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Syrian insurgents’ training at a mock up of “Assad’s citadel”: a spring board for American, French and British Special Operation Units

Published: March 7, 2013
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Source: VOR

American, French and British instructors are providing training to Syrian rebels at a camp in the Jordanian desert. Observers say that this camp can be used as a bridgehead for the activities of US special troops in Syria, if Washington finds that Bashar Assad is going to use chemical weapons.

The training camp is located to the north from the Jordan capital of Amman, Corriere Della Sera newspaper reports. It is a mock-up of “Assad’s citadel”. There are 67 buildings, an airport with a passenger liner, an embassy mock-up, roads, a take-off strip and a field firing range. There Western instructors teach rebels of the Free Syrian Army how to fight with anti-tank fire systems, to conduct battles in city conditions, to make ambushes etc.

According to Le Figaro newspaper, the base in Jordan can be used not only as a training facility but also as a spring board for US servicemen from the Delta Force special unit. This unit is deployed not far from the Lebanese capital of Beirut and periodically conducts raids into Syrian territory under the veil of control over chemical weapons warehouses. If Delta Force detects any movement of the chemical weapons it may switch to tough actions and use the base in Jordan for this purpose. At least this is the version the sources in the Middle East told the newspaper’s reporters. But not all the experts believe that the camp in Jordan will be used as a bridgehead. We hear from independent military expert Anton Lavrov.

“It is more important as training facility which enables the opposition to train hundreds and thousands of insurgents. If, as a last resort, Washington decides to interfere it has more opportunities for invasion rather than to do this only from that camp.”

The reports about the Western coalition’s intention to switch to invade Syria have become more frequent recently. But they are not more than a component of the information war, political analyst Stanislav Tarasov says.

“The US diplomats in particular new State Secretary John Kerry are now making attempts to find new partners and to work out a new scenario for the Syrian crisis’ settlement . So are Russian diplomats. Just the other day a phone conversation between Obama and Putin took place on a US initiative. All these facts show that the parties are trying to find a peaceful diplomatic solution to settle the crisis. That is why such media reports are nothing else but a component of psychological information war.”

While the diplomats are working hard, the military are strengthening their positions. Military actions in Syria continue. Since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011, 70,000 people have been killed. Today the Syrian opposition is reporting about its successes in the north of the country and Assad’s supporters are talking about control over the central part. Any new training camps for insurgents near the Syrian border don’t match the picture of the conflict’s peaceful settlement.

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