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The IRS Has Proven Once Again That They Are A Domestic Terrorist Organization

Published: May 21, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

The Internal Revenue Service is a domestic terrorist organization. They have terrorized millions of Americans as part of an effort to scare them into paying an unlawful and unethical tax on their labor called the Federal Income Tax. The recent scandal involving the IRS specifically targeting various patriot and tea party groups who applied for 501(c)(4) tax exempt status is outrageous but really only represents a small portion of their criminal activity.

For anyone not familiar with the nature of the scandal, the IRS has admitted that it made it difficult if not impossible for specific organizations related to tea party and patriot causes to achieve 501(c)(4) status. The IRS was actually requiring these groups to provide them with all sorts of ridiculous information including social media postings, donor lists and even reading lists as part of the application process. Some of these groups have reported that the IRS took years to process their applications. Other groups gave up seeking tax exempt status when faced with the absurd requirements and lengthy application times.

Despite making it difficult for these particular organizations to achieve 501(c)(4) status, groups supportive of the Obama regime had none of these troubles over the same period of time. Take for example the illegally run charity group started by Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik. The organization called the Barack H. Obama Foundation had its application for tax exemption processed in roughly a month. Even more outrageous is the fact that the IRS approved retro-active tax exemptions for the so-called charitable foundation.

In addition to this criminal activity, there was even a case of a local journalist getting harassed by the IRS after conducting an interview with Barack Obama that apparently contained some tougher than usual questions. Other highly credible individuals have also come forward providing a variety of accounts detailing how the IRS harassed them for political reasons. There is little doubt based upon the IRS’s own admissions and anecdotal accounts that the Obama regime used the IRS as a way to target their political enemies. These activities coupled with all the other scandals surrounding the White House should lead to impeachment and land a number of people in jail.

Acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller who has now been forced to resign responded to questions related to this scandal by saying “mistakes were made.” This seems to be a popular response from government cronies who get caught engaging in criminal activity. Obviously this response is completely absurd and ridiculous. If the average person decides that they won't pay the so-called Federal Income Tax does anyone think the IRS would let them off the hook if they just said that mistakes were made? The IRS would laugh at someone who tried to justify not paying their taxes with a statement like that. On the other hand, if you are a high level authority figure in government you can justify criminal activity by saying that it was all just one big mistake.

It is comical to see all of these politicians talk about how shocked they are that the IRS would engage in this sort of activity. Are they really that naïve? For years, the IRS has been terrorizing the American people into paying the Federal Income Tax when there is no law requiring them to do so. Not only that but income as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court is defined as profits or gains derived from corporate activity (1920 - Eisner v. Macomber). The U.S. Supreme Court has even said that income is not synonymous with a person’s individual labor because a person’s labor is their own property (1915 - Coppage v. Kansas). Therefore when an individual uses their labor and receives payment for that labor, it is an exchange and that is not synonymous with taxable income. Most of the money that gets collected by the IRS from this unlawful tax goes to pay interest on the national debt which is all based on money that is created out of thin air. It is nothing more than a government sanctioned Ponzi scheme that is designed to financially enslave people.

It is worth noting that requiring people to file an income tax return is a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment. It forces people to provide information to the government that could potentially be used to incriminate themselves. In essence if a person’s tax return is not 100% in line with government regulations that information can be used to fine or even jail that individual. This process completely contradicts the principles of the Fifth Amendment in every way shape and form possible. It makes it all the more ridiculous that Lois Lerner one of the top IRS employees at the center of the scandal will invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any questions before a Congressional committee. Here we have a person who has no problem working for an institution that denies the American people their Fifth Amendment rights but conveniently decides to invoke it when she finds herself in trouble. This is the type of hypocritical person that deserves to rot in a jail cell for a very long time.

What's important to understand is that these are not some theories from tax protesters as the propaganda in the corporate media suggests. These are inconvenient facts that the IRS and the complicit corporate media dismiss as crazy talk. Even if you don’t believe that these interpretations are correct, it is undeniable that the Federal Income Tax and how it is enforced is entirely unethical. It has empowered an enormous bureaucracy to selectively ruin and destroy people.

Even tax professionals have a difficult time understanding the rules and regulations surrounding the tax code. Amazingly, this is actually understandable considering that there’s well over 1,000 pages worth of regulatory babble that someone has to sift through to even have a remote understanding of it. Even people who have worked at the IRS for years don’t have a full understanding of the tax code. With this in mind, there is no possible way that any of this can be enforced fairly even if we were to assume that the people at the IRS all have the best intentions. We obviously know based upon this on-going scandal that this is not the case which makes it even more important to raise awareness of this corrupt system.

If this system is not corrupt than why do multi-billion dollar corporations like Apple, General Electric and Google pay little to no taxes on their profits? Specifically it is now being reported through a U.S. Senate investigation that Apple may have sheltered up to $44 billion from taxation. Compare this to the average person who has a large percentage of their wages confiscated and the number of small businesses who get served with intrusive tax-audits. If this doesn't reveal the obvious lack of fairness in the tax system than nothing will.

There should be no doubt that based upon this on-going scandal and the facts surrounding the illegality of the Federal Income Tax that the IRS should be considered a domestic terrorist organization by the American people. This scandal is undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg as far as crime and corruption at the IRS goes so it will be interesting to see what else we learn about this situation throughout the next few days and weeks.

What the American people need to understand is that the United States did very well economically without the Federal Income Tax or the IRS throughout the 19th century. There is little doubt that the country would be best served by eliminating the Federal Income Tax and abolishing the IRS. Unfortunately, the clowns in power regardless of political party don’t seem interested in entertaining this possibility. Apparently having the IRS as a tool of political oppression and unlawful revenue generation is something the empty suits in Washington DC don’t want to give up just yet.

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