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US Marine and Teenage Girl Accused of Selling LSD to Soldiers on Military Base

Published: September 18, 2019
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(TMU) — An active member of the US Marines and a 19-year-old girl were both arrested for manufacturing and distributing LSD to members of the military and civilians in the area of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.


23-year-old Andrew Christian Gray was arrested at Camp Lejeune while 19-year-old Allison Alexia Seely was arrested at her home in Jacksonville. It is not clear what the relationship between the two is, but a statement from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office said that they are both connected to the same area in Jacksonville and were the only suspects of a joint investigation that the department carried out with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Gray was charged with felony trafficking of LSD by sale, delivery, manufacturing, and possession, while Seely is facing additional charges including conspiracy to traffic LSD.


Both suspects are currently being held at the Onslow County Detention Center. Seely is being held on a $452,000 secured bond, while Gray is being held on a $404,000 secured bond.



Onslow County Sheriff’s OfficeInvestigative Services717 Court Street ∙Jacksonville, NC 28540(910) 455-3113RELEASE…

Posted by Onslow County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Ironically, military analysts have recently been floating the idea of using psychedelics to create super soldiers. A scholarly article published in the Marine Corps Gazette suggests that LSD could actually be used by soldiers to improve their performance in the same way that tech entrepreneurs have embraced microdosing.

The article, published by veteran intelligence officer Maj Emre Albayrak, suggests:


“The Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE) may gain an advantage over competitors in intelligence analysis, productivity, and efficiency if it utilizes the innovative cognitive benefits gained through microdosing with psychedelics, which scientists, Silicon Valley executives, disruptors, and biohackers have already harnessed.”

Ethical problems presented by ideas such as this have already played out during experimental projects like the notorious MK Ultra program, which unwittingly dosed soldiers, prisoners, and mental patients with psychedelics that were new and experimental at the time, including LSD.

Additionally, a “psychic spy unit” was established by Army intelligence at Fort Meade, Maryland, in the late 1970s, which involved similar experiments that were intended to create supersoldiers through psychedelics and other consciousness-altering methods. This unit eventually became the inspiration for book and movie, “The Men Who Stare At Goats.”

Psychedelics like LSD have also been shown to dissolve the ego and cause those who partake to become suspicious of tradition and authority. If this is the case, attempting to use these substances to enhance the abilities of soldiers could have the unintended consequence of forcing them to rethink their decision to join the military and go to war in the first place.


By John Vibes | Creative Commons |


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