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States are using "smart" lighting systems to create a national biometric and vehicle database

Published: March 30, 2016
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A company called Sensity Systems is using "smart" LED lighting called NetSense to set up a national surveillance network.

The name of the new national surveillance network is called SkyNet, i'm joking, it's called NetSense.

"Sensity's NetSense Partner Program is designed to accelerate a global ecosystem for the Industrial Internet of Things ."

"The company [Sensity] targets malls, universities and cities..." 

According to the Daily Mail, "Smart" lights are being touted as security devices that can assist with 'Homeland Security' measures by providing applications like video surveillance and motion sensors.

NetSense enables security solutions in environments such as parking lots and garages, college and corporate campuses, and city streets where there is a need for enhanced security, asset protection and perimeter detection. What they're really saying is, they're quietly installing a nationwide smart LED lighting surveillance system!

Sensity's "smart" LED lights are being installed in airports across the country.

"Using an array of sensors and eight video cameras around the Newark Airport terminal, the Sensity light fixtures are part of a new wireless network that collects and feeds data into software that can spot long lines, recognize license plates and even identify suspicious activity, sending alerts to the appropriate staff."

The airport has installed 171 "smart" LED lighting fixtures, attached to the ceiling, that peer down and record the movements of passengers and staff.

Las Vegas's "smart" LED lights can record people's conversations.

“This technology, you know is taking us to a place where, you know, you’ll essentially be monitored from the moment you leave your home till the moment you get home,” said Daphne Lee.

"At what point do we say this is the land of the free," Lee said. "People have a right to a reasonable amount of privacy."

Cisco and Sensity reveal "smart" lighting is really about revenue enhancement and spying.

"The solution gathers and delivers the data by combining the foundational Smart+Connected Wi-Fi infrastructure with IP cameras, sensors, and smartphone apps. It integrates with enforcement applications, pushing expiration notices to traffic officers for ticketing..."

"NetSense for Parking gives owners and operators the ability to increase parking revenues. Video analytics capabilities include, for example, the detection of loitering, entering forbidden areas, and license plate recognition."

City Benefits

Retail stores are using Cisco & Sensity to track everyone's smartphone Wi-Fi signal.

"Cisco FastRetail analytics solutions help enable information-gathering and assessment of data not only within the store, but across the entire chain, across all layers, using sensors based on the Internet of Everything. You can optimize checkout service levels, monitor out of stocks, track possible shoplifters in real time, and assess supply chain performance."

Is Sensity another DHS front company? You be the judge. 
  1. Sensity is backed by Cisco Systems which has close ties to DHS.
  2. Cisco has an entire page devoted to DHS security. Cicso's SourceFire system is certified by DHS.
  3. Carl De Groote was Cisco's senior director of U.S. sales with DHS. 
  4. In 2014, Sensity was awarded DHS's Safety Act Designation.
  5. Sensity hired former DHS first Secretary Tom Ridge and other DHS employees to work on their Strategic Advisory Board!
DHS employees working with/for corporations is not new, the controversy surrounding Global Security Intelligence Strategies (GSIS) is a perfect example.

GSIS was co-founded by the former director of the Secret Service Mark Sullivan just weeks after Mr. Sullivan retired from the service

"The parade of DHS officials who have left the agency to form a private firm with Mr. Sullivan. Those officials include Dennis K. Burke, a senior adviser to former Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, and David Aguilar, former deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection."

Genetec a company with close ties to DHS has partnered with and Sensity to profit from "smart" lighting surveillance. Clickherehere & here to read about Genetec's close relationship with DHS.

Genetec/Sensity's cameras are being used to spy on everyone attending parades etc.

And finally, beginning in 2008, Cisco has been sponsoring annual 'Community Policing Awards'. These companies are so closely linked to DHS and police it should make everyone's stomach turn.

Private companies with close ties to DHS and the police are turning America into a giant surveillance state!

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