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US Now Has Over 1,400 Foreign Military Bases Spread Over 120 Countries

Published: September 10, 2015
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By Robert Barsocchini, DirtyTruths


In an interview about his new book detailing cables published by Wikileaks, Julian Assange makes the following key points:

  • Cables show current US policy on Syria is essentially an extension of the policy of the W. Bush regime, which made plans in 2006, five years before the Syrian revolt, to overthrow the government.  The US planned to instigate a revolt, through methods including spreading propaganda to foster sectarianism, as the US did in Iraq.  US planned to instill “paranoia” in the Syrian government to “push it to overreact” at any sign of a coup attempt.  Hence, the violence that occurred in 2011 was, from the US perspective, an optimal result and big step towards regime change, still being sought, with the result being hundreds of thousands dead and millions of refugees.  (Syria is one of the seven countries the Bush regime planned to “take out“, according to a high-ranking inside source.  Readers should further note that the US and UK have been trying to conquer and install a puppet regime in Syria since at least 1948.)
  • The interviewer points out that the book details “genocidal US policy right around the world, from Latin America to Asia” and asks how “all the torture and killing” complements US commercial interests (the propaganda term being “the free market”).  Assange says the cables document the US government acting as sales rep and to “secure advantageous deals and structures” for the “largest US companies”, such as Boeing and Monsanto.  The “modern empire” used for these tasks consists of “more than 1,400 US military bases in over 120 countries”.  The interests being represented are not those of the average US citizen, but companies that can get close enough to the government (accomplished via bribery) to be influential.  (Readers will remember this dynamic is documented by meticulous professional study.)
  • Ongoing US policy is to use “unconventional warfare”, meaning the use of “surrogate forces”, proxies, to overthrow governments.  The US employs all of its arms and agencies in these pursuits, from military to intelligence to commercial to financial, including agencies such as the IMF and USAID, pushing them in tandem against the target country.
  • US tries to subvert the International Criminal Court by preventing extradition of US nationals for war crimes and other violations, and keeps the court focused on prosecuting Africans (no surprise given US domestic behaviors and histories).
  • Though some integration is occurring to attempt to counter-balance US power, for example along the Silk Road, the US should not be underestimated, as no other country has anything remotely like “1,400 military bases”.  (Russia has about 12 and China 0; the US is currently trying to eliminate Russian bases in Syria, and recently tried to eliminate the Russian base in Crimea).  While after WW2 the US controlled 50% of the world’s wealth, that is now down to about 40%; US military spending is down from about 50% of global total to about 40%; however, the US “intelligence” budget is up to 60% of the world’s total; (the US is known to spy on essentially the world’s entire population).
  • Obama has prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all previous presidents combined.  Chelsea Manning’s 35-year sentence is longer than that of any other person related to the US invasion of Iraq.  Edward Snowden is “not safe” in the US or any US ally.

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