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NEC Corporation to scan visitors Irises at the South by Southwest Film & Music Festival

Published: March 10, 2019
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Source: Mass Private I

In what can only be described as revolting, makers of facial and Iris recognition cameras are setting up an exhibit booth at a Film & Music Conference in America's heartland.

Three days ago, the NEC Corporation announced that they will be "participating" in one of the world's largest events dedicated to the interactive, film and music industries, the "South By Southwest Conference" (SXSW) in Austin, Texas from March 10-13.

Why would a facial recognition company set up shop at the SXSW which "celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries"?

Call it passive propaganda or outright brainwashing or call it whatever you want but one thing is certain.

It takes a lot of Chuztpah for a company that makes a living out of identifying everyone to try and convince the public that "we are having fun together and having a communal experience." (See the video above.)

SXSW also claims that "several areas located throughout the Trade Show feature content aimed to promote discovery, education, and inspiration."

So how does NEC fit into that picture?

If NEC or SXSW claims that spying on everyone is inspirational, I will eat my hat.

NEC's so-called "CODE" art exhibit will take pictures of visitors Irises and display the biological data they use to identify them with.

And how will they convince visitors to let NEC store their information in their database?

By claiming that every 'picture, Iris and biological piece of data they store about a person is beautiful', you cannot make this s*** up.

"From March 10-13, NEC will host an innovative exhibit, "CODE," that converts the unique biometric information obtained from the iris of a person's eye into graphic patterns. The expression of these patterns is different for each person, and represents the individuality and diversity that people naturally possess, as well as the beauty of these differences and the potential of biological information."

So if you do not mind letting NEC create a 'beautiful' biological database of you then by all means head over to booth 923 and say hello to Big Brother for me.

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