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Conspiracy Researcher David Icke Banned From Speaking In Australia

Published: February 20, 2019
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Source: Activist Post

Activist Post

Editor’s Note: As the social media and big tech purge of independent voices continues, entire supposedly democratic countries are banning certain voices as well. What are they afraid of?

Today the Australian government banned conspiracy researcher David Icke from entering the country for his multi-city speaking tour. Although he has spoken in Australia several times in the past decade, the government cited Icke’s skeptical views of vaccinations and global warming as the reason for the ban. Icke learned about the ban mere hours before his flight. Apparently Australians are no longer free to hear opposing points of view.

David Icke explains the details of his ban in the video below:


David Icke has been one of the foremost leaders of free expression and has greatly influenced us here at Activist Post. His 10-hour lectures, in particular, speak to his fortitude and his breadth of knowledge into areas most people would completely shut their minds to. Since the beginning, David has encountered defamation and restrictions on his information in nearly every form possible. But now David Icke details below what amounts to true censorship – any government that would silence the mere act of speaking on its soil. Australia is the latest country to now become a mockery in the eyes of anyone who values liberty. Here is what a petition at states about the situation:

Hundreds of people have paid good money to hear him speak and attend these events in advance. The Australian government today however has announced that they are cancelling Icke’s visa and not allowing him to enter the country citing the reason as “character” grounds.

We will always be grateful for the support that David Icke has given to our site. Please sign the petition here and help us give the support that David needs.

And please do get a ticket for his World Tour … while you still can.

To have David’s Dot Connector Videocast sent to you in full every week, click here

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Latest News From David Icke –

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