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The Great Marijuana Debate -- Your Life May Depend on it

Published: June 17, 2017
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"Good people don't smoke Marijuana" - *Attorney General Jeff Sessions

"Mr Sessions stands against an overwhelming majority of Americans and even, sadly, against veterans and other people who we now know conclusively are helped dramatically by Medical Marijuana". - *Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

"Medical Marijuana in it's natural form is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man."- *DEA Judge Francis Young- 1988

If I didn't know better, after reading Attorney General Jeff Sessions uneducated and incredibly ignorant views on the issue of Marijuana legalization, whether medical or recreational, I would have thought that he'd had a close friend or family member who had died of a Marijuana overdose. But I do know better, and so do most Americans. Does Jeff Sessions know better? Sadly, I'm not sure he does. Mr Sessions has always claimed to be a strong supporter of states rights, as has Trump. Trump said on the campaign trail that Marijuana was a states rights issue, and that as President it would remain so. Earlier this year Sessions told members of Congress that he would not be going after States with legal Cannabis. That has apparently changed. Sessions recently sent a letter to Congress, In which he urged members not to renew the 2014 Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which prevents the Department of Justice from spending federal funds to interfere with state laws on the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of Cannabis. Despite Sessions claim as a warrior for states rights and the will of the people, he is linking Medical Cannabis to the Opioid crisis, and says Americans need to just say no, or else. Sessions says, "the department must be in a position to combat transnational drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives." I'm not sure Mr Sessions understands how states with legal medical or recreational Cannabis operate. Sessions claims he needs prosecutorial powers, because Marijuana is a horrible drug, fueling a " historic drug epidemic," and apparently he wants to save us from ourselves.

Eight States have legalized recreational use of Marijuana, and 29 States have some form of Medical Marijuana laws on the books. Mr Sessions, who has been a shill for big Tobacco, has argued that "Marijuana is only slightly worse than Heroin." After Sessions run for the Senate in 1996, it was found that RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company had sent the campaign so much money that they they had exceeded the legal limit, and had had to send some back. Sessions has also received tens of thousands of dollars from the alcohol industry over the years. The National Academy of Sciences and Medicine has rejected the notion that Marijuana is a gateway to other illicit drugs, so why does Sessions keep saying it. All of his rhetoric sounds like some post "Reefer Madness", cold war era political stooge, owned by big alcohol, big Pharma and the private prison industry. Instead the evidence shows that people are substituting Marijuana for Opioids to manage their pain, with much lower rates of overdoses in states that allow Medical Marijuana. Veterans are turning to Cannabis to treat their PTSD, and just saying no to government approved pharmaceuticals. Another Sessions talking point is crime associated with Pot. A year after legalization, crime in Colorado was down across the board.

Mr Sessions crusade against legal Cannabis isn't just disingenuous, it is cruel and irresponsible. Sessions said recently that he is surprised that more Americans aren't embracing his stance on weed. He should know that a recent Quinnipiac poll showed 94% of respondents approve of doctor prescribed Pot. That is the highest number yet in a poll of this kind. In Jeff Sessions home state of Alabama, an April, 2017 poll showed 86% of respondents are in favor of legalizing Marijuana for recreational use. 92% said they believe alcohol to be worse than Pot. As of 2016, Alabama law didn't allow initiatives or referendums. The Alabama Legislature recently voted down "Carly's Bill", that would have legalized the use of CBD Oil, that contains little or no THC. How, in this age of the internet can politicians be so out of touch? Mr Sessions doesn't believe that Marijuana has any medicinal value at all, but US Patent # 6630507 was recently granted to the Department of Health and Human Services. Attorney Sam Mendez, an intellectual property and public policy Lawyer, says it shows a certain

amount of hypocrisy from a government that still maintains Cannabis has no medicinal value. If Trump wants to assure victory in 4 years he should legalize Marijuana and send Sessions back to 1950 where he belongs

Lee Carroll Brooker is a 77 year old Alabama resident, and a disabled veteran. Bowman was growing weed on land owned by his son, to deal with chronic pain, and to get off of his doctor prescribed, and Jeff Sessions approved drugs . Bowman was arrested in 2014 and sentenced to a mandatory life sentence for growing weed. His son was also arrested, and received a sentence of 5 years probation. Because Bowman had prior convictions in the state decades ago, he qualified for the mandatory life sentence, even though there was no evidence he was selling the weed. In April, 2016, the Supreme Court refused to hear Bowman's appeal of this harsh sentence. This must please Sessions and his pals in the private prison industry. Some of Trump and Session's biggest supporters for the Presidency were for profit prison operators. One of the few things Obama got right was ordering the Justice Department to begin phasing out private prison contracts. Recently, private prison industry giant GEO, and another private prison operator Core Civic, each gave $250K to the Trump campaign. In Sessions financial filing dated December 23, 2016, he disclosed numerous accounts with Vanguard Investments, which owns more private prison stock than any other investment management company.

