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What Actually Are or Will Be Obama’s Foreign Policies in the Vampire-Empire?

Published: February 7, 2013
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By Michael S. Rozeff
The LRC Blog

John Brennan is going in as CIA chief. Kerry is going in at State. Brennan’s views on foreign policy are in this article. He’d continue the war on terror without calling it as such, which is an Obama policy already, and he’d ramp up U.S. military advisors in many countries plus all other sorts of foreign aid, and this is also already an Obama policy. Obama stands for war-making, drones, military support of select groups, and subversion plus more “social-democratic” aid type activities.

In short, the American leadership wants to continue engaging American forces, diplomats, and supporting bureaucracies in a large number of foreign countries. Obama’s policy is adopt-a-country. His policy extends the government’s domestic paternalism into foreign paternalism. The modern Liberal idea, around now since 1932, that supposedly justifies Big Government is Social Meliorism through government paternalism. Obama and Brennan purport to believe (and maybe really do believe) in extending this idea to Political and Social Meliorism through a combination of military force, military aid, military training, financial support of select persons and groups, and foreign aid. They want to bolster various states and their governments by interjecting these American funds, bureaucracies and forces. This Political and Social Meliorism is actually part and parcel of American Empire.

No matter what they believe, what this Meliorism and Empire amount to, beside all their destructive effects, is a big tax on productive working Americans. This tax goes straight into the hands of all those persons, groups, NGOs, government officials, bureaucrats, corporations, armed service personnel, defense companies, armaments manufacturers, electronics developers, planners, aides, rebels, communications people, educators doing studies, advisors, contractors, food suppliers, construction personnel, and on and on who execute or do the actual work of the Empire in these activities and lands.

Whatever these foreign policies are called and however their perpetrators attempt to justify them with high-sounding rhetoric, they are just one huge rip-off of working Americans. The wealth of Americans is being transferred by the force of taxation into the hands of these parasites. The rip-off is like a vampire who silently drains the blood of its victims, weakening them, in order to prolong its own filthy life. The victims don’t even know they are being drained. Van Helsing, where are you with your cross and stake? We need to drive a stake through the heart of the vampire-Empire.

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