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The TSA Precheck Program Is Another Government Sanctioned Fraud

Published: November 21, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

The TSA precheck system which has been sold to the public as a way for people to bypass body scanners and government sanctioned molestations is another fraud.  Even if you go through the process of signing up to be eligible to go through TSA precheck security lines there is nothing to stop the TSA from randomly taking you out of a precheck line and forcing you through a body scanner.  Here’s the fine print located on the TSA’s own web site.

TSA will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport and no individual will be guaranteed expedited screening in order to retain a certain element of randomness to prevent terrorists from gaming the system.

What it fails to mention is that the only terrorists in U.S. airports these days are the ones wearing blue uniforms with the letters TSA on them.  The TSA has yet to stop any so-called terrorist attacks throughout its entire existence.  In fact they are the one’s doing all of the terrorizing considering the countless horror stories that travellers have reported in dealing with them over the years.  Not only that but nearly every so-called domestic terrorist attack has either been staged or has been a manufactured operation by the FBI.

I was already aware of the TSA precheck caveat but since I have to fly for work semi-frequently I decided to sign up anyway to see if it was actually worthwhile.  I signed up for the Global Entry program which automatically makes you eligible to go through TSA precheck security lines.  I figured that by doing this I’d be able to avoid the body scanners most of the times I fly and my chances of being randomly selected for additional screening would probably be low. 

The European Union has forbid the use of the body scanners currently in use around U.S. airports because they could potentially subject the public to health and safety problems.  There are also many other questions surrounding the safety of these devices which is why when I fly I choose not to go through them.  As disgusting as the grope downs are, it is a preferable alternative to being radiated by the body scanner machines.  Nobody really knows how much radiation these machines are pumping into our bodies and I sure as hell am not going to trust the companies which make these body scanners to provide accurate answers.  After all, the criminal Zionist Jew and dual Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff was involved with Rapiscan one of the manufacturers of these devices.  With that said, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t place a whole lot of trust in the companies that make these products.

I also figured that since I’ve been incredibly vocal about my hatred of the federal government and their insane policies for the past seven years, that these clowns probably already knew most everything about me any way.  So giving them my information at this point is inconsequential.  Besides, it is now a widely accepted fact that the NSA has illegally collected an untold amount of data and information on us.  There’s little doubt that they already have extensive dossiers on the most outspoken critics of the federal government. 

After paying a $100 processing fee and providing a bunch of personal information I scheduled the required interview at Boston’s Logan International Airport.  The interviewing agent was skeptical about a previous arrest I didn’t report on the form based on a misunderstanding of what they were asking for on the application.  Apparently it is OK for the government to lie endlessly about everything they do but god forbid if they think you aren’t being 100% truthful when filling out a government form.  The hypocritical double standard is beyond belief but that’s par for course when dealing with the federal government.   Besides this small snafu the process went smoothly and they accepted me into the program as I met all of the qualifying standards.        

The first time I went through a TSA precheck line was when I was flying back from Denver after a week of hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  Things actually went well and it was basically like airport security before the 9/11 attacks.  You didn’t have to take your laptop out of your bag, you didn’t have to take your shoes off and you could just go through a metal detector.  At least these procedures are reasonable unlike the current farce that is in place with the regular security lines in which every air traveller is treated like a prisoner.  

Things didn’t go quite as well when I flew out of Boston overseas to London a few weeks ago.  I was waiting in the TSA precheck line and one of the TSA goons randomly selected me to go through a second line which only had a body scanner.  Needless to say this really pissed me off.  The only reason I signed up to be eligible for the TSA precheck lines was so I could avoid the radiation machines and not have to get my groin groped just to board an aircraft.  Of course only the second time I go through a precheck line they want to put me through a body scanner.  I don’t necessarily believe that this was a conspiracy of some kind but I still thought it was a bunch of bull shit.  After objecting to this angrily they still would not allow me back in the regular precheck line.  Of course if I didn’t go through the body scanner line than they told me that they would view that as me refusing security.  

Once I got to the body scanner I refused to go through it and was subjected to the standard government mandated molestation.  I told them that their policies were for the purpose of enslaving the general population and that the war on terror was bull shit.  My rantings were loud enough where I had nearly every person in the security area staring at me like I was some sort of mad man for protesting what is obviously a completely bull shit policy.  It just goes to show you what a bunch of god damn zombies everybody is.  If everybody protested this shit than the TSA would be forced to modify these policies.  Instead, everybody just accepts all of this like it is normal which is why the policies continue.  Even the TSA thugs seemed surprised that somebody was questioning them.  It is obvious that none of these people have any concept of what the Fourth Amendment is because what they are doing does not constitute a reasonable search of any kind.

During my rant they threatened to have me removed from precheck eligibility which didn’t matter to me all that much because the purpose of having it was already defeated.  Finally after they were confident enough that I didn’t have a bomb jammed up my asshole they let me through the checkpoint.  They told me I could file a complaint which is a joke since complaints directed towards any federal government agency always fall on deaf ears.  After all, look at the criminal scum we have occupying positions of powers in Washington DC.  It is nothing more than a gaggle of traitors who should be charged and convicted of high crimes and treason.  A lot of them are lucky that they aren’t being strung up on traffic lights by their necks.

I think my experience proves that the TSA precheck program is just another fraud courtesy of the federal government.  If you pay the $100 processing fee, go in person for an interview and voluntarily submit information about yourself there is no reason why you should be randomly subjected to this type of shit.  The fact that I was subjected to additional screening only the second time I went through a precheck line is ridiculous.  These policies are counterproductive and will only create a larger amount of people who will seek retribution against the government.  It is literally designed to create enemies who can than later be demonized as terrorists. 

It should be interesting to see if these clowns randomly select me for additional screening the next time I fly and go through a precheck line.  If they do than I will assume that they have done this intentionally.  After opting out of the body scanner perhaps I’ll just have an accidental bladder discharge in my pants.  We’ll see how eager they are to inspect my crotch for an explosive device after that. 

In closing, there is no doubt that the TSA is one of the biggest jokes in America and you should feel far less safe with these government goon squads manning security checkpoints.  The federal government has put terrorists in charge of airport security and it doesn't look as if the status quo will change anytime soon.   


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