Marijuana has always been characterized as dangerous, unhealthy and destructive, despite a long history of medicinal efficacy. During the reign of Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, 5000 years ago, Marijuana was used as medicine. A 3700 year old Egyptian papyrus contained medical references to Marijuana and it's healing properties. Around 1450 BC holy anointing oil was described in the original Hebrew version of Exodus. It detailed how Cannabis oil was mixed into jars of Olive oil along with fragrant herbs and used as anointing oil. Cannabis oil was found on the mummy of King Ramses II, who died in 1213 BC. in ancient Egypt and India Cannabis was used to treat ailments like Rheumatism, Gout, Glaucoma, Nausea, Dysentery, joint pain and labor pains among others. Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was said to have lived for 6 years on Hemp seeds alone. When Napoleon's Army left Egypt they took Cannabis with them back to Europe, and over a hundred years ago you could buy Cannabis Oil from the Sears Catalog. An early seventies Harvard Study showed that Cannabis killed Cancer Cells, but because of the ongoing demonization of Pot, further study was always discouraged. Harvard Professor, Lester Grinspoon has studied Cannabis and it's effects for 50 years, and was good friends with astrophysicist and avid Pot smoker, Carl Sagan. Grinspoon attests that Cannabis is non toxic, non addictive and does not cause psychosis or schizophrenia, as some have claimed. This is the dangerous drug Mr Sessions and his ilk are trying to save us from?

Kelly Hauf was diagnosed in 1990 with 2 tumors, one smaller, and a larger one on the frontal lobe of her brain. Surgery was successfully performed and neither Chemotherapy nor radiation were recommended. It was decided that they would monitor her with an MRI every 3 months. The tumor did return, and her surgeon recommended 4 to 6 months of Chemotherapy. The Chemo didn't work, and another surgery would have to be scheduled. she was prescribed anti seizure medication, but because of problems with the medication, she looked for an alternative. She found that people were having success with Cannabis Oil for seizures, as well as Cancer treatment. Because she lives in a state where Cannabis is illegal, she and her husband planned to stay with their adult daughter in California for the 90 days of Cannabis Oil treatment. After the 90 days of treatment, she went back for her next MRI. While the larger tumor was still there, it looked smaller, and the smaller tumor was gone. Encouraged, she continued her treatment, increasing her tolerance and her dosage. After 8 months of treatment, her doctors were amazed. Her MRI was reviewed by her Oncologist, a leading Radiologist and a renowned Brain Surgeon, and it was discovered the tumor was completely gone. Today Kelly is Cancer free, and while diet and exercise were part of her treatment, Kelly credits Cannabis Oil with her recovery.

Doug Bench is a retired former judge from Florida. During his time as a judge, Bench sentenced 311 Marijuana offenders to jail. When he was diagnosed with Stage 4 COPD, he knew his options were limited. Modern medicine offers no hope for those with COPD. His doctor gave him 2 to 3 years to live, and told him his condition would continue to worsen. When Doug's wife suggested Cannabis Oil, he rejected the idea at first, but came around when she threatened to leave him. He had a home in Colorado, and was able to obtain the oil with no problem. He was amazed at how quickly the oil began working. His COPD is in remission, and he has become an advocate for Medical Marijuana legalization.

One of the pioneers of Medical Marijuana in the state of Oregon, Dr Phil Leveque, has prescribed Cannabis for over 5000 patients. He stated, "Marijuana is one of the best bronchodilators, much better than any other class of drug. For respiratory diseases like Asthma and COPD Marijuana can be life saving." Dr Leveque also nixed the notion that smoking Marijuana was bad for the lungs, claiming Cannabinoids are beneficial to Lung Tissue, and smoking Pot can actually improve Lung function.

There are thousands of these stories out there. Cannabis Oil is helping people with a number of serious and life threatening maladies. Recent studies have shown that Cannabis Oil may slow the progression of Alzheimer's, and the oil is being used to treat Autistic children with incredible success. Michael J Fox posted a testimonial on youtube about how Cannabis Oil has helped alleviate his symptoms from Parkinson's Disease. Cannabis Oil must be made available to everyone who needs it. New VA Secretary David Shulkin in an interview this week said, he believes Marijuana could help veterans with PTSD. Unfortunately he must follow federal law, and Sessions is making progress in this area impossible. Trump vowed to help veterans, and instead he is doing grave damage. 22 vets a month kill themselves and many others are being arrested for treating their PTSD with Cannabis in states where it is still illegal. Look up the Rick Simpson Protocol on youtube and learn how to safely make the oil at home. We have to make it accessible to people in every state. Cannabis is a God given wonder drug that is being suppressed by imbecilic politico's in Washington. Cancer rates are on the rise and our options for survival should not be limited by ignorant politicians and fussy fundamentalists like Attorney General, Jeff Sessions

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