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LEGO Launched a Fully Functioning Wind Turbine Made From Plant-Based Bricks

Published: June 5, 2019
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Source: Truth Theory

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In an amazing step forward, the uber famous toy company LEGO has started shipping fully functional Wind turbine kits. It is another of their attempts to go green, a movement by LEGO that is taking the entire world by storm. They have previously promised to make their LEGO material plant-based, so there is literally no pollution that would be caused due to these toys. No toxic plastic. And this time, with the wind turbine kits, the company will also impart important information to kids. This is a part of their program to create all toys made of sustainable resources by 2030.


Containing 826 pieces that make up a 3-foot tall wind turbine, with a working motor, replaceable blades, and battery box, LEGO has put in a lot of effort into this. Plus, they have also put in a tiny house beside the wind turbine, coupling that with two mini LEGOmen, and a LEGOdog. All these bricks are made of plants, so no plastic material was included. The entire kit was developed in a partnership with Vestas, one of the leading sustainable energy suppliers to about 80 countries. The main purpose of this toy is to mix fun with knowledge and let’s just say, this knowledge is extremely important.

The VP of Environmental Responsibility at LEGO, Tim Brooks has committed to making positive changes in the environment. He wants to tackle climate change in their own way – one of which is by using sustainable products in their packaging and actual toys. He further mentioned that this wind turbine kit is an important step taken in that direction, an ambition that would be fulfilled.

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These toys have been on the internet and in stores since 23rd November 2018.

Let your kids have both fun and knowledge. We need something like this and LEGO is making it happen. Kudos to them.

LEGO: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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