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Fatal Houston PD Drug Raid Apparently Predicated On Drugs A Cop Had Stashed In His Car

Published: February 20, 2019
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Source: Tech Dirt

The ugly Houston PD drug raid that resulted in four injured officers and two dead suspects just keeps getting uglier. Officers swore a confidential informant purchased heroin from 59-year-old Dennis Tuttle in the house he shared with his wife of 21 years, Rhogena Nicholas. On the strength of this confidential informant's claims, officers obtained a no-knock warrant and raided Tuttle's house. This was the supposed reason for the SWAT team's killing of Tuttle and Nicholas. 

This was the narrative everyone was given. Not a single officer was wearing a body cam, despite the department possessing dozens of them. The only footage that survived -- captured by a neighbor's security camera -- was confiscated by the Houston PD. Even in this vacuum of information, the PD's narrative quickly fell apart. 

No large amounts of heroin were found during the raid -- just personal use quantities of heroin and marijuana. The inventory also included a few guns, which the PD has treated as inherent evidence of criminality despite the fact both Tuttle and his wife could legally own the weapons found in the house. The only criminal history either of them had was an old misdemeanor charge for a bad check. The new narrative already includes multiple lies by police officers and a lot of supporting evidence. 

First off, the raid inventory does not include the weapon officers claimed Tuttle fired at them. The list does not include the .357 Magnum revolver that police say Tuttle fired at the officers who broke into his home, shot his dog, and killed his wife. A 911 call from the mother of now-deceased suspect Rhogena Nicholas put 7815 Harding Street on police radar. Sources close to the investigation say her mother called reporting the 58-year-old was doing drugs inside her own home. 

This is absolutely terrifying. Legally owning weapons means nothing when cops consider homeowners defending themselves from armed intruders a crime in and of itself. Two people are dead and no amount of late-arriving indictments is going to change that. We have to grant law enforcement a massive amount of power in order for them to do their job. 

Time after time, they abuse the powers we've given them, wielding them like weapons against the same citizens they're supposed to answer to. This should be nightmare fuel for all Americans. Unfortunately, outside of those already attuned to the miserable state of American policing, this will appear to be nothing more than a couple of bad apples they can safely ignore. 


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It has been three weeks since the Houston police department fabricated information which led to a no-knock raid on an innocent couple’s home. The botched raid left and innocent husband, an innocent wife, and their dog—all murdered—as well as four cops shot. Now, in a move TFTP has never seen, the Houston police department is claiming they are taking steps to prevent future scenarios like this from happening—by ceasing the use of no-knock raids.

Even before the deadly drug raid that left two civilians dead, Houston Police Officer Gerald Goines had a troubling history of allegations against him.

A botched drug raid last month shook the nation as a couple was killed by police in their own home and four officers shot. Now, after controversy and rumors have swarmed the case, the Houston police department has admitted that the entire raid was based on the lies of one of their own.

Four Houston police officers were shot -- allegedly by now-dead suspects -- while serving a no-knock warrant on a Houston residence. The no-knock warrant was supposed to make everything safer for the officers, giving them a chance to get a jump on the suspects and prevent the destruction of evidence/officers. But as anyone other than cops seems to comprehend, startling people in their own homes with explosives and kicked-in doors tends to make everything more dangerous for everyone.

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