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States use stop sign cameras to make millions

Published: October 11, 2017
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Source: Mass Private I

States across the country are installing Reflex stop sign cameras to increase revenue.

According to a 2012 article in LA Weekly, California's Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) has installed stop sign cameras in seven of their parks.

States are using stop sign cameras to make make millions of dollars.

A recent NBC Los Angeles article, revealed the MRCA uses seven stop sign cameras to make millions.

"According to data obtained by the NBC4 I-Team, more than 97,000 drivers have received a stop sign ticket from the MRCA since 2013. The program has generated almost $7 million dollars for the agency since 2012. The agency says most of the money goes to maintaining the park system."

According to a 2012 MRCA ordinance, stop sign violators and bicyclists will be ticketed, fined and have a lien put on any property they own.

Bicyclists caught going faster than 15 MPH (Section 3.10) can be fined $100-$1000 dollars and could be jailed for six months.

The ordinance warns, that if a bicyclist or motorist fails to pay their speeding tickets their fines will be doubled and a lien could be placed on their property. (See Section 6.1.8)

A 2010 Road Show article warned, stop sign cameras are the new red light cameras.

From California to Alabama states have begun installing stop sign cameras to generate revenue.

"The cameras generated between $80,000 and $100,000 per month in revenue for Center Point, in the less than six months they were operational, back in 2011 and 2012. The cameras were the city's second-highest source of revenue, behind sales taxes."

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Last month I warned everyone that DHS pays police millions to ticket motorists.

What should surprise everyone, is the numerous ways police can ticket motorists.

Police use 'confirmation lights' to ticket motorists

Soon police will use 'confirmation lights' to ticket motorists. 

A recent article in the Bismark Tribune warns, that police in North Dakota are spending $600,000 to install 'confirmation lights' at ninety-seven intersections.

'Confirmation lights' allow police to see if a traffic signal is red or green.

“They are just a light that allows a law enforcement officer, who is at a different point in the intersection, to see when that light is red. Obviously, if you’re still moving forward, you’ve run the red light” Commissioner Nancy Guy said.

Anyone want to guess how they will recoup their $600K?

States are also using school bus, stop sign cameras to increase revenue.

Stop sign cameras mean increased revenue 

States across the country are installing Redflex school bus, stop sign cameras to increase revenue.

"Under Rhode Island state law, Redflex receives 75 percent of all revenue from citations that result in a conviction. Providence receives 12.5 percent and the state gets the other 12.5 percent."

Generally speaking, Redflex and states don't want the public to know how much they make from ticketing motorists.

“Other states vary in percentages between state and municipality but don’t speak to what the vendor gets,” Redflex spokesman Micheal Cavialo said.

In 2008, Redflex bought SmartBus Live to expand it's stop light camera program and boost profits.

"We can now expand our breadth of services to our existing customers and introduce our life-saving programs to new markets around the country” Redflex CEO Tom O'Connor said.

Redflex wants stop sign cameras on every school bus

RedFlex's Student Guardian program is designed to make them millions and put stop sign cameras on every school bus. 

The above video, shows how law enforcement and Redflex are working together to put stop sign cameras on every school bus.

School districts spend tens of millions to outfit buses with stop sign cameras.

School districts have no problem spending millions to make millions off of motorists.

"In a 2012 Dallas Morning News article, Dallas County Schools President Larry Duncan estimated that in the first year the program would bring in almost $11 million in fines, which would cover the cost of installing the cameras on their fleet of buses."

"Dallas County Schools recently said the camera program will be paid for in three years, but to cover all of the costs NBC 5 Investigates discovered they would need to collect even more than that $49 million." 

It doesn't get any plainer than that, states are using stop sign cameras to make millions by ticketing motorists.

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