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Secret U.K. Proceedings Send Activist to Prison, Gag Media

Published: May 28, 2018
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The United Kingdom appears to be turning into a police state faster than even the most alarmist analysts believed possible. In what sounds like it could have come from George Orwell's nightmares, anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson, without even having access to his lawyer, was ordered to more than a year in prison after being caught reporting on the trial of an Islamic child-rape gang — and then, making matters worse, the judge gagged the press about the scandal, even forcing newspapers to delete their published articles. Unfortunately for British authorities, though, the news got out anyway. Now, the story is an international sensation. Growing domestic protests are demanding that the high-profile anti-Islamization activist be freed immediately. And supporters of the arrested activist around the world vowed to redouble their efforts.

Robinson's arrest (shown) outside a courthouse in Leeds came Friday on charges of “suspicion of breaching the peace.” His alleged crime: Reporting on a high-profile trial involving an Islamic gang in Britain accused of child rape, drugging children, and grooming children as young as 11 for sexual exploitation. It is an extremely sensitive subject in a nation where government criminalizes even criticism of Islam and homosexuality as “hate speech” and does not recognize free speech rights. It was not immediately clear how Robinson's live-streaming on social media constituted a breach of the peace. But the globalist, multiculturalism-promoting establishment in Britain has been seeking to destroy the activist for years. The main reason for its hatred of Robinson appears to be his hardcore opposition to open borders and his criticism of Islamism as incompatible with Britain's heritage of Christianity and liberty.


A video of the arrest, which involved a phalanx of officers, can be seen online here. “I'm being arrested for breach of the peace, for the content of what I'm streaming,” Robinson says after being told the charges by the officers. The activist, who founded the English Defense League before disavowing it, repeatedly asks what he did or said that constituted a “breach of the peace,” only being told that his words were the cause. It was not immediately clear which words specifically that he used formed the official basis for the charges. But Robinson did know one thing for sure. “You know when you do this, more people are going to watch this now than ever,” he told he officers. And he was exactly right, with the arrest and subsequent order prohibiting media coverage immediately catapulting Robinson and his cause into the international spotlight while making him a quasi-martyr.




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