If you liked skipping classes or sneaking out of school, this would be your worst nightmare.

Chinese schools are adopting “intelligent school uniforms” to keep closer watch on their students, according to the state-run Global Times. The uniforms, made by a local tech firm named Guanyu, have two chips embedded in the shoulders with identification and GPS.

The uniform chips can supposedly alert teachers and parents through an app if students leave the campus during school hours -- and then locate them. One of the schools using the uniforms claimed to Global Times that they won’t track students outside of school hours.

The uniforms are also connected to a facial recognition system installed at campus gates, which records a 20 second-video of a student every time they pass through the campus gate -- just in case someone thought they’d get away with it by giving their shirt to a friend. It also means that parents can see the exact time their children enter or leave school, and even watch a video of them doing it via an app.