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Soros Eyes the South Carolina Obamacare Nullification Movement

Published: May 15, 2013
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Source: Geenville Post, Joshua Cook

Last month, conservative grassroots activists helped pass Rep. Bill Chumley’s bill, the South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act, H.3101 which nullifies aspects of Obamacare.

After the SC House passed this historic bill, Jesse Graston a key grassroots leader said,

“The word is that the Senate thinks it is going to be dead in the water upon arrival there. It’s easy for them to feel so confident in that statement, when they have not yet felt the brunt of all the activism that the House had to endure for the past 3 months. We must be willing to fight for this bill all the way to the Governor’s desk. The only way we win, is by us being willing to be more passionate about defending our liberties, than the other side is about taking them. Let’s get back to work!”

Grassroots activists definitely won a battle last month, but will they win the war?

For many grassroots activists it has been a very difficult struggle.

sorosRecently, ThinkProgress, a left wing publication funded by George Soros attacked H.3101 as an “insidious new form of Obamacare Nullification.” According to the Tenth Amendment Center,

“The Soros-backed ThinkProgress is VERY upset about this part of the bill, because they know that if people don’t participate in the mandate, the federal act is done for.”

Not only have left wing organizations tried to stop the grassroots’ efforts, but many moderate Republican legislators have led the resistance also. After the SC House passed H.3101 to nullify Obamacare, over 70 representatives, including many Republicans, introduced a bill to expand Obamacare.

According the SC Policy Council, “The bill expressly states that the Department of Health and Human Services would create a new program – the Responsible Consumer Health Care Program H.4095 – funded “through Medicaid expansion funds provided pursuant to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

This audacious move by the House triggered red flags for the SC Policy Council (SCPC). Ashley Landess, President of SCPC, is concerned about the language in H.3101 that may give too much power to SC legislators. [See article here.]

 Leaders from the 10th Amendment Center and their legal team responded to the SCPC with an article detailing the ramifications of passing H.3101 or allowing it to fail. [See article here.]


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