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Who consumes more natural resources, you or perpetual wars?

Published: April 11, 2012
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Via: Phantom Report

The Pentagon is not concerned with the planets rare –earth mineral outlook. The media’s management perception program has done their job.  Convince us natural resources are becoming scarce and military conquest [perpetual wars] is necessary to sustain [buzzword for control] the planet. The brainwashing screen [media] is constantly telling you, I and the people of the planet that we [humans] are depleting rare earth minerals and oil reserves through our daily material and energy consumption, however the media will ‘NEVER’ discuss or criticize the Pentagon/NATO for their consumption of oil/diesel used for aircraft, naval fleets and ground transportation or the rare earth minerals required for high tech weaponry to fight endless wars. The Department of Defense uses 360,000 barrels of oil each day [1]. Who consumes more natural resources, you or perpetual wars?

1.      Sohbet Karbuz; A Look at US Military Energy Consumption; The Daily Energy Report June 8th , 2011

-Phantom Report

Pentagon ‘naive’ on rare earth outlook, several experts say

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune


A Pentagon report that says domestic sources will allow the U.S. military to meet most of its demand for rare earth elements by next year was blasted on Monday by several experts.

After more than a year in preparation, the seven-page report predicts an end to China’s stranglehold on the elements needed for high-tech U.S. weaponry from smart bombs to lasers.

That view is “rather naïve” and ill-informed, said Ed Richardson, president of the U.S. Magnetic Materials Association and an expert in rare earth elements.

For instance, he said that even if U.S. miners are able to find enough of rare earths dysprosium and neodymium to produce military-grade magnets, the nation has lost the manufacturing capacity to refine the raw materials.

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