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White South Africans are dying and Twitter is actively censoring it.

Published: June 19, 2017
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Source: Medium

The Witkruismonument outside Polokwane, a series of crosses erected in memory of murdered South African farmers

A long time ago I read the 600+ pages of the atrocities commited during Pinochet’s dictartorship. I’m no leftie and I know of the recurrent memes off throwing commies of helicopters, but these were the most atrocious acts I had ever heard off. In my own country. I won’t go into detail because of the horrific nature, but I remember that sensation going through my spine while reading it, it’s very distinct, and I hoped to never feel it again. But someone mentioned South Africa…

I went to look, it was hard to find the stories on local websites, but I noticed a trend, the few I found were all refered to as ‘farm attacks’, so I looked that up. I saw daily acts of torture, rape, theft and murder commited against white farmers, and their employees as well, apparently befriending or working for a white person is the deadliest choice a black person can make in South Africa.

‘62 year old woman tortured with power drill’, ‘Entire family shot dead’, ‘Man dies of his wounds after blowtorch torture’, ‘the entire Potgieter family, including 2-year-old Wilmien, was savagely tortured to death’, ‘The attackers also went for his wife, raping her and assaulting her before throwing her out the window and repeatedly kicking and striking her lifeless body’

If you can think it, they probably already did it. Again, EVERY FUCKING DAY.

What justice do they get? What has been the response? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not hyperbolic to say the ANC-led South African government is commiting a slow genocide targeting white farmers. Jacob Zuma singing about shooting and killing white people was disturbing, but the actions they have taken are, in my humble opinion, much worst.

Whatever you believe about Mandela, the man was no fool. He knew keeping the farming sector safe was vital, that’s why he created the Rural Protection Plan in 1997, which allowed police and South African Commandos to work together, to keep farmers safe. Fast forward to 2003, the comandos keeping the farms safe are disbanded by the government on the grounds that they were “part of the apartheid state’s security apparatus”. This was done under the government of Thabo Mbeki, whose biggest achievement is making South Africa one of the most HIV-infected countries in the planet by denying the virus existed and prohibiting anti-retroviral therapy in public hospitals resulting in between 330,000 and 365,000 people dead.

So they made their protection illegal. They sang about killing them. And when it’s reported, it was just a ‘farm attack’, let’s not talk about the race of the victims and perpetrators, that’s uncomfortable, my happy bone goes sad when the rainbow nation of Mandela is perpetrating a genocide. Let’s stop with that faggotry right now.

Was the Apartheid bad? Irrelevant. Was Mandela good? He’s finished rotting so who gives a fuck. Let’s talk about the racists now. An unbelievably corrupt and amoral president is in charge of keeping these white farmers safe. He sure as fuck ain’t doing it, he sure as fuck likes when whitey dies. And then this cunt said this about Mugabe:

“Europeans often ignore the fact that Mugabe is very popular among Africans. In their eyes, he has given blacks their country back after centuries of colonialism.” He continued: “The people love him, so how can we condemn him? Many in Africa believe that there is a racist aspect to European and American criticism of Mugabe. Millions of blacks died in Angola, the Republic of Congo and Rwanda. A few whites lost their lives in Zimbabwe, unfortunately, and already the West is bent out of shape.”

TL;DR, ‘White people died? Oh poor white people Felicia, don’t you know that genocide is Mass murder of an specific group + Institutional power’ Because a fucking black majority doesn’t have power…in Africa. And what evil race killed those millions of blacks? Oh…nevermind then.

Yes, I am not implying but stating that current social justice rethoric is allowing for the murder of tens of thousands of whites over the crime of existing. PROVE ME WRONG.

It’s 2:00AM in South Africa right now, that means that statistically, a white family is being tortured, raped and/or murdered. They have no time, they are being massacred in the cruelest of ways. Let me give you a mental picture, they are raping little girls (and boys, they don’t care) in front of their parents, they’re torturing 2 year old babies to death. And we’re silent. Even if we want to speak, Twitter doesn’t like people talking about this, they actually suspended me for tagging some people with some news captions. Everytime we stay quiet, someone will die a horrific death, it has been happening for way too long and I’m sure as fuck not waiting until they’re all dead.

I’m not alt-right. I disagree with a couple of fundamental points. That said, you guys can show the world a white genocide being commited right now and try to stop it. That’s my main goal, keeping more innocent people from dying out of racism and a disgrace of a government. All I can do is write, but maybe a reader can do more, maybe that reader is you. Or a friend you talked with about this. This is how we start, silence is how we let them die. I don’t have concrete solutions, I’d love if some not-so-cucked western nation would take them but, that still implies being exiled and losing their land.

If you’re a white South African fearing for your safety but reluctant to leave your country, I don’t think you have a country. And I’m sorry that’s the case. But you don’t have to pay their welfare, you don’t have to be effectively a slave.

Lana Lokteff, Tara McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Paul Ramzey, Lauren Southern, James O’Keefe‏, Paul J. Watson, Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, Sargon, Beauty in the belly of the beast, Naked Ape, Kraut and Tea, Rage after Storm and many more I’m failing to remember, talking about this, starting campaigns, it might just save people from a real white genocide. Time is up, it has for years. Now it’s about saving the survivors. I lost all social media influence I had, please, read about this, and share the message. Don’t give up on them.

“Rocks in my path? I keep them all. With them I shall build my castle.” 
Nemo Nox

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