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The failed drug war and Chicago are prime examples that removing citizen rights won't fix core problems, only create additional problems & burdens for us all

Published: February 21, 2018
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With the recent push for more gun control and gun measures, I think it's prudent to look back on the failed drug war. The failed gun control policies of Chicago that still remains one of the bloodiest cities in America yet has some of the strictest gun control. The failed drug war only created a rich and abundant black market of drugs and powerful cartels.

Are we really trying to go down the same path with guns? Removing citizen rights to fix core problems we need to address as a species isn't going to make this problem simply go away. Banning tools never works, you have to go to the root of the problem. With drugs it's rehabilitation and open access to clean safe drugs. Why remove the safe aspect and make it illegal and allow it to be punishable? We have such archaic views on personal responsibility and mental health that we are taking steps backwards, again, to try to fix a problem many don't even fully understand.

I don't have all the answers but I can sure as hell look and see how much of a failure blocking citizen rights has been. A failed costly drug war that we are only now just realizing, decades later. The same thing can happen with gun control. We need to look at the root of the problem instead of emotionally reacting and banning a tool anyone can use for good or bad. Personal responsibility needs to be taken into account and we need to stop trying to hold each other's hands as a species.

Focus on mental health if need be. Evaluate troubled individuals and provide them with the support they need so they don't feel isolated and the need to kill people. Why is there always a reactionary rush to ban the tool instead of tackle the issue? Banning spoons isn't going to cure obesity and banning drugs isn't going to make drug problems go away. When will we fucking learn this?

We also have the extreme sketchiness of the official event. Time and time again drills take place the same day as the shooting. We know false flags have been used in the past (not only in regards to shootings but staging attacks against other nations, something far worse) so why should we be quick to jump into the medias arms for calls of gun control and "assault rifle bans" that's emotional reaction to an awful event and does not take into account past history and mistakes.

Why do we keep repeating the same damn mistakes over and over? We need to go to the root of the problem. Mental health should be a more viable and accessible option. Healthcare alone, not to mention mental health care in the United States is a joke and this is reflected in our mass shootings and morally devoid complacent population. We've been fucked over for so long. Why should we continue to allow this to happen to us? We need to be focusing on personal responsibility and fixing problems people have instead of making it harder on us all and blanket banning things out of a reactionary emotional fear. Order out of chaos and while this stinks of a false flag, these are still pertinent points that need to be taken into account.

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