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Red Ice TV Gets Banned From Facebook

Published: November 30, 2019
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Guardian writer Julia Carrie Wong has finally gotten her wish.

Through constant pressure and misinformation, Wang and her social media army were able to ban groups like Red Ice TV from Facebook.

Red Ice TV is one of the most well-known Dissident Right organizations on social media. Their content seeks to expose globalist plots and challenge sacred cows such as mass migration.


For being such staunch opponents of globalism, they were rewarded with a ban from YouTube last month.

Wong believes that Facebook “has for years failed to proactively police its site for hate groups and white supremacists, despite a longstanding ban on ‘hate’.” Because of Facebook’s reluctance to fight against hate speech, Wang took it upon herself to call out the so-called “injustice” and pressure Facebook to kick these groups off of their platform.

On November 26, 2019, Facebook listened to Wong’s demands and finally banned Red Ice TV.

Red Ice TV tweeted about the situation: “Our facebook page was just banned We are being Alex Jones’ed. This comes after an anti-White racist wrote lies about us in The Guardian. What does Facebook do? They comply with the demands. Find out what they don’t want you to hear

They continued, “Free speech has long been dead in America. Social media companies not only have way too much power & influence, they are swayed by liars caught red handed in politically motivated smears. There are no recourse for individuals or small outlets, accusations is all it takes.”

Red Ice TV is headed by Henrik Palmgren and is accompanied by his co-host and wife Lana Lokteff.

While people can disagree with several points they make, Red Ice TV has been one of the most through-provoking outlets on the Dissident Right.

The Facebook ban of Red Ice’s page is only the beginning. Now, Wong and her politically correct minions are targeting immigration patriot website VDARE.

You can bet a pretty penny that more deplatforming will continue as we quickly approach 2020.


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