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Leaders of the NXIVM cult ran a worldwide network of daycare centers known as the Rainbow Cultural Garden

Published: December 9, 2019 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: the sun uk

The founder of the controversial Nxivm group Keith Raniere has also created an educational programme for babies and children - with a branch in London.


Rainbow Cultural Garden, which has a branch in London, was created by the leader of the secretive Nxivm group Keith Raniere, and involves babies and toddlers being taught by multiple nannies or teachers who each speak a different language to them every day.

Critics have now raised questions about the school's teaching methods and its links with controversial Raniere.

Educational inspection board Ofsted, confirmed Rainbow Cultural Garden is not registered with them and said allegations against the school were "extremely concerning".

The experimental educational programme - which strongly denies any wrongdoing - has 11 branches around the world, according to its website, including one in Kensington, London.


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