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US and Colombia vow to cut coca production

Published: January 3, 2019
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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he is "deeply concerned" about the increased production of coca leaf, the raw material for cocaine, in Colombia.

At a meeting with Colombian President Ivan Duque, Mr Pompeo said the two countries would try to reduce coca production by 50% by 2023.

Colombia has already vowed to step up its coca eradication programme.

A recent UN report said the amount of agricultural land used for coca crops in Colombia had hit record levels.

The country has fought for years to tackle cocaine production, with the US providing about $400m (£318m) annually to help combat the producers and traffickers.

Colombia is the world's largest producer of cocaine, while the US is the world's largest consumer.

"The United States remains deeply concerned about the surge in coca cultivation and cocaine production in Colombia since 2013, and its impact on each of our two countries," Mr Pompeo said while alongside President Duque in Cartagena.

"We know we must do our part to reduce demand in our country and we'll work alongside you here as well."


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Three years ago the DEA sent one of their top-ranking officials, Richard Dobrich, to South America to put an end to agents having sex parties with prostitutes hired by Colombian drug cartels. Unsurprisingly, Dobrich is now under investigation for directing "Colombian drivers working for the U.S. Embassy in Bogota 'to procure sex workers,' according to a copy of the complaint obtained by The Associated Press and one current and one former law enforcement official."

Colombia is producing more cocaine now than it ever has, according to a new report by Bloomberg. The amount of land planted with coca shrubs is up 17% last year, rising to 171,000 hectares, which surpasses levels prior to US president Bill Clinton’s "Plan Colombia" counter-narcotics program.

A British man has been captured by Colombian forces in the heartland of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar – for allegedly being the ‘kingpin’ of a “£350 million cocaine-trafficking gang.” Andrew Deamer, 52, was captured in Rionegro, 20 miles from Medellin – once home to the notorious Escobar – after allegedly operating a number of Breaking Bad-style labs where cocaine could be chemically disguised as dog or cat food and fertiliser, reports the Mirror.

A U.S. special forces soldier is accused of attempting to smuggle 90 pounds of cocaine from Cali, Colombia, into the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Army Master Sgt. Daniel Gould, assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group, reportedly tried to smuggle the drugs on a military plane, but they were caught before the aircraft ever left Colombia and before the drugs made it onto the plane. He was already back in the United States but was promptly arrested by the DEA after the two backpacks of cocaine were discovered.

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