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Sen. Lieberman Urges President Obama to Sign Executive Order to Take Over the Internet

Published: September 27, 2012
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It is more and more brazen  everyday. The political establishment hates our free speech. They hate the fact they no longer have a monopoly on the flow of information nor control the news anymore. The internet and alternative media now dominates the information war. They are losing the Public relations battle where a good majority of the American people have lost faith in the government and now see them as a threat to our freedom and security as a nation.

Even the political elite Zbigneiw Brzezinski and Hillary Clinton stated we have lost the information war. That is because the internet has bypassed the main stream dinosaur media. The major news outlets and newspapers have been losing viewers and readers because they are seen as a propaganda arm. They are losing revenue and are on the verge of collapse because they cannot compete with the alternative media.

The former Democrat and now Independent Senator from Connecticut Joseph Lieberman who is a Israeli duel citizen wants war with Iran. Sen Lieberman is the head Chairmen of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee wants the President to sign the Executive Order to take over the Internet. The White House has sent a five page draft out to certain members of congress. Since the Authoritarians in Congress could not get Internet bills like SOPA and CISPA passed because they kill free speech to pass the Legislation process.

The Government, the mainstream media and the Neo-Con radio has been exposed colluding together to keep people believing in a false paradigm. Rush Limbaugh has been caught having phony phone calls into his radio show to the Media staging an incidents to see an agenda is being blown wide open as a hoax. They cannot sell the war with Iran or Syria. The reason we are in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been discredited. The tactic of false flag attacks has been uncovered. The false left-right, Republican-Democrat  and Liberal-Conservative two party system paradigm is falling apart.

Lets make taking over the internet an election loser like gun control. Touch our guns and the internet. They are out of office. The authoritarians in Washington need to be removed from power. They have shown their true colors, they hate freedom, the hate the right to keep and bear arms. The government taking over the internet show they hate our free speech the most. Freedom of speech will prevail regardless how hard they try to silence us by censoring the Internet.

Our Bill of Rights and the Internet belongs to the people, it is not the governments. Do not lose heart, we are winning to fight for freedom. This tyranny is in the final death throws of an empire collapsing. They are desperate and panicking. The internet will stay free and always be free.

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