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Voting Problems...

Published: November 6, 2012
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Vote Check Mark 2012 Presidential Election

Fraudsters, Hackers, Thugs, and More. 

Roundup: Voter irregularities
VoteTracker: Here is a partial look at reported incidents of voter registration and election irregularities, with links to full stories on the issue.

At The Polls: Who Is Stealing Your Vote?
Theft is usually a personal tragedy, but when an election is stolen, it’s a national one.
Voter fraud numbers are staggering. Forty-six states have prosecuted vote fraud cases in the past decade, which collectively number in the thousands. Thousands more likely have gone unprosecuted.


Hacker Rigs Electronic Voting Machine with $30 Worth of Parts From ...
Hot Hardware-by Paul Lilly What has us worried is an article in Popular Science that reveals just how incredibly easy and inexpensive it is to rig a voting machine. 


OSCE Will Monitor US Election, Despite Texas Threats
Huffington Post-by Joshua Hersh - The OSCE is not a U.N. organization and has no affiliation with the ... poll monitors, he noted that those laws violate U.S. commitments to hold ...


Election Day: Intimidation, Irregularities, and Broken Machines
The group said voting machines were crashing, polling places opened late, and workers were illegally demanding identification. It's unclear ...

Ohio Candidate Sues to Block Electronic Voting Machines
-Electronic voting machines being used by Ohio in today's election contain a software “back door” that could allow manipulation of the results, ...

Election 2012: Long lines, sporadic machine snags in US election (KNXV-TV)
-Long lines and sporadic problems with voting machines caused snags in some key states during Tuesday's closely watched U.S. election.

Electronic ballot boxes malfunctioning across Flint; city clerk says it ...
-FLINT, MI -- Ballot scanners were breaking down in precincts across Flint Tuesday, Nov. 6, as long lines of voters snaked into their polling ...

Are Voting Machines Rigged in Favor of Romney? -
A voter in Pennsylvania posted a video of possibly damning evidence of miscalibrated or purposefully rigged voting machines that favor Mitt ...

Long lines, glitches galore as America votes
New York Daily News
-In the Grayson County a poll worker made a mistake setting up voting machines at one precinct. Malfunctioning ballot counting machines were ...

Some NC Touch Screen Voting Machines Cast Wrong Ballots
The Raleigh Telegram-In Greensboro, North Carolina problems first surfaced at early voting machines at the Bur-Mil Park. A voter complained that they tried to vote for...

Voters report problems with stubs, electronic voting machines
The Desert Sun (blog)-by Brian Indrelunas-A voter tells us that he wanted to vote for President Barack Obama, but an electronic voting machine at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm ... 

Voting machine snafu leads to voters not casting ballots
LAMBERTVILLE --- Approximately 100 early morning voters at a Bedford Township polling location reportedly were unable to cast their ballot ... In Ohio, a Debate Over

Problems Voters Could Face at the Polls
As the polls open in the all important swing state of Ohio, some watchdog groups are worried voters will see tactics intended to suppress their vote, including registration problems, poor voting place organization and aggressive poll watchers.

New Jersey voters report problems with e-mail and fax voting, at ...
The Star-Ledger - Jersey voters at the polls or hoping to vote today are reporting problems on social media, including not receiving ballots with the e-mail ...

Florida vote problems don't wait for Election Day
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — With lawsuits, long lines and a final burst of chaos during early voting, Florida is once again living up to its ... 


Ohio Secretary of State Removes Democratic Members of Election Board for Supporting Weekend Voting

Ohio GOP Admits Early Voting Cutbacks Are Racially Motivated
Earlier this month I reported how Ohio Republicans were limiting early voting hours in Democratic counties, while expanding them on nights and weekends in Republican counties.

Lawsuit: Ohio voting machines could alter votes.
San Francisco Chronicle-COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An election-eve lawsuit filed Monday alleges that software in some Ohio voting machines makes the machines ...

The e-voting lawsuit that could decide the election
In Columbus, Ohio, 9:00am Election Day marks the opening of a federal adjudication that could decide who next occupies the White House.

Allegation of unions putting illegal immigrants on voter rolls clouds Nevada voting
Just hours before voters go to the polls in the battleground state of Nevada, a national group has announced it plans to file a complaint regarding illegal immigrants purportedly being allowed to vote.

Nov. 7 Nightmares: When Voting Goes Bad
As Americans count the hours until the election is over, thousands of lawyers for the Obama and Romney campaigns are preparing for the possibility that the counting of votes will stretch well beyond Tuesday night.

New Uncertified, "experimental" Software Put On Ohio Voting Machines
“Before you add new software, you need approval of a state board,” says Arnebeck. “They are installing an uncertified, suspect software patch that interfaces between the county’s vote tabulation equipment and state tabulators.”

YouTube blocks video of Diebold Vote Fraud on copyright grounds.

Equipment malfunctions at elections office
Registered voters in Palm Beach County still have the option to cast their ballot before Tuesday's ...

The 'perfect storm' of technicalities that could delay election results..
A half-dozen problems are at the top of the list for political analysts, who are zoning in on new voter identification requirements and provisional ...

FLASHBACK - Remote Vote Tampering Attack on a Sequoia AVC Voting Machine by Argonne National Labs

FLASHBACK - Proven voting fraud! Gov't programmer testifies voting machines are rigging elections

FLASHBACK - Rigged Voting Machines!!!

Editors Note: We will be updating this post with stories as the day goes on.
Feel free to leave links and comments below!

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