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The CIA warned Lebanon that al Qaeda was planning an attack in Beirut

Published: July 11, 2013
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Source: Phantom Report

Editor’s Note: What caught my attention was the Syrian Rebel 313 Brigade just happens to share the name of an Al Qaeda outfit operating out of Pakistan/Afghanistan. The offshoot of HuJI , the 313 brigade was established by Ilyas Kashmiri, who was an active participant in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Afghan mujahideen during the  1980′s Soviet-Afghan War, which leads me to believe Ilyas Kashmiri was likely trained by CIA and special operation forces. Ilyas Kashmiri was reportedly killed by a CIA drone strike in Pakistan July 2011, however reports are conflicting to whether or not he is dead or  alive in the tribal regions of Pakistan. It should be also be noted, HUJI operatives have received training at Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate. I have no direct intelligence to confirm the Syrian Rebel 313 Brigade are linked to the Pakistan 313 Brigade, however there are reports stating western intelligence agencies(CIA,MI6, MIT,DGSE) are transporting foreign fighters from Afghanistan and North Waziristan in Pakistan to Turkey where the militants are given weapons,training and conduct combat missions in Syria lead by US,Qatar and Pakistan special operation forces. With the CIA and other western intelligence agencies direct history with Al Qaeda, it is plausible the Syrian Rebel 313 Brigade is an assembly of Al Qaeda operatives from the Pakistan 313 Brigade.

Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism (April 2006).“Country Reports on Terrorism 2005″United States Department of State. Retrieved 21 September 2009.

Qadir, Manzoor (5 March 2012). “Top Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri still alive”The Daily Times. Retrieved 8 March 2012.

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Source: europapress


The CIA warned the Lebanese security agencies that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda was planning an attack in the neighborhood of Bir al Abed Beiruti just two days before the attack executed Tuesday in the area, considered a stronghold of Shiite Hizbullah party-militia , which left at least 50 wounded.

Based on the information published today by the Lebanese newspaper “Al Akhbar”, a member of the CIA in the Arab country gave intelligence data security forces that contained “sensitive information” on the matter.

The report gathered a group linked to al Qaeda had prepared two pumps, each of seven tons, to attack buildings in the area south of the capital using suicide bombers do. Also gathered that the group responsible is active in Syria.

   On Wednesday, Syrian rebel brigade claimed responsibility for the attack, arguing its action citing the involvement of Hezbollah, which is referred to as’ Lebanese Party of Iran, “the conflict in Syria.

The group, which was presented as the 313 Brigade, shares a name with a military unit of Al Qaeda operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but for the moment it is unclear whether it is the same militia.

   “In light of the vicious attacks the patient population of Homs has been the involvement of mercenaries (Hezbollah leader) Hassan Nasrallah, special units of the 313 Brigade executed a car bomb attack,” said the group, which is based in Syria, according to SITE Intelligence Group has collected a specialized agency to track terrorist groups.

Also threatened to strike again on Lebanese territory unless the party-militia stop their military activities in Syria. ”We will attack the headquarters of the Lebanese Party of Iran in Lebanon and anywhere pursue members of this terrorist organization worldwide to stop participating in the Syrian bloodshed” clinched.



A second CIA report stressed that a second group linked to Al Qaeda has infiltrated two tons of explosives in the country to carry out attacks against the army, Hezbollah and the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Ali Awadh Asiri and Abdul at the Qinaii, respectively. Other objectives would be Chinese and Russian diplomats in the country.

Finally, a third report provides detailed information about the leader of an armed group responsible for the firing of rockets into the Lebanese town of Baalbek. The suspect is leading the rebels in the countryside of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Dozens of bullets fired by armed opposition groups have impacted in various parts of the Bekaa Valley after the rebels would ensure that they would respond against party-military targets on Lebanese territory for his role in the conflict.

   Hezbollah involvement on the side of government forces in the battle for Quseir, of great strategic importance, eventually tip the balance in favor of regular troops, who seized control of the city on Wednesday after weeks of fighting.

Training held during the conflict in Syria to support President Bashar al Assad, and has publicly advocated the political resolution of the conflict and the introduction of democratic reforms in the country. However, in recent months has been to take an active part in the fighting on the side of the security forces.

In late May, Nasrallah said that the training is ready to take “all the sacrifices and consequences” of his “involvement” in the Syrian conflict and denounced the political and economic warfare launched against the Government of Al Assad.

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