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Yellen Appointment Ensures Continued Jewish Domination Of Federal Reserve And Unlimited Money Printing

Published: October 21, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

In the midst of the staged theatrics surrounding the debt ceiling and government shutdown, the Obama regime recently announced that Janet Yellen the current Vice Chair at the Federal Reserve would be replacing Ben Bernanke as its chief starting in 2014.  It was fairly easy to predict that Yellen would be the next Fed leader considering the non-stop media propaganda promoting her as Bernanke’s successor.  How many stories did we hear from some teleprompter reading goon proclaiming how great it will be for Yellen to be the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve?  In this world of manufactured media hype it seems as if they are programming people to be more preoccupied with someone’s gender, race or sexual orientation than if an individual is best qualified to do a job.  One could argue that this might be acceptable if they were consistent on this topic but they are actually incredibly inconsistent.  One thing the various whores in the corporate media aren’t talking about is the fact that Yellen taking the helm of the Fed will ensure the continued Jewish domination of this institution.  Yellen not surprisingly is Jewish like many other individuals that are in positions of great influence at the Fed.  Considering the corporate media’s obsession with diversity, it is interesting to see why they aren’t questioning the lack of diversity at the Fed which has been heavily influenced by Jewish interests throughout its history.  The explanation for this is obvious since Jews also dominate many key positions within the corporate media. There is very little chance that any of these so-called news outlets would willfully expose the many lies and scams that have originated from this tribe.

It is a historical fact that the Fed was primarily created by powerful and wealthy Jews with Jewish bankers like Paul Warburg heavily involved in the process.  Despite the fact that Jews represent roughly only 2% of the American population they continue to dominate many of the important positions within this organization today.  Both Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke are two Jews who have combined to lead the Fed during the past quarter of a century.   Even more ridiculous is the fact that the most serious of candidates to replace Bernanke were all Jewish.  Besides Yellen, other candidates who were considered for the post included Larry Summers, Donald Kohn and Stanley Fischer.  Fischer would have been a particularly insane choice considering his status as a dual Israeli citizen and the fact that he was actively involved in a Zionist youth movement as a child.

The brainwashed zombies out there will dismiss this observation as bigoted or racist when it is anything but.  The Fed runs a monetary system designed for the specific purpose of enslaving people into perpetual debt.  There are many books and videos available that document and describe the inherently evil nature of this system. Mike Maloney's recent video is one such example that does a very good job describing how the Fed really works. Once you understand how this system functions it is impossible to describe the system as anything but evil.  With this in mind, it should be incredibly important for everyone to know who created this system and for what purpose. 

The fact that it is dominated by Jewish interests is something that needs to be taken into account.  It identifies the Fed and other central banks as organizations that support an evil ideological foundation endorsed by a significant number of Jews.  This doesn’t mean that every single Jewish person shares this belief but Jews within the upper echelon of the American power structure seem to think limitless debt enslavement is a wonderful achievement.  Under Jewish control the Fed has devalued the currency by over 95% despite the fact that one of its original mandates was to ensure price stability.  If this was supposed to be one of the Fed’s primary missions it has completely failed in achieving this mandate under Jewish management and leadership.  This alone should make everyone immediately suspicious of another Jew taking charge of the Fed.

Many Jews actually believe that they have the right to enslave non-Jews into perpetual debt which offers an explanation as to why the Fed and other central banks operate in this fashion.  In the Torah it actually says that charging interest is exploitative but that it is perfectly fine for Jews to charge non-Jews interest.   With Yellen leading the Fed we can expect the same policies of debt enslavement and dollar devaluation to continue just based on who she is alone.  She will continue the inflationary policies of endless money creation and will at some point expand them.  This is the only way to keep this over glorified pyramid scheme from suffering a short term collapse.  Long term these policies will completely destroy the value of the dollar resulting in a total loss of confidence in the system.  When this crisis occurs, they will attempt to use it to try to consolidate their power further.  It remains to be seen if they will be successful in this endeavor but hopefully for our sake they will be unsuccessful and these criminals will be held accountable for their actions.

The story of Yellen taking control of the Fed is really not about her being the first woman to hold this post but instead is about the continued Jewish domination of this inherently disgusting institution.  It is not bigoted or racist to state the obvious.  The prior two Jewish Fed chiefs have done a great job destroying the value of our currency so why should anyone believe that another Jewish Fed chief is going to do anything different?  This is a simple and fair question to ask considering the circumstances.

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