Even Al Jazeera America refused to play the recordings which is a bit puzzling because if they played the recordings in full they would have undoubtedly received a great deal of attention.  Compared to the other major American cable news networks they don’t have a particularly big audience share.  They could have used this story to potentially boost their ratings but still decided not to air the recordings.

CBC News a Canadian news network decided not to play the recordings either and parroted the same emotional trauma narrative as their American counterparts.   

Instead of focusing on the content of the 911 recordings the corporate media has spent most of their energy debating the merits of releasing them and the emotional trauma it may potentially cause the so-called victim’s families.  After listening to the calls, there really isn’t a whole lot of upsetting material contained within the calls themselves.  It appears as if the real reason the media is using the emotional trauma card is because the recordings raise serious questions as to the authenticity of the actual event.  The calls are actually boring which is another reason why we are probably seeing the media sensationalize the content.

Here’s just some general commentary on the content of the 911 recordings.  These are just some of the inconsistencies. 

The call marked as Tape #2 features a man by the name of Rick Thorne who says he is the acting head custodian at the school for the day.  He somehow knows the school’s address off the top of his head despite the fact that he’s an interim custodian.  He also seems to know everything about what’s going on inside the school even though he says he was out all morning.  He goes on to say that the school was locked down which contradicts some of the other 911 call recordings from people who say that they are in classrooms with doors that aren’t locked.  He also chooses to stay inside the school down a corridor even though he thinks there is somebody shooting a gun inside the building.  Towards the end of Tape #2 you hear popping sounds in the background but Rick still doesn’t seem all that concerned with his safety and makes no attempt to leave the building.  This is actually the only time that you distinctly hear what may or may not be gun shots in the background of these calls. 

The call marked as Tape #3 features a teacher calling in with a report of gunshots in the hallway.  She says she did not lock the classroom door before calling 911 despite the fact that she thinks somebody is firing a gun in the building.  This is incredibly odd as you would think that she would have locked her classroom door first if someone was shooting people before making a call to 911.  Even though it is possible she might not have been able to lock the door you’d think that she’d try to barricade the door with desks or something to prevent the gunman from entering her classroom.  She also sounds extremely calm considering an insane person is supposedly running around murdering people.

The call marked as Tape #4 features more bizarre content.  In this call someone from the Connecticut State Police says that he has a victim of the shooter who was shot in the foot and puts her on the line with the 911 call center.  What is odd about this is why the victim who was shot is even on the phone to begin with when she says later in the call that there are two other adults in the room with her.  This makes no sense at all.  You would think that one of the other adults with her would call on her behalf considering she has just been shot.  Not only that but she sounds incredibly calm for someone who was just shot in the foot by a madman who is in the midst of running around killing people.  It doesn't even seem as if she's in any pain from the supposed gunshot wound.  It is hard to believe that this is an authentic 911 call.  It sounds more like she is participating in some sort of crisis drill or an exercise.  Another question is why or how Adam Lanza would just shoot this woman in the foot and let her live if he was killing practically everyone else he encountered?  If we believe the official story it doesn’t seem as if Lanza was aiming to shoot very many people in their feet.  He was supposedly trying to end the lives of as many people as possible.   

In the call marked as Tape #5 the acting head custodian Rick Thorne is back on the line again.  At around 3:10 into this clip he says that he’s in the middle of a corridor.  Why would anyone if they know there is someone firing a gun at people inside the building continue to just hang out in the middle of a corridor?   There seems to be no sense of urgency what so ever on Rick’s part.  It just doesn’t add up.

In the call marked Tape #6 we hear more from Rick as he reiterates that he is still in the corridor despite the fact that he knows someone is shooting a gun inside the building.  He also says that he is on the line with dispatch.  This is a term that a policeman, a first responder or someone working in government would typically use and is not something an average person would say while they are on the line with a 911 call center.  An average person would say that they are on the phone with 911 or something along those lines.  He even asks the 911 dispatcher to call state police for some reason.  The language he uses gives more credence to the possibility that this might be some sort of policeman or first responder playing the role of the school’s custodian during a drill. 

This Rick Thorne character raises a number of red flags because even though he is a central figure in these 911 call recordings there hasn’t been one single documented interview with this man.  Roughly a year ago this was the biggest media story plastered all over television and not one of the big media outlets was able to track this guy down.  This is despite the fact that some have even said he was a hero for his actions during this alleged event warning everyone that a gunman was coming.  If the shootings happened as is claimed it is absurd that we know almost nothing about him.

Another red flag is that none of these calls provide any sort of description of the supposed shooter.  Even the woman who got shot in the foot doesn’t bother to describe who shot her.  It is totally ridiculous.  There’s also no mention of any dead children or anything.  There’s nothing in these calls that prove an individual matching the description of Adam Lanza was responsible for shooting anyone.

Throughout these calls there are only a few times when Rick Thorne is talking with the 911 dispatcher that popping sounds which may or may not be gun shots can be heard.  The official story states that Adam Lanza fired off over 150 rounds from an AR-15 in the course of 5 minutes so we should have probably heard more gun shots throughout all of these 911 calls.  

One would also think that you might hear sirens in the background especially when it seems as if Rick encounters police in the call marked as Tape #6.  Instead nothing is heard. 

Simply put the 911 call recordings that have been released are incredibly strange and they fail to prove that this supposed mass murder of children ever happened.  There are also other emergency calls that have not yet been released and judging from what is contained in these calls alone it is possible we may never hear them due to the questions they will undoubtedly raise. 

Like other questionable events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the LAX shooting, surveillance footage which could theoretically prove the official narrative has yet to be made available.  Wouldn’t a modern school like Sandy Hook have some sort of security cameras around the premises?  After all, security cameras these days are relatively cheap but yet no footage of Adam Lanza running around the school with an AR-15 rifle has ever been shown.

These clowns even decided to demolish the school before an official police report on the incident was released.  The people performing the demolition were forced to sign strict non-disclosure agreements undoubtedly because what they would see inside the building wouldn’t correlate to the official story.  There's no doubt that they destroyed the building to cover up evidence proving that the official story is completely made up.  If this is not the case, why go through all this trouble to maintain such secrecy?

How about the fact that many of the so-called victim’s family members and parents appear to be actors.  Look at the ridiculous footage of Robbie Parker who is seen smiling and laughing before he begins acting sad and emotional in front of the cameras. 

All of this reeks of a massive cover up to conceal what appears to be a big lie.  There is no reason to believe the official story and this is only a small percentage of the information that brings that story into question.  If you carefully listen to all of the 911 call recordings it becomes obvious why the corporate media is either selectively playing the clips or not playing them at all.  The evidence provided to date proves that the official Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting narrative is a total fabrication.



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