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The US and Israel Following Globalist Script for the Post-Assad Syria

Published: July 27, 2012
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The mainstream media is reporting that Israelis are rushing out to purchase government-issued gas masks out of fear that Syria will attack them with chemical weapons. It has been assumed that Assad has stockpiles of mustard and nerve gas and Israeli officials are decrying that they will be given to Islamic militants via Hezbollah should the Syrian government fall under a forced regime change.

Ehud Barak, Israeli Defense Minister and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, are asserting that Syria is targeting Israel and requested that Israeli military prepare for this supposed attack.

The psy-op of Operation Damascus Volcano was coordinated with bombings in Damascus committed by the CIA backed Free Syrian Army (FSA). This attack was followed by the usurpation of satellite channels that broadcast fake reports about the militia’s offensive stance against the Syrian government.

While at the UN Security Council (UNSC), Russian and China were condemned for their position against the US/Israeli desire to strike Syria.

In Turkey, where the CIA have been training and arming the FSA, the efforts to undermine the Syrian government have resulted in a violent campaign between the Turkish government and Kurdish rebels.

Propaganda surrounding Obama’s establishment of “safe zones” in Syria and the outright governmental officials admitting that options for a force regime change are being discussed by the US, the Syrian National Council and globalist think-tanks.

The allocation of a “no-fly zone” with the consultation of the US Congress in conjunction with “regional partners” to create aerial centers of patrol to ensure that provoked aggression by Assad is the cause for further military force and justification for the FSA’s continued attacks.

The magazine Foreign Policy, an outreach of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is admitting that the US State Department funded US Institute of Peace (USIP) is “quietly planning for a post-Assad Syria”. This plot was well thought out and is being implemented under the global Elite’s march toward global domination and ultimate governmental control in the Middle East.

With support of the US government the USIP is rewriting the Syrian constitution as a “transition strategy document”.

Through Turkey “weapons are ferried into Syria, delivered by Turkish military trucks and picked up by fighters on the other side in the dead of night.”

Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are providing money and weapons to militants that are working with the US government in a covert invasion operation . The purpose is to undermine Assad while the UNSC formulates plans for a “political transition and establishment of a democratic government in Syria.”

Ultimately, it has been decided that the US State Department and the Syrian National Council will control Syria . As of now, they are involved in a strategic divide and conquer mission. In the future, as Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has stated , the geopolitical objective is to turn fake humanitarian efforts by the UN’s Kofi Annan while establishing international mandate that will end in the globalist control over this region.

It may be safe to say that Bassma Komandi, who is head of the Syrian National Council and attendee of the latest Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, would be put into power after Assad is forced out. Komandi, will take her direction from Clinton, who gets her orders from the CFR, and through puppeteering, the global Elite will run the Syrian government.

The false flag assertion of Syrian chemical weapons is giving the general public the necessary fuel to support the US/Israeli military attack of Syria. It is being kept secret from the general public with the assistance of the MSM that the murder of Syrian civilians is being committed by the FSA under the direction of the CIA, the script being played out to keep Assad’s armies under foot with “little chance of turning defeat into victory.”

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