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Nevada sheriff violates YouTuber’s constitutional rights for live-streaming Area 51 employee bus, Youtube censors feed

Published: April 18, 2018
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Source: intellihub

Even though the Extraterrestrial Highway and surrounding tourist attractions draw thousands to the Nevada desert yearly, the sheriff of Lincoln County doesn’t like it when people film the Area 51 bus

LINCOLN COUNTY, Nev. (INTELLIHUB) — A father and his daughter were conducting a live-streaming report about a parked Area 51 Groom Lake facility bus when a local sheriff appeared on the scene where he threatened the duo for filming government property in a public lot Wednesday evening.

“Now you guys will see how strange things are around here,” the man told his viewers who were watching the live broadcast on the Explore With Us channel as the sheriff pulled up.

The hot-headed and unfit sheriff told the girl who was holding the camera to “turn it off” as he stepped out of his vehicle.

“You are going to turn it off,” the sheriff told the girl who was holding the camera in a stern voice.

“Um, I don’t have to turn it off,” the girl replied. “I’ve complied. I’ve moved the camera away from you.”

Again, the sheriff stated: “You’re going to turn it off.”

“You know we have a thousand people that are watching right now, you can’t tell people to just turn it off,” the girl explained.

“You’re suspicious subjects, I don’t know who you are you’re on government property, you need to turn it off,” the sheriff said, despite the fact that all three of them were standing on public property at the time.

“There is no law that says I have to turn off a stream,” the girl asserted before the controlling officer told her to place her camera on top of the vehicle.

Eventually, the officer apologized for coming off so strong and told the two that they were free to go.

According to the girl, the officer also broke her camera gimbal during the altercation.

It appears the sheriff of Lincoln County literally works hand-in-hand with Area 51.

Moreover, the Youtubers claim that their original live-stream was taken down by YouTube.

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