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Uber Driver's Car Shot Up After He Becomes an Unwilling Getaway Driver

Published: May 16, 2018
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Source: motherboard

On Sunday morning, around 2:30 a.m. in the Depot District of Lubbock, Texas, Uber driver Jake Collinson responded to a trip request. When Collinson picked up his passenger, who told him there were four more passengers coming, he realized they were fighting with another group. The other four jumped in Collinson’s vehicle after hearing a police siren. He attempted to kick them out of the vehicle, to avoid being implicated as a “getaway driver.” But then the bullets hit his SUV.

As first reported by KCBD, Collinson’s vehicle was shot multiple times, with a bullet striking a passenger in the back. A bystander captured video of the vehicle under fire. Collinson then drove to University Medical Center, where the passenger was found to have “serious, but non-life threatening injuries,” according to a statement the Lubbock Police Department shared with Motherboard.

The official police report is not yet available and the case is still under investigation. Lubbock Police Department shared a summary of the incident with Motherboard:

“After questioning multiple people, it appears two groups of people got into a physical altercation in the area 900 18th Street. Once the fight was broken up, one group got into a vehicle to leave. Officers were advised a person in the other group then fired multiple shots at the vehicle. A back passenger in the vehicle was struck by a bullet, and the driver took him to UMC. The 25-year-old male victim had serious, but non-life threatening injuries. Officers were unable to locate the group of suspects at the scene.”

Collinson was physically unharmed, thankfully. His car, while driveable, has several bullet holes in the rear, side, and backseat. Collinson faces a $1,000 bill to fix his vehicle.


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