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Suspect in Murder of US Scientist Suzanne Eaton Arrested on Crete

Published: July 15, 2019
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A 27-year old man was arrested on the Greek island of Crete on Monday, charged with the brutal murder of the 60-year old American scientist Dr. Suzanne Eaton.

According to initial information, the man has allegedly confessed verbally to his heinous crime, and he made a series of mistakes which led local police authorities to be able to trace him and link him to the scene.

The 27-year old man is reported to be a local farmer, who is also the father of two children.

There is still no information on the motives behind this disturbing incident.

The body of the biologist was found covered with burlap, something which led the Greek authorities to the conclusion that her death was the result of a homicide.

Dr. Eaton’s body was found in a labyrinthine cave on July 9, at a distance of about sixty meters (197 feet) from the entrance, in a lateral position.

A massive operation involving police and volunteers had been undertaken on Crete in order to locate the missing American scientist.

The well-known and respected scientist worked for the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, based in Dresden, Germany. She was on the Mediterranean island to attend a conference and she disappeared on July 2.

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The mysterious death of American microbiologist Suzanne Eaton turned out not to be an accident – the scientist working for the Max Planck Institute was asphyxiated and her body was dumped into a Nazi occupation-era cave bunker. The biologist disappeared on the island of Crete on July 2 while jogging. Eaton had been attending a conference at the Orthodox Academy in the northwest part of the island.

The body of an American scientist who went missing on the Greek island of Crete a week ago has been found, according to her employer. Suzanne Eaton, 59, had been attending a conference at the Orthodox Academy in northwest Crete, when she is believed to have disappeared during a run on July 2. Greek police found her body on Monday evening, according to the Max Planck Institute at Dresden University in Germany, where she worked as a biologist.

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